The Unicorn Legion

Title: The Unicorn Legion

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)Book 1

Artist: Tina

Original Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Source: Web Novel Version

Official website:


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Warning: This is  BL novel, meaning there is Boy and Boy romance, Slash, Yaoi! Don’t like it, don’t read it, don’t complain!

This translation uses the Web Novel version of the story.


According to Legend, the Unicorn Legion heroically protects the people from harm by powerful magical creatures.

The elven hero Ellen, after sleeping for three hundred years, realizes after returning to the world wanting to rebuild the legion — that all the magical creatures in the continent, are all, extinct! Our hero is out of a job!?

With no news of old comrades; new comrades being unfathomable; having his pace be repeatedly messed up, Captain Ellen feels wrong from his pointy ears down to his foot. — Dear Captain, enjoy the culture shock of a new era!

Book 1: The Golden Capital

  1. Prologue
  2. Welcome to the Era of Reality
  3. Siren’s tears
  4. Two Coffins
  5. Duke Elmond
  6. The Duke’s Collection
  7. Paladin/Holy Knight
  8. A Study of the Ceremony of Allegiance
  9. They Come
  10. First Story
  11. A Human’s Price
  12. The Silent Sailor
  13. Until Death Do Us Part
  14. Two Knights
  15. Someone Else’s Lady
  16. Late Night Conversations
  17. Mageless’s Workshop
  18. The Pie that Fell From the Sky
  19.  Subtle Victory
  20. Extra Luggage
  21. Difference in Treatment
  22. Farewell Golden Capital
  23. Joseph Brothers
  24. Moving Castle
  25. Time of Adventurers
  26. Someday
  27. Gnome Village
  28. Gnomes? Gnomes!
  29. Magical Creatures in the Age of Reality
  30. Fishing
  31. Holy Arrow
  32. The Reasonable Use of Mist Magic

Book 2: Mage Academy

  1. A Day in Gnome Village
  2. Mage Academy
  3. A Message that Transcended Time
  4. Between the Past and Future
  5. Common Sense Does Not Apply
  6. Irreplaceable
  7. About that Elf’s Memory
  8. Bet
  9. Shooting Star
  10. Choice
  11. One Question
  12. Second Chance
  13. Point of No Return
  14. End of the Memory, Start of the Journey
  15. New Mission
  16. Mage Rowena
  17. Bloodlines and Fate
  18. Hero of the Past
  19. Silent War
  20. Miracle Forest
  21. First Battle
  22. Unavoidable Question
  23. Melted Ice
  24. Survival of the Fittest
  25. An Invitation
  26. Dream
  27. Glena
  28. Not a Choice
  29. Burning Battlefield
  30. Werewolf and Vampire
  31. Cavendish’s Fortune
  32. Each Person’s Dilemma
  33. Evil Emissary
  34. The Place Between Light and Dark

30 thoughts on “The Unicorn Legion

    1. Thanks for your referral. I really wanted to read Feng yu jiu tian since the synopsis seemed interesting, but it’s kinda annoying that you have to download it >.< . Other than that, i would definitely read it, but thanks to the internet (wifi) being seeped by a family of 6 it's really hard to download almost anything.

      So now i have to wait until it refills (forgot the proper term lol), until then happy readings everyone! (YAY! i made a new holiday)

      Liked by 1 person

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  2. Little big pea

    I think that it will be my first try on BL… The synopsis is too interesting to not look at it.
    Though… I hope that I can go back from this world after finishing this novel 🙂 (I had witnessed my sister’s descent so…)

    Thank you for the story 🙂


    1. No, there is currently 5 and ongoing… I donno what the final count will be :3.
      I’ve just posted the list for the first two books since I’m currently working no number 2….
      Well… I’m currently trying to finish a crazy project for my boss before the end of December. So I’m a LITTLE preoccupied… But yah you get the idea


      1. Hi Lylis,
        I’m Koala. Nice to meet you.
        This is myy first time visiting your page so I still haven’t read your novels (I’m gonna do that in next five minutes.)
        However, because of my previous experience with the long novel series…I’m a little scared to invest myself in reading current chapters while the series is not completed yet.
        Like with FYJT, long series take a toll on translators and they can’t finish the whole series. And sometimes, authors only upload first arc of the story and you need to pay in order to read the rest so translators only translate the first part.
        So if you ever need financial assistance in buying the novels, I’ll be happy to donate to the translation team (or maybe it’s just you) so feel free to contact me at
        Since it’s web novel, I’m guessing it’s not very (very) expensive haha…*sweat*
        Well, thank you in advance for all your translations! Now I’ll be off to read the story.


      2. Hello, thanks for your interest in the translation ^^
        sadly, i haven’t been very good with keeping up lately (mostly cause i’m so swamped with work… you’d think my boss would learn that killing his employees with overload is not the way to go -_-).
        As for financial assistance, thank you for your offer, but the web novel is pretty much free, the published light novel (up to book 3, since that’s all that has been published at the moment), I already have XD But do support the author and buy their books!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. hi lylis. i hope you are doing okay. just wanted you to know that i appreciate you doing all this translating for free. i really loved this novel right from the first chapter to the most recently translated. i hope your boss cuts you some slack so you can get more free time soon (and work on the next chapters!!! erm… and have a good rest… of course…ahaha). :>


  3. Thank you for translating this!!!!
    From which language is it from? They have pictures of the characters, job class, etc. It’s very helpful ro visualize. And look like playing BL RPG with elf character 😊


  4. Kari

    Wah! I ended up reading everything in two days ^.^. Will you still continue translating this novel? It is awesome and I’d love to be to finish this story. Thanks for the great work!


  5. Jay

    Hallo, Lylis! I noticed that there haven’t been any updates since January. Are you planning to continue with the translation? Please say yes! :’D


  6. Ul

    ..sigh.. It’s almost been a year since the last release.. is there any chance for you to pick this up again?
    Anyways- thank you for your wonderful translations until now


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