The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 6

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – Still looking for one, contact me if interested!

Chapter 6: Paladin/Holy Knight*

They hurried through the streets, hoping to reach the Mercenary’s Home before the day lightened anymore.

The elf returned to his usual form, the boy had transformed into a regular human boy, silently following closely behind.

Whenever the knight tried to get close, the boy would turn and glare at him, so the knight could only follow at a distance behind.

“The one that locked you up was a vampire,” when they reached within viewing distance of the Mercenary’s Home, Cain finally couldn’t resist saying, “not humans.”

The young siren didn’t reply.

“At least we…”

“That’s right,” the youth finally stopped, turning to look at the knight, “you saved me, as a reward, I can give you a night of good dreams.”

“I’m not…”

“Just say it, how do you want it? It’s my expertise.” The boy’s expression was mocking, “a nun? Or a female knight? Kneeling in front of the holy statue to service you?”

Cain’s eyes were wide, speechlessly staring at the boy.

“Even if you want the Queen it’s possible.” The boy continued briskly, “Just a few days ago someone requested it.”

“Don’t be that way.” Ellen sighed, reaching out to rest a hand on the young boy’s shoulder, turning him towards himself, “Cain didn’t mean to pressure you.”

The boy snorted, not saying anything more.

Therefore, the group continued forward with an awkward air.

Upon reaching the inside of the walls of the Mercenary’s Home, the door to the inn just opened, two people dressed as paladins stepped out.

Cain drew a shocked breath, making as if to hide. But the gaze of the two had already landed on him.

“Damn it!” One of the paladins turned around fiercely closing the door, the other one rushed towards Cain, lowered his voice, and said in a urgent tone, ‘Felix, you idiot! You should have ran months ago, why did you stay in the city!?”

“I –“

“They have the Pope’s arrest warrant, and they’re about to start a countrywide manhunt! – run! As fast as possible!”

“Carl” Cain said faintly as the other pressed a bag of coins into his hand, “I didn’t…”

“I know, we all know” the knight called Carl pulled him into a strong hug, then pushed him away, “Leave quickly! Before we find out the truth, don’t die!”

“Such a touching reunion.” Clapping sound came from behind them, “Carl Turner, conspiring to assist a fugitive and his accomplices, you are guilty of malfeasance, you will be sentenced to the whip and your name struck from the Order**. – Knott, what are you standing around for, arrest him.”

The elf turned around, to stare silently at the owner of the clapping sound, fingers lightly brushing the hilt of his dagger. The young siren hid behind him, watching everything with a hint of fear.

The knight who closed the door came forward very unwillingly, grasping his companion’s wrist, pulling him to one side.

“The others are still inside?”


“Let them continue searching, there could be other criminals hiding inside.” The owner of the applause, the bishop of the lower city church Charles Wrede, ordered the team behind him in a self-satisfactory manner, “surround them, kill any who runs.”

A sound of unenthusiastic footsteps, the paladins behind him formed a circle full of holes, surrounding Cain and his companions.

The bishop searched his pockets for a moment, fishing out a piece of document, wiped his monocle, coughed loudly, and started to read aloud.

“Former knight of the holy order***, Felix Paladin****. For severe misconduct and sacrilege, and harming…”

Before he could finish reading, the document in his hands were snatched away.

The bishop lifted his head in rage, only to have another piece of paper thrust in his face.

“Please finish reading this first.”

“You you you –“ the bishop pulled down the piece of paper from his face, pointing a shaking finger at the elf, “how dare you to God’s servant –“

“God’s servant, the Queen’s citizen.” The elf pointed to the paper in the bishop’s hands, at the end was Queen Gracia’s elegant signature.

The bishop’s eyes widened, then angrily looked down to read the document.

As his eyes scanned downwards, his face became red.

“What is this! Outrageous!”

“If you are dissatisfied, you can always go ask the Queen.” The elf balled up the arrest warrant, throwing it away behind him, “The Pope’s orders are no longer valid, I am exercising first class recruitment rights on this man.”

“Absurd! I refuse to acknowledge this!”

“Also, please rescind Carl Turner’s punishment, he was assisting the Queen’s immediate subordinate, not a criminal.”

“You shameless liar –“

“The newly appointed Viscount of Soloris Valley, at your service.” The elf bowed slightly, watching as the bishop’s face slowly changed from red to purple.

The paladin’s surrounding them started talking in small voices, just loud enough for the bishop to hear.

“I heard that the former Archduke Crane was on very good terms with the Pope…”

“Lately, it seems the Queen wants to remove members of the clergy from all over.”

“No matter what, the Pope wouldn’t want to go against the Royal house…”

Normally, the bishop would have already scolded them for their rude actions, but hearing those words now, his face turned pale.

One insignificant lower city bishop, and a new noble, if there was to be any argument with the one said to be the Queen’s favored, the Pope would definitely not stand on his side.

The bishop finally withdrew.

He forcefully arranged his face into a smile that looked worse than if he was crying, humbly returned the document, “Please… please forgive this humble, humble servant’s rude behavior, Lord Viscount. Everything will be as you say, I’ll… take my leave now. May God’s protection be with you. Please… don’t mention this to the Queen.”

Following the bishop’s retreat, the paladin’s also started to leave.

When they passed by the elf, each of them nodded in respect, and when they passed Cain, they patted his shoulder, pushed him, or made all sorts of strange faces.

“Good luck.”

“May God protect you.”

“Long live the Queen.”

“Now you can openly drink wine.”

“Now you can wolf whistle the nuns.”

“Now you can go seduce noble ladies.”

Cain stood in place, listening to those well wishes that were gradually groing more ridiculous, working hard to maintain a smile.

Because if he didn’t do that, tears would start leaking.

“You’re smiling like an idiot.” The siren observed.

But when he looked at the knight, there was no longer any antagonism in his eyes.

“If you wish, you could return” the elf said softly, “Cai… no… Mr. Paladin?”

“Cain is fine,” the knight turned his gaze, no longer looking in the direction of his retreating peers.

“Felix Paladin was a name given by the Church, I no longer need it.”

Translator’s Notes

*圣殿骑士 – I couldn’t decide between Paladin and Holy Knight (basically the same thing lol) but they both work? Google actually translates it to the Knights Templar but it didn’t seem suitable for this.

**He means that Carl’s will basically be dishonorably discharged and be disgraced in history because his name is removed from the records – something along those lines

***This time in particular, I’m using Holy Knight instead of Paladin because his last name is Paladin and it would be so confusing T^T

****菲尼克斯 帕拉丁 – Paladin was the actual phonetic translation, don’t look at me.

Sorry, there will be a delay in the translation this week, I’m currently on holiday in Taiwan and will be spending most of my time sightseeing and shopping. But hopefully I’ll still be getting some things done in the evening, it just won’t be coming out as fast. XD

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