The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 4

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo

Chapter 4: Between Past and Future

And three hundred years later, he finally received the letter, written inside was the answer he was waiting for.

–But is this really all that he had hoped for?

The elf thought back to the historical texts he had researched, records about Yang Wolfin.

The longest running, and widely acclaimed as the best Grand Mage.

Author of uncountable number of books, spent her life inventing and improving over fifty types of healing spells and potions, surpassing the contribution of any mages in history.

On the front of measuring magical power and resistance, she left an extremely accurate proposal.

Why she would be so focused and motivated on researching something so boring, and without much use, is something that everyone had thought of as a mystery.

She lived for two hundred and seventy two years, far surpassing the limit of any normal human’s lifespan, people said that it was a reward from the heavens to her for saving so many lives.

Someone so great, the last words before her passing were: “Actually, I’m starting to forget their faces.”

–No one knows who ‘they’ were.

She said ‘don’t feel sorry for me’.

But, Anna, are you satisfied with this ending?

I stubbornly rewrote yours, and ‘their’ life trajectory, what I wanted might not be just ‘for everyone to survive’.

I want to know, if you had lived lives that you could claim as happy.

The elf lifted the parchment, looking at the small star mark.

–This star, will it give me the answers I want?

“Do you want to go?”

The elf’s thoughts returned to the present, the knight was looking at him with burning eyes.

“Do you want to go to that place?” the knight asked again.

“I don’t know,” the elf shook his head, “I’m a little…scared.”

The knight didn’t ask what he was scared of, just locked their fingers together, gripping the elf’s hands tightly.

“It’s still not over, Ellen,” he said, “Your story is still not over.”

“—No matter what the future brings, I will witness it till the end.”

He finished speaking, and turned around, striding back in the direction they came from.

Mrs.Cavendish finished watering the last plant, she lifted her head and saw the following scene.

In the setting sun, two young man linking hands, walking side by side on the small garden path.

“Oh,” the old lady said to herself a little surprised, “I should ask the old man… if the room arrangements, should be adjusted?”(1)

Dinner was still held in the Grand Mage’s home.

The dwarf finally gathered his courage, and blurted out to the Grand Mage the questions that he had thrown at the siren before, thus, this heated debate lasted until dessert time. But a lot of the times, the one answering was not the Grand Mage himself, but Mrs.Cavendish. – Clearly, in areas other than healing magic, she is the true expert.

This would greatly explain why the gentle Mr.Cavendish could handle any situation — If there was something more terrifying in the world than a Grand Mage, it would be a Grand Mage pair.

After dinner, the Grand Mage was ordered by his wife to wash the dishes, and the lady took on the role of guide, leading them to the central tower. From the outside, there were only a few lit rooms in the tower. When they entered, it was more spacious than they had thought, they could immediately hear the echoing of their footsteps.

“It’s too big, without magic, cleaning would be a very difficult thing.” Mrs.Cavendish said smiling.

The she walked forward, the two ‘wall lamps’ on the side lite up silently, bright light immediately scattered across this ancient building giving off a lonely feeling.

“… Glow Spell?” the dwarf asked unsurely in a small voice.

“Yes,” the lady mage stopped, lightly touching the glowing sphere in the wall with her finger, “it will light up for around one minute every time energy is injected into the man made glow-stone, it’s one of Teacher Yang’s inventions.”

“Then, it has been in use for many years? Such an amazing device?”

“That’s right, when it first appeared, the students all fought to light it, so the halls were always lit up throughout the night.”

“It must have been a sight to see.”

“Yes, but now,” she muttered, “it’s been some years since we had any newcomers. The older ones… are already tired of such toys.”

“I won’t be tired,” the dwarf said in a small voice, “If it was me, I wouldn’t be tired of it even if I saw it a thousand times.”

“How do you do it?” the siren asked, “the glow spell?”

Mrs.Cavendish told them the incantation smiling gently.

The youth ran to the front of the group, carefully recited the incantation at the sphere. The sphere glowed, but different from Mrs.Cavendish’s orange yellow light, it glowed a ghostly blue and purple color.

“Water and chaos element,” said Mrs.Cavendish, “Of course, because you are a siren.”

“Umm, blue is water, red is fire, yellow is earth, green is wind,” the dwarf counted on his fingers, “white is light, purple is chaos… right?”

“Yes, it was designed to match the signs on the textbooks,” the mage smiled again and said, “because talent combinations are different, every mage has their own unique colors.”(2)

The dwarf hesitated for a moment, he seemed to want to try chanting the spell, but in the end he didn’t speak, only followed the group forward, silently watching the lights.

“We’re here,” Mrs.Cavendish stopped, inserting the key into the lock, “I heard from the old man, Mr.Captain would like it here. –This was where Teacher Yang used to live.”

“…Thank you,” the elf was silent for a while, as if he was trying to find his voice to reply, “thank you…very much.”

“Please wait a moment. It hasn’t been used in fifty years, it has to be tidied up.” Mrs. Cavendish blinked, stepped into the room first, then closed the door.

The lady mage touched the room’s candelabra with her staff, immediately the candles lit up one after another.

The room was regularly aired and dusted, there really wasn’t much need to tidy up.

Thick tomes filled the shelves, across from the window was a table, two single beds one on the left and one on the right, positioned against the wall.

This was Teacher Yang’s room, it was also where she grew up.(3)

Many times had she curled up in the blankets, and fell asleep looking at that small silhouetted by the light.

Teacher who was very good at taking care of people, would use the pen she makes papers with, and draw a star on the back of her hand as she refuses to sleep.

“It will chase away your nightmares.” Teacher Yang would say, “A star told me this, when I was young.”

It was many years later before she experiences the truth of this statement –

The Teacher Yan who was more than two hundred years old, was young once as well, and there was someone who had also protected her that gently as she grew up.

If she was not wrong, then Teacher Yang was Anna Teal, who had entered the ‘Unicorn Legion’ when she was fourteen, the mage apprentice who had not been heard from since. The star that she talked about, was the person she left the letter for, the current Captain of the ‘Unicorn Legion’, Ellen Dawntracker.

Thinking about it, the elf should be around three hundred, or even four hundred years old.

So many years, is he the same as Teacher Yang, watching familiar people grow up, grow old, and in the end, pass away?

If that was true, and he can still choose to hold the hand of a normal human, how much this would need…

The mage sighed lightly, waving her staff, silently the two beds moved to the center of the room against each other, leaving only a tiniest deceiving gap.

Then she opened the door, placing the key into the elf’s hand.

“Please rest well. – Shelly, Julian, your room is this way.”(4)

Translator’s Notes

  1. YES!! DO IT!!!
  2. Wait, so if all the students lit different spheres, and they all had different elements, wouldn’t the halls become very Christmassy? Lol. This means Mrs.Cavendish is a Fire and Earth Element…. I wonder if the hues would be different too… say you have more affinity towards fire than you do earth, would your glow be a redder tinged orange? Interesting thought…. And if Shelly lit up all the lights, I swear it’ll look very scary XD (I have an image of ghost lights seen from the outside of the tower lol, instant haunted house!)
  3. By “also where she grew up” the author means Mrs.Cavendish, not Anna.
  4. 请两位好好休息吧 – she is addressing both Ellen and Cain, it really translates to “please rest well both of you” but it sounds a little too impolite in English in comparison to Chinese lol.

I am actually really dissatisfied with the translation of Anna Teal’s other name >.< I want to find a better translation, if anyone knows Chinese and have some idea (雅昂·沃夫林) please share!!

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The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 3

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – is totally working overtime XD I should prepare more brib….er…cookies

Chapter 3: Message that Transcended Time

The door opened by itself, a completely black cat came in, jumping lightly onto the Grand Mage’s shoulder.

“Mewlice,”(1) the Grand Mage petted the cat’s head absentmindedly, saying softly, “we have guests, I’ll play with you in a moment.”

Hearing the cat’s name, the elf lifted his eyes towards him.

“… Mr.Cavendish, does the Academy keep records of students after they have graduated?”

“Though we do keep records according to procedure, but some people don’t come back to report, so it’s not complete. Why?”

“I want to ask, about what happened to a mage called Anna Teal.”

The Grand Mage looked at him, then smiled slightly.

“I should have realized earlier, you must be Mr Dawntracker. – There is a letter here for you.”

He stood up, searching through the rows of books, then from inside a thick book, took out a well preserved parchment passing it over to the elf.

“It’s from my teacher… fifty years ago. If you had come a few years later, I fear this mission would be passed along to my apprentice.”

The elf took the paper looking down, and immediately had difficulty breathing.

There was no writing on the parchment, with simple childish drawing, on the middle of the parchment was a girl with a pair of animal ears on her head.

“Mr.Dawntracker?” the Grand Mage looked at him, asking in concern, “Do you need to rest? You don’t look so well.”

“It’s nothing,” the elf shook his head, “… Please excuse me for a moment.”

He walked out the door unsteadily. The knight stood up, nodding to the Grand Mage, and left following after the elf.

The Grand Mage took in his surroundings. Mewlice was already sitting on the siren’s lap, purring contentedly, under the attention of the youth’s petting fingers.

“Now then, Mr.Dwarf over there,” the Grand Mage suddenly said, “You have been staring at me since some time ago, did you want to say something?”

The dwarf pushed back the chair and stood up, spilling the cup of tea on the table.

“Ellen! Where are you going?”

The elf continued to walk forward, his head down, walking quickly – this is probably the first time he had ignored the knight’s call. The knight felt that this was even stranger, finally he could only widen his steps to catch up to the elf, reaching out he grabbed his shoulders.


As if he had just noticed the knight’s existence, the elf stopped, turning to look at him.

“Cain,” he said in an absentminded voice, “it’s Anna. – The letter was written by Anna. My… teammate in the past.”

He could feel the elf’s thin shoulder shaking slightly under his hand, noticing this, the knight’s heart clenched.

Please, God –

Even though the past can’t be changed, at least don’t let this letter be bad news.

Don’t add more burden onto him.

Even when he was a paladin, the knight had no memory of ever praying so desperately.

The elf took a deep breath, steadying his emotions, brushing his finger across the picture on the parchment, and chanted the incantation for a breeze spell.

Following his chant, ink on the parchment started to disperse, once it had disappeared, new words started to form.

“Ellen!!!! You big fat liar!!!!”

There was a lot of exclamation marks. The elf could imagine the golden haired girl standing in front of him, her face full of anger.

“But since you still remember to come to the Mage Academy to ask after me, I’ll forgive you, hmph.

In these two hundred years I’ve spent a lot of time researching on magical healing, about your situation, probably no one understands more than I.

In light of how you’ve always been so reckless, I think I should tell you this.

These words only appear once! Memorize it!

Physically, the loss of your stamina, sensitivity and so on is not permanent, you can probably regain your full power after training for a while. The decrease in magical power is more severe, but considering you’re not a mage, this part can be ignored.

All magical defense is also decreased by a certain percentage, that means the damage you take from magic will be higher than before, probably around twenty percent. Chaos magic could reach up to thirty percent. So don’t run around trying to fight mages by relying on your agility, if you get hit it’ll really hurt a lot. Please let the knight in your team know this.

Some additional information regarding resistance, Light Magic, meaning buffing and healing magic are exceptions.(2) When these two are cast on you, their effect would only be a little over half their original strength. The healing rate of your injury would also be significantly slower – tell your priest not to cry, it’s not his/her fault.

Also, about absorbing energy from the Spirit Stone of the Moon, all our plans have failed. In conclusion, other than through natural process, there is no other way to wake you up earlier. Sorry.

But don’t feel sorry for me, I haven’t wasted these two hundred years. Because Yang · Wolfin(3) is the ‘Werewolf Anna’, were you able to guess? I’m the Grand Mage. What, you don’t believe me? How could you?!

… Alright, I didn’t believe myself at first either.

Lastly, and most importantly, since you are reading this letter now, then one thing has been proven.”

The ink started to disappear and appear again, the words became even larger.

“Congratulations! You did it! In the battle against the ‘Death Dragon’, the curse didn’t take effect, all the members of the ‘Unicorn Legion’ are alive! A round of applause!”

The knight reached out an arm to circle around the elf’s waist, pulling his wavering body against his own.

“… Then I have no regrets,” the elf leaned his head against his shoulder, saying softly, “everything was worth it.”

“It’s not finished yet.” The knight watched as new words started appearing on the parchment again, replying.

“I can’t say more, I’m about to enter a long sleep.

A werewolf’s lifespan, could only take me to this point.

I feel a little dissatisfied, if I could live for a few decade more, than I could have seen you wake up.

But, that’s fine, because at this moment, someone must be standing by your side witnessing everything.

–Ellen’s future team mate, please take care of him in our place.

Because he is our important family member, the best comrade, and an idiot who doesn’t know how to take care of himself.”

“… I couldn’t agree more.” The knight said.

The elf didn’t argue, only turned his face as if to hide, and continued reading.

“Also: We have left something for you here, you have to go get it.

But in order not to let someone else take it, we might have added a bit too many traps.

So, for safety’s sake, wait till you’ve gathered six people before going.

Warning! This is no joke!

–It really is dangerous!”

The words disappeared, the ink gathered to form a new picture. After a few minutes, no new changes appeared. In the end the parchment settled into a map of the continent. At a far corner, was a small mark of a star.

–Anna Teal.

Joined in the second year of the formation of the ‘Unicorn Legion’, a fourteen year old mage apprentice.

Rather than say that she volunteered to join, it was better to say that she begged the legion to let her stay in order to cover up the changes caused by being bitten by a werewolf.

Her personality was too kind, it could almost be said to be weak.  She missed the Mage Academy, missed the kitten, Mewlice, that she took in, and would cry in her bed every night until she’s a mess.

The first time she witnessed someone killed, because of her sharpened senses, she threw up for the whole day. And couldn’t recover even after the Priestess Rita cast several soothing spells.

No one could blame her, after all she was just a fourteen year old child, to be able to hold on is already uncommonly brave.

But in this type of environment, she grew with astonishing speed. In the fifth year of the legion’s founding, she was already one of the main fighting forces in the team. Also, whether it was because of the change in environment, or the effect of werewolf blood, even her personality had changed to become more energetic and outgoing.

Even though she has a forthright appearance, she was especially keen on details and had sharp instincts.

The night before the battle against the ‘Death Dragon’, she had forced the elf to make all kinds of promises, that ‘everyone will survive’ must also include the elf himself.

–He almost didn’t get past her.

Of course, strictly speaking, the elf didn’t lie, just hid the fact that he would fall into a long sleep.

But to her, to everyone else in the ‘Unicorn Legion’, it was actually a lie.

He had completely spent up the ten years of trust from everyone, leaving behind a letter of farewell.

Other than detailing the ritual needed to awaken him, it was all full of apologies.

There was a large possibility, that they would live, he would as well, but with no chance of reunion.

It couldn’t be said they were separated by death, nor did they part ways in life.(4)

They were just, separated by three hundred years of time.

Translator’s Notes

  1. Mew + Alice = Mewlice XD
  2. She means exceptions to increase vulnerability. Since if Ellen has increase vulnerability towards light magic then he’d get extra heals but nope…. It’s the opposite, damn that sucks >.< Increase damage, decrease heals, that’s one strong debuff.
  3. For those of you who don’t remember, that was the person that Cain quoted from in the chapter ‘Midnight Conversations’. When he talked about the enrolment advertisement for the Mage Academy.
  4. 既称不上死别,也称不上生离 – “生离死别” is a proverb that translates to something like ‘to be separated in life and death’, ‘生死’ means life and death, and ‘离别’ means to part ways, literally translates to ‘separation in life and parting at death’. It’s normally used to describe people who are separated forever either by death or each going their separate ways. Ellen’s playing on words saying they haven’t been separated by death nor did they part ways in life. (He’s using the literal meaning rather than the proverbial meaning.)

All these gaming terms… kinda makes me want to go back to MMO… but if I did, I’ll get sucked in again, and won’t surface for a while XD. Gaming is so fun…but so evil…

Ed: Fallout 4 Wheeee….

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The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 2

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – is totally working overtime XD I should prepare more brib….er…cookies

Chapter 2: Mage Academy

The mysterious castle where the sun sets on high ground, the only place for mages to gather in the whole continent.

Early on in the Legendary Era, this isolate ivory tower, was difficult for normal people to be even near its vicinity.

Of course, normal people would not have the courage to come near this place.

Any regular mage has the ability to come up against a small elite team, and high mages can even annihilate a troop of several hundred soldiers in the moment it takes to raise a hand. And Magic Talent(1) is a power that is so strong it borders on being a curse, if it ever goes out of control, the damage radius can’t even be compared to any normal disaster.

But even with such great fire power, the Mage Academy always maintains a clear neutral status.

The reason is simple, whilst the power of the Church and the Monarchy can be considered to be balanced, if mages were to lean towards either side, it can cause the destruction of this delicate balance. In the past there had been Grand Masters(2) joining into politics considering themselves to be activists, but in the end they were ruined, some even started large scale civil wars.

In the end, to be swept up in the whirlpool of power struggles, is also not something good. Although mages are strong, but they are still flesh and blood, robes can’t block even the lightest hit from a sword or an arrow – the greatest healing magic, still cannot revive members that died on the spot.

Of course, in the end, the Mage Academy now is still financed by the Royal Family. Thus the church developed the Paladin Order, bringing in large numbers of those with magic talent, on the surface it was a crusade against black magic and heathens, but in reality it was an ace in preparation against mages.

As ‘the last relic of the Legendary Era’, the Mage Academy, looked no different than it was three hundred years ago. The buildings form a circle, with a tall tower as the center. That is where the name ‘Mage’s Ring’ comes from. But there was another saying, that underneath the Mage Academy is a gigantic ring shaped ward, used to negate unsteady, dark mental waves.

In this peaceful era without foreign enemies or magical creatures invading, mages are not needed. Thus these gifted special soldiers, even though they want for nothing, are idle. They are not imprisoned, and can leave here to return to society, but what awaits them is the fear and respect of regular people. Even though they have gained other worldly abilities, money, power, honor and so on, but to most of them, that has lost its appeal early on. In the end, day after day, they could only spend their life exceeding the limits of the body, in seeking even greater power.

To approach God, challenge God, replace God.

The power to destroy and rebuild the world, the power to surpass and rewrite nature’s laws –

If the ‘Mage’s Ring’ did not exist, then this place might become a black magic hell.

To control this power, for a large part relies on the choice of the Grand Mage.

The Grand Mage must have the prestige to gain all the mage’s respect, or intellect and talent, at the same time having certain diplomacy, in order to gain the highest benefit for the Academy. Most importantly, they must have basic morality, with not love of bullying the weak, or killing innocent people.

On these three points, the current Grand Mage John Cavendish, passes completely.

Granted his diplomatic ability is a little weak, but a kind personality with no ambition, plus a love for research on healing magic, he is highly praised by both the church and the royal house.

Mr. John Cavendish is around ninety years old, but still seems to be full of energy. His image is different than what the rest of the world perceives, living at the top of a tall tower in the company of books every day, but rather in a small house outside of the tower, living an ordinary along with his wife who was also a mage and a large number a cats.

While the Grand Mage was reading the Queen’s letter, his wife placed down afternoon tea and a tray of snacks, then smiling, watered the plants with water element spells. The dwarf climbed onto the window, looking at the scene outside with extreme excitement, but every time the Grand Mage coughed, he would turn around, staring at the elder with respect. – Wishing he could grow another pair of eyes.

The Grand Mage quickly finished reading the letter, and started asking for the details of the curse the siren was under. The knight carefully described the shape of the blood magic circle, as well as his own observations. In the process, the Grand Mage listened quietly, not planning to interrupt him at all.

Once the knight finished speaking, the Grand Mage nodded, turning to look at the siren. Under his gaze, the normally unrestrained siren, started to become a little uneasy.

“No need to be scared,” the Grand Mage said, “I don’t plan to try and release your illusions. To live in the human world, getting used to disguising yourself isn’t a bad thing. What is your name?”

“Shelly – Shelly Raphael.”

“Alright Shelly, are you a mage apprentice? Whose student?”

“No…” the siren replied in a small voice, “no one taught me.”

“Do you like magic?”

“Yes.” The siren nodded seriously.

“That’s good,” the Grand Mage released a breath, leaning back on his chair, “regarding a demon contract that’s reached the stage of merging conscious, there are two ways of dealing with it. If you were not a mage, I could hypnotize you and enter your subconscious, and forcefully sever your connection to the demon, but that is a little dangerous, and might cause damage to your memories.”

“And if I’m a mage?”

“Preventing mental control could be considered a necessary lesson for mages,” the Grand Mage replied, “the demon isn’t very strong, you only need to make up for this lesson, then you could remove it yourself. – The only downside is that this method will take some time, so you might need to stay here for around half a month.”

The siren looked at the others a little uneasily, “Ellen, Cain, Julian, you’ll stay as well?” (i)

“We won’t leave you,” the knight patted his head, “since we don’t have anything else to do currently. – As long as there is still space to live in the Mage Academy.”

“Even if the Mage’s Ring is currently lacking everything, we won’t be lacking in empty rooms,” the Grand Mage smiled a little bitterly, “Sir Paladin should know this the best. – You are very welcome to stay, please treat this as your own home, and feel free to use it. … Also, if possible, nnn… let’s rest for today.”

“Did something happen?” the elf noticed the hesitation in his words, and asked.

“It’s nothing major.” The Grand Mage shook his head.

“Some trouble regarding magical creatures?”

The Grand Mage looked at him a little shocked, then smiled a little embarrassed, “I see I can’t hide from the Captain.”

“The gnomes returned to Gnome Village, I guessed something similar might have happened in the Mage Academy.”

“I apologize, this should have waited until Shelly’s problem has been solved.” The Grand Mage nodded, “Actually, we do require your assistance. –But, since the second letter is addressed to my apprentice, let’s wait for her return tomorrow before discussing it.”

“Alright, there is one other thing – about a mage that appeared in the Gnome Village.” The Elf stood up, passing over the note with the man’s writing to the Grand Mage, “a man around thirty years old, with a mole at the left corner of his mouth, he could use low level magic without incantations.”

“Ah… Myers.” The Grand Mage shook his head, “Yes, a month ago, he passed the high mage test, then left without informing anyone.”

“The texts he took from the Academy, has been returned.”

“Yes, thank you very much. May I ask, he is…?”

“Sorry,” the elf replied, “he killed someone.”

The Grand Mage was silent for a long while, before saying a little sadly, “We should be the ones apologizing. You did what you had to do.”


Translator’s Notes

  1. 魔法天赋 – Did I ever clarify this? I can’t really remember but basically translates as ‘born with magical abilities’ or something similar.  Thus: Magic Talent
  2. So previously I used ‘Chief Mage’ for the title of the head of the Mage Academy….but I’ve always been dissatisfied with it… It took me 30 something chapters to think of a better name T^T but “Grand Master” seems so much better XD So Grand Master it will be! (I did go back to the previous chapters and changed it… I’m actually not sure if I caught it all but oh wellz)

Ed’s note

(i). finally his childish side reveals itself…so cute 😀

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The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 1

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo

Book 2: Mage Academy

Chapter 1: A Day in Gnome Village

When the villagers of Gnome Village woke from their dreams, other than facing a day of cloudy rain, there were also all sorts of unexpected realizations.

For example the fact that the chief they had all respected had been replaced by a fake, or that the real chief’s body had been buried in the poisoned field for a week, or that the gnomes were really innocent, and the universal knowledge that the magical creatures – Gnomes, Dwarves and Goblins were completely different species.

Understanding these took a long time, but under the careful explanation of master dwarf, the villagers were soon relieved.

Of course, what sped up the reconciliation between the humans and the gnomes, was this type of truth: a single glowing black stones that the ‘chief’ had all reclaimed, was worth a whole bag of potatoes. Learning this the villagers sent a representative, full of apology and a large cart of potatoes to visit the gnome burrow, and received the master gnomes’ generous forgiveness.

Some texts were found under the chief’s bed, each book carries the seal of the Mage Academy. Their rarity was unknown, even Julian, the one who understands magic the most, had no idea. In the end the books were placed in a box, to be taken along back to the Mage Academy.

Although taking care of these chores pushed their departure back day, there was nothing worth complaining about. For the sake of master dwarf and master gnome, the ‘Unicorn Legion’ received unprecedented welcome. Meat even appeared at lunch, as well as fresh milk. The siren was even able to witness the process of farming, then he suggested buying a cow to replace the horse for the road – it was naturally denied.(i)

After lunch, the rain still had not stopped. The elf sat in front of his desk, contemplating the last paragraph for his report to the queen, until he heard knocking from outside.

The knight pushed open the door to enter, placing a steaming mug of tea next to him.

The elf lifted his head to say thanks, bringing the cup to his lips for a drink.

“Black tea… where did you find it?”

The elf’s voice was a little hoarse, the knight caught on to the anomaly, frowning, he reached a hand to rest on the elf’s forehead.

“The gnomes sent it. You seem to be having a fever… I thought you said you don’t get colds because of your racial trait?”

“That’s a lie,” the elf smiled, holding the cup with both hands, “werewolves are the ones that don’t get colds.”

“… I’ve been tricked,” the knight shook his head in consternation, “Next time remind me, humans are not the only ones that lie.”

“Originally I really wouldn’t,” the elf lowered his head seeming a little apologetic, “sorry, I didn’t know that the side effects would include a decrease in my immune system.”

“Side effects of what?”

“…Of oversleeping,” the elf put down his cup, swiftly finishing the last paragraph, and signing his name at the end, “Cain, pass me the wax and seal please.”

The knight passed the things over to the elf, watching as he poured the melted wax onto the fold of the envelope, pressing the seal on top.

“Why a wolf’s head?” the knight asked.

“What?…. Ah.” The elf looked at the shape of the seal, shaking his head, “I’m not sure, this was given to me directly from the Registry. It’s probably from the Archduke’s former underling, the seal of the noble that watched over the Soloris Valley.”

“I know the Crane Family’s emblem are wolf claws,” the knight muttered, “but why is his underling from a small noble family caring for a remote land, would dare to use a wolf’s head?”

“That could be the Queen’s idea,” the elf took the letter, standing up, “Soloris Valley is still in the hands of the rebel army.”

“Not thinking of taking it back? Earl of Soloris Valley?”

“What for?” the elf smiled walking to the door.

“As a headquarters,” the knight replied seriously, “I heard that the ruins of the elven tribes are near-by, the northernmost part of the continent, right?”

“Umm… Cain,” the elf stopped, turning back to look at him, “although before the elves left the Ulia Continent, there was a elven settlement in the north yes, but that’s not my tribe.”


“Northern elves have dark hair,” the elf pointed to himself, “Light colored hair are southern elves. – Southern elves aren’t all that impervious to the cold, or else I wouldn’t have caught a cold.”

“Is that so…” the knight’s face was a little red, he lowered his head, “Sorry, I was being conceited.”

Looking at him, the elf smiled very gently.

“Cain, the idea of getting a headquarters is not bad. If we have time, we’ll go try it. also –“

“ – I like the tea you make.”

The elf left the room.

The knight turned around, moving towards the desk to sit down, picking up the cup of tea, he looked at it, draining the remaining tea in one gulp.

“… Isn’t it… a little too sweet.”

When evening arrived, the rain had finally stopped.

In the fields around the village, several small figures popped out to look around.

Then, more gnomes came out, placing ores in front of each home, and knocking on the door. When facing the homeowners who opened the door, they took off their hats and bowed and what welcomed them were not hoes, but the villagers’ smiles and greetings.

“The Gnome Village now, finally lives up to its name.”

Standing on the balcony of the second floor of the Gnome Inn, the elf spoke to himself.

“You’re not worried that there might be problems? Since two different species are living together.”

“I trust the gnomes. – And I trust in humanity’s good-will.”

“But you still wrote a letter to the Queen, asking her to keep an eye out on the situation here?” the knight grinned.

“Trust does not equal naivety.” The elf replied, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst, that was also learned from humans.”

“ ‘Also’?”

“Along with lying.”

“If this continues, I’ll really start to lose faith in my own race.” The knight sighed, “…To be the same race as a bastard that would kill a whole foreign race for a few black crystals.”

“That’s only the dregs of human society, not even worth being called a human. If it helps comfort you for me to say this, Cain… I do like humans.”

“Along with lying?”

“Yes. Along with hard working, passionate, never giving up hope. – These are the true racial trait of humans.”

“I’m going to blush …should I write this in the journal like Julian?”

“… Forget it, pretend I never said anything. Unconsciously going into lecture mode is a fatal flaw.”

“But I think it’s very cool.”

“…Please spare me, really. It’s so embarrassing.”

Translator’s Notes:

Wow… no notes from me this chapter XD. But we did get another cute Cain/Ellen moment. Who knew Ellen can be so harsh when he wants to be lol, but now I’M feeling proud to be human X3 Ellen, you need to go into your lecture modes more often! I agree with Cain, it’s cool.


(i) Oh…how I love your thinking process Shelly… I can almost see the Cow giving a sigh of relief when his suggestion was denied xD *Moooo*

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 31

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – you deserve a cookie for your hard work, and a gold medal for finishing these last two chapters so fast ❤

Chapter 31: The Reasonable Use of Mist Magic

“Julian.” The elf replied softly, “I can no longer use that last name, let the past be the past.”

It was as if the dwarf could not hear what he said, he just raised his hand to his face, pinching himself hard.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh – If this is a dream please don’t let me wake up!”

Seeing that he had indeed regained his energy, the knight moved over to the elf.

“Find anything?”

The elf pointed to the face of the body, the mask on the face was already starting to peel.

The man was around forty years of age, the color of his skin indicated someone that stayed indoors. The cane was obviously a staff in disguise, from the man’s pockets, they discovered some magic potions and runes, the bottles carried the insignia of the Mage Academy.


“Perhaps,” the elf nodded, “from his face and writing, we should be able to find his records in the Mage Academy.”

“Then the next step –“

“Investigate the chief’s room, explain to the villagers, and on the gnome’s side…”

“Don’t worry,” the knight patted his shoulder, “everything else can wait. It’s best to take care of the body, then go back to rest.”

“Do I look very worried?” the elf lifted his head, smiling at the knight, “Perhaps.”

As if they timed it, the conversation between the siren and the dwarf started to become loud.

“So Ellen is that famous?”

“Famous? Mr.Shelly, that word is not enough to describe it! He is the user of the magic weapon ‘Morningstar’, all archers in the Legendary Era look up to him, from the wandering minstrels –“

“Julian! Please stop!” the elf final couldn’t take it and stood up, his face carrying a hint of red, “It’s very embarrassing…”

“Eh? But…”

“No buts, that’s an order!”

The knight looked between the elf and dwarf, finally couldn’t resist laughing.

“Julian, leave it at that. If you say anymore, the captain will order us to dig another hole, to bury him as well.”

“I don’t understand…” the dwarf said stubbornly, “isn’t it something to be proud of?”

“You’ll understand one day,” the elf looked as if he wanted to hide behind the knight, “when you’re being scrutinized.”

The dwarf didn’t seem to hear that either, his gaze turning worshipful, he looked at the normal looking weapon on the elf’s back.

“Could it be… that bow is–?”

“At a discounted price from the weapons shop at Elvira Lower City, a total of three gold including the quiver and twenty four arrows.”

“Eh… then… what happened to ‘Morningstar’?”

“… I don’t know,” the elf shook his head, “anyways I don’t have the ability to control that now.”

In a delicate silence, they buried the body of the mage, returning to the rooms of the ‘Gnome Inn’.

“… Even though I’m very tired, but I don’t feel like sleeping.” The dwarf said in a small voice, “Is this called insomnia?”

“Go take a bath first,” the siren suddenly suggested happily, “human bathhouses are really fun.”

“True,” the knight looked down as his mud covered body, nodding, “seize this opportunity. In a few days, even if you want to take a bath it would only be with cold water.”

The bathing facilities of the ‘Gnome Inn’ were underground, a cauldron sat on top of a stove. There’s a well in the courtyard, wood and water bucket was placed on one side, everything was left for the clients to assist themselves.

The inside of the bathing room was simple and large, but there was still wooden boards lining out individual cubicles.

“That’s surprisingly detailed and considerate of privacy,” the knight said in surprise, “it feels much better than Elvira.”

“Could it be to prevent incidents of ‘picking up soap’ from happening?”(1) the Siren asked.

“What is ‘picking up soap’?”

“…Julian, don’t ask.” The knight seems to be choking again.

In order to prevent the siren from creating more trouble, the knight picked him up, and threw him into one of the cubicles along with the hot water.

“No more talking, bathing is more important.”

The siren agreed happily, then mist could be seen seeping out of the cubicle, quickly filling the whole room.

Then, from the mist, came the sound of water and the harsh voice of a burly man.(2)

“OH~ my beautiful and cute fat maiden~,

She has a chest as wide as the sea,

Pillowed on that thick arm every night,

Accompanying me into the happy dreams of a sailor~ da da~”

“Shelly! What are you doing!?” The knight shouted gritting his teeth.

“Getting rid of people,” the siren replied, his voice returned to normal, “because I like to transform back to my original form when singing so Raymond asks me to be careful not to let anyone see. Every time I do this, every one runs away.”

“It’s the middle of the night! No one but us are going to come!”

“Ah~” the siren replied, “then I don’t have to use that voice.”

“… And stop playing in the water!”

Answering him, the siren’s beautiful voice started to sing again.

“OH~ her thick black eyebrows~

Are like the seaweed floating~ in the sea…”

“Shelly–! Can’t you change to another song?!”

“Isn’t hot water supposed to remove your tiredness?” half an hour later, the knight staggered into the room, “But why do I feel even more tired?”

“Isn’t that good…” the elf mumbled, falling onto the mattress.

“Hey hey, you’re not going to dry your hair before falling asleep? You’ll get a cold.” The knight frowned.

“Don’t worry… elves don’t get colds… fu… racial trait. – Goodnight, Cain.”

The knight sighed, reaching his hand out, brushing the elf’s long hair aside, “Goodnight, Ellen.”

The dwarf’s face reddened again.

The siren hid in his blankets, smiling secretively.

It was now the darkest hour before dawn.

The room was silent and warm, the best atmosphere for sleeping.

But the dwarf was still wide awake, staring at the indistinguishable ceiling.

There was a time, when he thought about giving up, even consoling himself, that perhaps Todd’s journal was just an adventure novel he thought up himself.

But now he was experiencing the sequel to that novel.

It was as if the battle just a few hours ago was burned into his eyes, even with his eyes closed, the scene would circle his mind refusing to go away.

“The most dazzling Morningstar, the name itself Ellen · Dawntracker (Star · One who seeks the dawn), was a surprisingly suitable title. Because no matter how bright the star, next to the brilliance of the sun and moon, would become insignificant.

In the ‘Unicorn Legion’, the role that elven archer played was something like that. In comparison to those reckless members, his modest actions really made him inconspicuous. Or because, he would always hide himself whether intentionally or unintentionally in other’s spotlight.

That doesn’t mean he would purposefully distance himself from others, quite the opposite, to every teammate, including someone like me who was a non-combatant, he was very kind and gentle. He cares and trusts everyone, but that sentiment doesn’t have a clear direction. No one can claim to be his best friend, and in terms of romance, it seems he is completely uninterested. He is a very reliable teammate, but on the other hand, he would not readily rely on others.

–Is this due to the indifferent nature of elves, or caused by his own history, that I do not know.

If one sees him fight with their own eyes, then they would surely understand the meaning of ‘Dazzling’.

Only on the battlefield would he reveal that passion and bravery, I can say without exaggeration, that it truly makes you awestruck.

Perhaps that is Ellen · Dawntracker’s true nature.”

The most detailed description of the elf in Todd’s journal, was only this short page.

Thinking about that, the dwarf unconsciously gave a pleased little smile.

Mr.Todd, I don’t know what happened in these three hundred years, but the Mr.Ellen I know now, is no longer the same as the Dawntracker that you have described.

The story of the ‘Unicorn Legion’ is not finished yet, I wish to witness everything.

That journal, let me continue it.

Translator’s Notes

  1. Lol Shelly, only you would think ‘prevent voyeurism’ when you see cubicles in a bath house.
  2. Facepalm… that’s my only reaction.

Raymond, I’m starting to wonder about you…

And so this is the end of the first book, Book Two, they will finally be arriving at the Mage Academy. Who will they meet? What sort of surprises will they encounter?

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 30

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – you deserve a cookie for your hard work!

Chapter 30: Holy Arrow

It was pitch black, only the lamp’s soft glow lit the path in front.

The man walked along with one step heavy and one step light (1), cursing his bad luck.

If only he had a few more days, then he would be able to leave this cursed place with his rewards. Only to have some Queen’s Officer to appear and mess up his plans at this time.

The officer himself was fine, he was just a dozy(2), what does the Queen see in him? He probably used his good looks to get his position.

The mage student was still young, still inexperienced, and even though the dwarf looks like he’s easy to fool, he’s surprisingly clever.

As for the knight… for some reason, every time that person’s eyes meets his, he would feel a shiver down his back.

–It is said that a Paladin can see through magic disguises, he hasn’t been found out has he?

He should have moved sooner. Even if there’s a chance for him to be found out, as long as he gets his hands on the black crystals everything is insignificant.

But there’s no point in regretting now, he should have done it himself if he wanted it done right ages ago.

A slope covered with thick vegetation appeared in sight. It should be around here.

The man searched the ground near his feet, very soon he found the mouth of the burrow.

Quickly he tipped out the poison bomb he had prepared earlier, throwing it into the hole.

Then the surroundings suddenly became bright, the man raised a hand to block out the light.

After his sight returned, he found himself standing in an empty field. The gnome burrow had disappeared, replaced by an empty bucket, the poisoned gas leaked out continuously, shocking him into a coughing fit.

“The night air is quite cold, Mr.Village Chief,” the green eyes of the elf official looked at him, “why, it seems that your old bones are suddenly able to tolerate it?”

The man stepped fearfully, and immediately felt something against his back.

“Careful not to hit the sword,” the knight’s voice appeared from behind, “it hasn’t been sharpened in a while, it wouldn’t be too clean when cutting through flesh.”(3)

The man could only stiffen, looking at the elf’s eyes, he walked forward a few steps.

“I was blinded by anger, please forgive me Lord Official. I felt that these gnomes should be punished, so…” he tried show an expression of indignation.

But the elf was unmoved, looking back at him without expression, “to punish them for using black crystals to trade for food?”

They knew about the black crystals. Could it be…

The man’s knees weakened, he fell to the ground kneeling.

“Lord Official… My Lord… I was just… just blinded by greed. Seeing as I have done no harm could you… please overlook this?”

“Even if you had really killed a hundred or more gnomes, it’s considered ‘having done no harm’,” the elf replied coldly, “since magical creatures aren’t protected by the law”

“I didn’t really want to kill them… what… whatever compensation you want or the black crystal vein, it’s all yours to do with… please let me go, I’ll leave immediately.”

“Why?” the elf asked calmly, “If I kill you here, those would still become mine.” (4)

The man whimpered, “No, please… have mercy… I still have some very valuable magic texts with me, if you agree to let me live… I haven’t committed any atrocities…”

“Last question. – Where have you hidden the real chief’s body?”

The man’s eyes narrowed, he raised his ‘cane’ stabbing it into the ground, in a moment he was already ten yards away. Then he waved his hand, a wave of fire as tall as a person rushed towards the elf.

The knight rushed forward to block the attack, in that moment of distraction, the man quickly cast two to three speed magic on himself, immediately running in the direction of the dense forest.

The sound of an arrow cutting the air came from behind him, the man waved his hand again, and a Chaos Shield spell surrounded him. The arrow shifted away from its original target, curving away along the shield.

The man laughed coldly in his mind.

Before the Chaos Shield disappears, all physical attacks are negated. By the time the shield disappears, he would be out of the range of the bow.

“Cain!” the elf had already nocked the second arrow through, calling the knight’s name.

Understanding his meaning, the knight touched his shoulder, a faint light flowed down the elf’s fingers gathering onto the arrow before it was released.

Hearing the sound of the second arrow, it felt weak and powerless.

The man had trouble holding back his laughter.

–What beautiful double strafe(5), but what is the use, even if he could shoot out a hundred arrows in a moment it would still be pointless.

Further away, the sound of the third arrow reached him.

The man finally laughed mockingly.

Outperforming yourself, elf, too bad –

Too bad—

Too bad what?

His brain stopped thinking without permission.  His legs were still moving forward like a machine, but it had already lost its direction.

His breathing became difficult, something hot and wet seeped into the fabric of his shirt.

The man’s eyes widened, wanting to cry out, but he could only release a short sound.

The man fell.

The third arrow pierced the back of his neck, completely passing through his throat.

“Let’s go, take a look.” The elf said calmly, putting down his bow..

“Julian, let’s go.” The siren appeared from his hidden position, pulling on the dazed dwarf.

“That’s… a real fight?” the dwarf stood up, his body wavering, “God… that was way too cool.”

“That could only be considered a real escape.” The knight grinned, “The type that almost succeeded.”

“Teleportation, then a Fireball?” the dwarf scratched his head, “I couldn’t see the ones after too clearly, probably a Speed and Flotation spell, all without incantation, that’s…”

“Hey hey, when you said cool, you meant the opponent?” the knight interrupted, a little disgruntled.

“That’s Julian’s field of expertise,” the elf took over the conversation, “if you want to hear praise then leave it to me? Hmm… since I don’t really understand a Paladin’s powers, I could only rely on you to break through the mage’s protections. – It worked out perfectly in the end, you are indeed worthy of being my knight.”  

“The ‘Holy Grip’(6).  This is the first time I’ve tried to use it on other weapons,” the knight squinted, “by the way, that was also the first time I’ve seen a triple strife on a moving target, very beautifully done.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, ‘My Knight’,” the siren turned his back, saying low enough that only he could hear(6), “only touching the shoulder is being too careful, feel up some other places too occasionally …”

“Shelly? Don’t look if you’re scared.” The elf had already reached the fallen man’s side, looking back to see that the siren had turned around, he immediately asked concernedly.

“Don’t worry,” the siren shook his head replying, “Whether it’s illusions or bodies, I’ve seen a lot.”

Hearing this, the dwarf was the one that reacted, his face became white.

“Julian as well,” the elf knelt down, confirming the man’s death, “move further away, so you won’t smell the blood.”

“No…. don-don’t worry Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf said gritting his teeth, “thi-this-this type of thing, we will encounter it a lot in the future, I should learn to get used… urg…”

After taking a look at the body, he finally couldn’t hold back, running to the side and started vomiting.

The knight sighed, going over to pat his back, casting a calming spell on him at the same time.

“Sorry, Mr.Frank.” the dwarf said coughing, “I’m too weak.”

“That’s not a show of weakness,” the knight replied, “no one likes to see dead bodies.”

“Does Mr.Frank also feel bad…”

“If I could face this sort of scene without emotion, then I would start questioning my own conscious.” The knight shook his head, “To take a life is truly a cruel thing, but sometimes it must be done. I hope you understand.”

“I do,” the dwarf lifted his sleeve, wiping the corner of his mouth(8), “… ‘God asks us to love all people, but that’s not possible. Because to impose false kindness on enemies, is to hurt your own allies; to flood the perpetrator with sympathy, is the cruelest thing to do to the victim.’ ”

“Although that’s a little disrespectful,” the knight said a little astonished, “but that’s a really unusual declaration. Did you think of that yourself?”

“Something Mr.Todd wrote in his journal,” the dwarf stood up supporting himself, “in the Legendary Era, the ‘Unicorn Legion’s’ –“

His eyes suddenly widened, “elven archer with the record of triple strife without miss – ‘The Most Dazzling Morning Star’ Dawntracker said it…”

“Mr.Ellen… Mr.Ellen · Dawntracker.”

Translator’s Notes:

  1.   深一脚浅一脚 – kinda like limping? But not exactly?
  2.  和稀泥一把好手 – I think it means something along the lines of ‘easy to fool’, ‘half-hearted person’ etc?
  3. That’s kind of disturbing Cain… and blunt sword through flesh…yuck?
  4. Oh my, a cold-blooded Ellen XD I kinda like it
  5. 二连矢 – Double Strife is apparently the name of a technique in Ragnarok Online (MMORPG) where two bolts/arrows are shot at the same target (yay trivia?)
  6. 神圣之握 – ‘Holy Grip’ is a horrible name lol I’m sorry… the other choices: Holy Hold or Holy Grasp or any other similar words are equally horrible XD
  7. I think Shelly was talking to himself there, so Cain didn’t hear the comment? But that would have been interesting XD
  8. Ew Julian! Make sure to change out of that shirt immediately when you get back!!

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 29

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – you deserve a cookie for your hard work!

Chapter 29: Fishing

“That… is not possible,” the dwarf couldn’t help interrupting, “gnomes are a kind, gentle race. There must be some sort of mistake.”

“There were five, six witnesses,” the chief shook his head, “so to prevent further loss, we expelled them from the village.”

“By sealing the entrance to the gnome burrow?” the elf asked lightly.

“Hem… the youngsters in the village did that, I wasn’t too sure myself.”

“Then what happened to the gnome that caused it.”

“It was executed.”

“Then, could we examine the body?”

The chief looked at the elf, after a while, he replied slowly, “the body of the gnome was hung out by the poisoned field, as a warning.”

“Please take us to see it.” the elf nodded slightly, replying.

“As you wish,” the chief shook his head again, “I just don’t see how that would help.”

At the north side of the village, there really was a barren field, next to a sign hung a small, dried body, the sign said ‘field destroyer’.

The elf silently examined the body. After the first shock, the dwarf bravely came forward to observe as well.

“If there’s no problems, my lords,” the chief said coughing, “I must take my leave. It gets cool at night, and these old bones isn’t what it used to be. If you plan to continue on to the Mage’s Ring – Academy, you should rest soon as well.”

The elf didn’t reply, but the dwarf cried out in distress.

“This… isn’t a gnome, it’s a goblin!”

“How do you explain this?” the elf looked at the chief, his face calm as usual.

After a moment of shock, the chief finally said.

“Ahem, that… very sorry, I don’t really know the difference between a gnome and a goblin as the sir here calls it. Perhaps it is as he says, there is some misunderstanding.”

“Perhaps one or two infected gnomes became goblins?” the elf said, “I hear that magical creatures have a high mutation rate.”

The dwarf seemed to want to argue, but the expression in the elf’s eyes stopped him.

The chief released a breath, “Y…yes, that might be it.”

“But this might still be a misunderstanding,” the elf nodded, “how about this, the loss done to this village, allow us to make up for it, of course we will also help prevent further damage to the fields. Let’s end this today, tomorrow  we will help arrange for the gnomes to leave this village, would that be a good solution?”

“That… that would be best,” the chief hesitated for a moment, before replying.

“Good, thank you for your hard work,” the elf smiled slightly, making a ‘please’(1) gesture to the chief, “let’s head back.”

When the returned to the inn, and the doors were closed, the dwarf could wait to speak.

“Mr.Ellen! Gnomes can’t mutate into Goblins! Those are two different species altogether!”

“I know,” the elf smiled, “Julian, can you lend me a piece of paper and pen?”(2)

“Yes, Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf handed his notebook over, “but what is it for?”

“When he heard about the compensation, he didn’t seem happy at all.” The elf took the notebook from the dwarf, tearing out two pages, and started to write, speaking all the while, “additionally, I have known only one other person who called the Mage Academy the Mage’s Ring, and that was the Mage Anna.”

“I know that too,” the dwarf nodded “but it’s just an older way of calling it, is that a problem?”

“It’s not that big of a problem, but I still want to try.” The elf smiled, “To see if I can hook a fish.”

He took the notebook and walked out.

The chief heard the knock on his door.

“Please come in, the door is not locked.” He said

“Excuse me,” the elf walked in smiling kindly, handing him a note, “I have estimated the loss and written it down, if you could sign this, we will take responsibility for sending the reimbursement request.”

“Thank you for your concern.” The chief nodded, looking at the note, he immediately frowned.

“Fireball Spell… that’s wrong? This is – ahem.”

“Ah, sorry, that’s the wrong page,” the elf looked at the note, looking as if he suddenly realized something, and took another page out of the notebook, handing it over along with the pen, “this should be the correct one – please sign down on the left.”

“Al, alright. – Will this do?” the chief signed the page quickly, then returned the note to the elf.

“That should do it, then I’ll see myself out.” Without looking at the note, the elf turned and left.

“How’s the fishing?” seeing the elf return, the knight grinned, asking.

“I think he took the bait,” the elf returned the notebook to the dwarf, “thank you for the bait, Julian.”

The dwarf received the book in confusion, taking out the note, he looked at it, frowning.

“Mr.Ellen, that’s wrong. Below the title Fireball Spell, it’s clearly the incantation for a Wind Spell.”

“The chief also said something similar – more precisely, he was planning to say it, but stopped just in time.”

“Interesting,” the knight nodded, “why would he know that?”

“Exactly,” the elf smiled, “as a ‘normal person’ who can’t tell the difference between a gnome and a goblin, he knows a little too much.”

“So the chief is a mage,” the dwarf said in a small voice, “but why would he want to kill the gnomes… unless…”

“Probably it is as you think, for ‘that’,” the elf said, “but, I told him that the gnomes would move out tomorrow. If he wants to act without anyone noticing, tonight is his last chance. – As for now… hmm, we should take a rest and sleep.”

“I’m not tired at all.” The siren complained, “Ellen, can I use illusions tonight? – I can’t forgive a bad guy who makes people starve!”

“Depending on the situation,” the elf patted his head, “at the moment I still wish for you to be able to protect yourself.”

“Since there’s still time,” the dwarf said, “I can modify Mr.Frank’s shield. What design would you want on it?”

“A Unicorn.” The knight replied.

“Eh? Wh… Why a unicorn?”

“Because we are the ‘Unicorn Legion’,” the siren interrupted, “the organization that specializes in protecting magical creatures!”

The dwarf looked at the knight and the elf, the knight nodded, and the elf just smiled. – But neither disagreed with the siren.

“The Unicorn Legion…” the dwarf raised a hand, and pinched himself hard, “I’m not dreaming, right?”

Nighttime at the Gnome Village was silent, the last lights in the ‘Gnome Inn’ were turned off.

The man crept down the hall, lightly approaching the room’s door, and listened for movement inside.

–Good, those annoying people were sleeping soundly.

So he straightened, holding the unlit lamp, and ‘cane’, he silently left through the front door of the inn.

Translator’s Notes

  1. Something like a ‘after you’ gesture?  It actually reminds me of Chinese films set in ancient times and people speak in formal dialects and know martial arts lol
  2. I never understand that, ‘may I borrow a piece of paper’… it’s not like you’re going to return it? Since you’ll be writing/using it XD

I originally wanted to post the last two chapters along with these two, but being the impatient person that I am, I’ve decided to throw these two out first to appease the hungry wolves…*cough* I mean readers…. :3

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 28

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – you deserve a cookie for your hard work!

Chapter 28: Magical Creatures in the Age of Reality

The siren caught five earthworms.

“Five to four, Cain lost, hehehe.”

“No one’s competing with you…” the knight stood up helplessly, “Julian?”

“No problem, Mr.Frank!” the dwarf waved the second fishing pole he had just completed, “should I make two more?”

“No need to be so diligent,” the knight turned, looking around, “the one taking a walk is still not back?”

Before he even finished speaking, the ‘one taking a walk’ appeared running out from the forest holding something in his hand, covered by the cloak.

“Shelly, are you still carrying around any rations?”

Using the cloak and bamboo poles he temporarily built a lean-to, the elf used the river water to soak the rations for a bit, before placing it next to the unconscious gnome.

Smelling the food, the gnome’s small body shuddered, opening its(1) eyes. Upon seeing the food, it took a deep breath, struggled to get up and started to take large bites of food.

But after taking a few bites, it stopped, turning to face the elf, using a sharp urgent tone, it started to speak a long chain of foreign words.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand gnome,” the elf shook his head, “Can you use the common tongue?”

The small creature stood on the elf’s palm, waving his hands around exaggeratedly, “locked up! Many days! Hungry! I’m small! Ran out! Help!”

“Um… you’ve been locked, starved for some days, you ran out to seek help? – Where were you locked up?”

The gnome pointed in the direction of the forest, “Burrow! Door! Locked up!”

“In the gnome’s burrow?”

“Yes! Help!”

With the directions of the small gnome, the burrow was located quickly.

A few wooden boards were nailed together blocking the entrance, some rocks were even placed on top, with the gnome’s strength, there was no way it could be moved.]

The group removed the rocks, lifting up the wooden boards.

Having heard the movement, a few gnomes immediately came out to investigate, but seeing the sunlight, they quickly shrunk back in.

The siren generously threw the rations he was carrying into the burrow, immediately tiny high-pitched cheers could be heard from within.

“When the sun sets, find us at the grassy area.” The elf said placing the small gnome down.

When the gnome reached the ground, it took of its hat, bowed to the group, then turned and ran back into the tunnel.

“It really does look like Julian.” The knight said grinning.

“To be locked up like that… that’s so cruel.” The dwarf muttered, “Who in the world did that…”

“That is what we have to find out,” the elf replied, “but before that, let’s go fishing.”

The knight taught the siren and the dwarf some basics about fishing, then walked to one side, only giving out some advice occasionally.

The elf spread his cloak on the grass, and laid down to look at the sky.

The sun was bright but didn’t burn his eyes, shining down on his face, even the air felt warmer. Occasionally a breeze would pass by, carrying the scent of green grass and earth. The surroundings were calm, with only the sound of the river, along with the knight’s voice could be heard lowly.

Feeling weary, the elf’s eyes closed unintentionally.

In between dream and wakefulness, the sound of footsteps came closer, without opening his eyes he knew it was the knight.

“Not going to compete, do you plan to let the newbies fend for themselves… fishing master?”

“So you were not asleep,” the knight smiled, sitting down beside him, “one has the racial talent of the water element, the other has the talent for tools, I’m just a normal human no point in making a fool of myself.”



“Other than Todd, of the non-humans in the ‘Unicorn Legion’ during the Legendary Era, there was only myself and Anna. Anna was a werewolf, but that was only after she was bitten.”


“It’s strange. At the beginning when I asked the Queen to reinstate the Legion, I never thought it really could be functional – and for it to be such a special group.”

“Then what were you thinking at first?

“Umm… strictly speaking, nothing at all,” the elf replied opening his eyes, “magical creatures were supposed to have disappeared, but I still made such a request. The Queen must have thought I was crazy.”

“At least she doesn’t think so now.”

“That’s the most interesting part,” the elf laughed lightly, “gnomes have appeared, and the other magical creatures have probably returned as well… it seems this world, still needs the ‘Unicorn Legion’.”

“As the human representative, I feel honored.”

“The one who should be honored is me. …I never thought I would be qualified to be the leader, but for you all, I will work hard.”

“Ellen, you would be an outstanding captain.”

“Hmm… even with that much flattery, you still won’t receive a wage, Cain.”

“No worries, I’m not for sale.”

“Ten to six!” from afar, the siren’s voice called out.

“See, newbies have luck on their side.” The knight said.。

The grassland at sunset was busy, the elven made short dagger and the knight’s sword became tools to scale fish.

The fire was built up, with a rack to cook the fish above it made from branches, not long after a delicious scent started flowing out.

From farther into the forest, small red dots started to appear, flocking into the area.

— The gnomes have come to join the banquet.

This is a banquet with a large number of ‘people’ but very low cost, only a total of five fishes were shared, over a hundred gnomes and already half were so full, they could not get up. The remaining half after chatting together in their language, ran back into the forest again.

Not long after, a small cart the size of Cain’s foot was pushed out. The small gnome that the elf had saved ran forward to meet them, waving its arms around enthusiastically again.

“Food! Thank you! Trade!” it pointed to the ores on the cart.

“This is enough,” the elf randomly took one of the ores, nodding, “thank you.”

The gnomes started chattering again, after a long while, they seemed to have reached an agreement. They lined up together, bowed, and then ran back into the forest hand in hand, quickly disappearing from sight.

“Julian, I’ll leave this to you.

The dwarf took the ore, carefully removing the mud from the surface, his jaw dropped, after only taking a look.

“Five fish… for a black crystal?!”

“Even the part where they like to throw money around, is like you, Julian.” Said the knight, patting his shoulder.

When they arrived back at the ‘Gnome Inn’, the village chief was already waiting inside.

The chief was an elderly man with a humped back, he spoke in slow tones, and seemed to be very polite.

“We are honored to welcome you my lords, I never thought the small problems of this village, would trouble the Queen, please accept our apology.”

“Don’t worry, her Majesty does not know of this, we were just doing our duty while passing by.”

“Then did you go ask around, this afternoon? The villagers are mostly uneducated farmers, if they have done anything to offend you, please forgive us.”

“No, we just went fishing.” The elf replied smiling gently, “About the gnomes, could you please tell us more details?”

“I understand,” the chief sighed slowly again, “this, either way is my responsibility. It was around the winter of last year, those gnomes appeared in the village, out of kindness, we gave them some of our food, and allowed them to live nearby. As trade, they offered to help us with the farming.”

“Then, were there problems?”

“Everything was normal, until lately, after planting the field, everyone suddenly realized, nothing would grow in the field wherever the gnomes helped till the soil. I started to become suspicious, and sent a few youngsters, to stand watch during the night.”

“Then a few days again, we finally found some clues.” The chief sighed again, “They had been… poisoning the fields this whole time.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. I don’t think gnomes have gender. The original used “它” = ‘it’ as a description rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’.

Julian found some distant relatives in this chapter? XD

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 27

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – have I mentioned how awesome they are yet?

Chapter 27: Gnome? Gnome!

Luckily, the knight didn’t have a chance to exercise his skills.

The dwarf rushed into the crowd with his shield raised, directly knocking down one of the farmers. Then someone finally reacted, when they attacked him with the hoe, the dwarf swung the elf’s dagger.

Even though he was simply swinging the dagger, but the glint of light attracted everyone’s attention. The farmers fearfully dodged to one side to escape the dagger, trying to find another opening to attack from. But attacking someone half your size, is not an easy task. As a result, the dwarf defeated them all without needing to draw any blood.

–Most of them were knocked down by the shield, some tripped on their own or their friend’s feet when they tried to swing the hoe down.

The farmers sat on the ground, none of them seemed to be heavily injured, and had enough energy to shout insults, saying how insulting it was for them to be the Gnome King’s subordinates as humans, of course a few people saw the elf’s pointy ears, and grouped him together with gnomes.

But when the elf hopped off the horse, glaring at them, everyone shut up.

“I am an inspector sent by the Queen. Who can tell me, what has happened here?”

The elf’s voice was not loud, but he could still be heard clearly, the tone was not angry or threatening, but carried an indescribable calmness(1). That coolness immediately calmed the farmers, a few of the more cowardly ones, even shuddered.

The farmers looked at each other for a while, finally one of the braver ones spoke.

“I think it best you go ask the village chief, sir.”

“Then please lead the way.”

The farmers stood up, eyeing the dwarf wearily.

“He is not a gnome, but a dwarf.” The elf said.

“If you want, you can step closer, my ears are not pointed.” Julian said shyly, “Thank you for your assistance.”

He shook his wallet, taking out a silver coin to give to the farmer.

“Yes, master dwarf!” The farmer accepted his explanation without suspicion(2), “It be an honor to lead you!”

“I can guide you there as well!”

“No let me!”

“I can do it!”

The people sitting on the ground started arguing. So Julian smiled, handing a coin to everyone.

“Don’t argue anymore. Thank you for your hard work, if you’re injured please use that as fees for the healer.”

The farmers left their hoe, getting up to receive the money, pushing each other to help the dwarf onto the horse, then moved forward.

Those with injured legs, limped to one side of the road, to wave at his departing back, completely forgetting the elf standing at one side.

“He completely took the spotlight, lord inspector.” The knight said grinning.

“What do you say at times like this…” the elf said helplessly.

“… ‘damn rich people’?”

“Julian, is paying for lunch?” The siren thought for a moment, saying.


“Unanimous agreement.”

Under the protection of the farmers, they entered Gnome Village.

The street was wide, but there were not a lot of people, with more stone buildings than wooden ones, the shadow of the Legendary Era could be seen in their design. Occasionally a villager would pass by, looking at the travelers with curiosity or hatred, the farmers would then shout loudly.

“What are you looking at?! That’s a dwarf, not the Gnome King!”

“Dwarf, you understand, dwarf!”

The tallest building in the village was the two storey ‘Gnome Inn’, the owner of the inn was also the village chief. But unfortunately when the group arrived, the chief was out.

Due to the determined begging from the siren, lunch was the first topic on the schedule.

There was only one restaurant in Gnome village, their specialty was very simply, it was basically three ingredients mixed together: fresh potatoes, old potatoes, and potatoes that can’t be eaten since it had started to sprout. The condiments were salt and a cream of mushroom soup that had a strange colour, and tasted like mold and dirt.(3)

“No meat…” the siren looked like he was about to cry.

The elf patted his head comfortingly saying, “Hang on for a bit, the chief won’t be back until night time. Before that, we can go scout the area, and do a little hunting in the meantime.”

“Hunting, can we hunt fish?”

“Umm… that…”

“I can make fishing rods,” the dwarf interrupted, “as long as there’s appropriate materials.”

“That’s good then, for bait, digging up some earthworms would do.” The knight added.

“What are earthworms?” the youth asked.

“It’s a worm you can find in the ground, small and long, if you cut it in half it would become two worms.”

“We can fish with these worms? Take me too!”

“What, you’ve never fished before… as a marine creature and an apprentice sailor?”

“Sirens use their teeth to catch fish. Knock them out with our tail first, then just dive down to grab them. Then when we went out to sea, we obviously used the net.”

“But, there’s probably only clear water fish here,” the knight thought.

“It’ll taste good as long as it’s cooked,” the siren nodded, pointed to the potato salad, “at least better than this!”

“Makes sense,” the knight sighed, turning his head to shout, “Julian, the bill.”

“Yes, Mr.Frank!”

“Cain, it’s not good to take advantage of such an honest person.” The elf said quietly to the knight.

“You also voted agreement,” the knight’s had an expression of bitter hatred, “A silver coin, that’s two days meal allowance for a Paladin.”

“In that case…” the elf thought for a moment, taking out a silver coin and placing it in the knight’s hand.

“What is this?”

“Two cups of Dawn Manor Wine,” the elf smiled, replying, “I owed you last time.”

The knight turned the coin in his hands, the corner of his lips lifted, “not enough.”


“It’s been five days, of course there’s still the interest.”(4)

“And so the lion opens its mouth(5)… how much?”

“Four hundred gold.”

They bought the necessary materials at a small store. They had planned to ask around for some information, but the moment they mention the word ‘gnome’, the villagers became like the farmers, only revealing angry expressions, and replying “those dishonorable bastards who waste food”.

The group started to follow the village’s river upstream. The riverbed on either side started to incline, the grass had already became long and dense.

“Here should be good,” the knight said, “Shelly, fight for the sake of food.”

The dwarf sighed in satisfaction, putting down a small stool, and started to concentrate on carving the bamboo carefully.

“Ellen? Where are you going?” The elf continued to follow the river upstream into the forest, hearing the knight’s call, he turned around smiling, “taking a walk.”

As a representative of the earth element, gnomes were creatures that loved nature. They almost never go near human settlements, but there were the occasional exceptions. The Gnome Village in the Legendary Era for example, the rich vegetation, mineral veins, attracted the gnome race to live nearby. These palm sized small beings would often go into the village, trading crafts and ores for human food, and the people of Gnome Village were very friendly with them.

But now, mentioning ‘gnomes’, would receive the villagers anger and hatred.

Could it be that these magical creatures that had disappeared for two hundred years, have appeared in this world again?

And, what had happened, to make the relationship between humans and gnomes become this hostile?

–If he wanted to know the answer, just listening to the human side of things is not enough.

What the elf is looking for, is the habitat of the gnomes.

As they fear light, gnomes are mostly active at night, they hide in hollows to sleep in the day. Gnome burrows are very well hidden, but as a race that’s also close to nature, as well as having excellent vision, the elf was fairly confident that he would be able to find it.

It took less time than he thought to find what he was looking for, the elf quickly noticed a few small clues. Sometimes it was on a bolder, very small muddy footprints, sometimes it would be tiny remains of minerals. Following these, he continued onwards, very quickly he noticed something strange between the grass.

It was a pointy red hat, one of the more common symbols of gnomes.

The elf moved forward, intending to pick up the hat, but when he came closer, he realized with a shock that the hat was not abandoned.

Beside the hat, was a small being, half a hand in height, wearing a green shirt.

It was lying face down in the dirt not moving, the small long ears were already red from the sun.

The elf carefully picked up the unconscious gnome, covering it with his cloak, then hurried back towards the direction he came from.

Translator’s Notes

  1.  冷静 – more like “cool calmness” rather than just calm.
  2.  That’s called bribing Julian… and you do it so casually lol
  3.  They actually tried eating it? ‘Strange colored mushroom soup’ sounds suspicious even without adding the mold… I worry for the stomachs
  4.  Seriously feels more than 5 days…maybe a month or so XD
  5.  狮子大开口 – literally translates to the lion’s mouth opens wide, meaning something along the lines of “you’re making an exaggerated demand” mostly related to money. Dictionary says: “to demand an exorbitant price”

Can people get translator’s block? Apparently yes T^T this chapter refused to get translated properly *cries*. But I finally did it!!! HAH TAKE THAT! … the next ones might be a little late, I have an order of 60 cookies to bake and decorate for a baby shower and I’ll be up to my elbows in flour and royal icing. Sorry >.< I’ll try to make it up to you guys…

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