The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 26

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – have I mentioned how awesome they are yet?

Chapter 26: Gnome Village

“Alright gentlemen, let’s end the ‘teasing the human’ session, it’ll be noon if we don’t leave now.”

The elf jumped onto the horse’s back, planning to reach out to help the dwarf up. But, different than yesterday, the dwarf didn’t touch his hand, rather he backed up a few steps, his face red.

The elf looked at him a little confusedly, “Julian?”

“Pl…Please let me walk.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just half a day anyways, what I mean is…” the dwarf turned to look at the knight, lowering his head again to continue mumbling, “that… I can’t… I shouldn’t…”

“Ah… you’re not used to riding with someone?” the elf nodded, “Sorry, I didn’t think about that.”

He hopped off the horse, and returned the reins to the dwarf smiling, “Don’t worry, this was yours originally. Anyways, I walk faster.”


The elf turned his head, the knight had already positioned his horse next to him, he patted the front half of the saddle, “Get on.”

“You’re sure…?” The elf eyed his full armor, “It won’t cause some sort of tragedy where the elf crushes the horse right?”

“There’s not a lot of rations left, and most of the things are on the other horses.” The knight grinned, reaching a hand out towards him, “Anyways, it’s not like I haven’t carried you before, you’re not that heavy. Get on.”

“That’s not my fault,” the elf complained quietly, gripping his hand, and vaulting onto the horse, “three hundred years living on the energy of the moon, I’ve lost more than half my strength.”

“Then be a bit more cautious,” the knight reached past his waist, holding onto the reins, “If you want to sleep you can sleep a bit more.”

The siren winked at the dwarf, with an expression that said ‘see, what did I say.’

The dwarf’s face was red again, he silently muttered, “this way, I shouldn’t be kicked by the horse.”(1)

“Julian? What is it?”

“Nothing at all, Mr.Frank,” the dwarf nodded heartily, “I was just talking to myself.”

Their destination was the village indicated on the map, by the name of Gnome. Although it’s small, it had existed since before the Legendary Era.

Almost all the groups traveling from the Capital to the Mage Academy, would pass by here to replenish their supplies. Since there would be no more villages in the road after, only mountain ranges and forests.

The elf still remembered how grand the villages was in those years, if it is as the knight said, that the Mage Academy had lost its former glory, he feared this village would not be as it was in the past.

“Ellen,” the knight’s voice said next to his ears, “the quiver and bow are blocking my vision.” “Ah, sorry,” the elf removed the weapon from his back a little embarrassed, “I can’t believe I forgot about that.”

“I never knew maps were so fascinating,” the knight grinned, “don’t tell me there’s a hidden treasure from three hundred years ago?”

“I’ve been to Gnome village in the past,” the elf said, “I wonder what it looks like now.”

“Ahh…” the knight’s grin subdued.

“Don’t misunderstand,” the elf heard the worry in his voice, and immediately turned back to look at him, “I’m not feeling bad, just a little… nervous. Like meeting a friend that I haven’t seen in many years. I can’t help but think, how much has changed, will I be able to recognize them… and such.”

“Something familiar is bound to remain.”

“Even if it’s changed it wouldn’t be a bad thing,” the elf grinned, “it’s just that elderlies prefer the nostalgia.”


“No, should I say elderly elves?”

“As a race that lives for a thousand or so years,” the knight grinned, “four hundred is certainly old. – Proportionally, you might be able to catch the end of puberty.”

“No,” the elf said mock seriously, “the puberty of the elven tribe starts at around two hundred until four hundred. After four hundred is considered to be an adult.”(2)

“That means, you completely slept through that. – How does it feel to wake up as an adult, elven child?”

“Not bad,” the elf turned around smiling, reaching out to pat the knight on his helmet, “human child.”

“Heh… you dare to do that to me when you’re on my horse,” the knight pulled hard on the elf’s cape, covering his whole head and face, and pulled the elf into his arms to tickle him, “you think you have a chance to win? Hmmm?”

“Hey stop fooling around, what happens if there’s an ambush — Nnnn …”

“Admit defeat, if you do I’ll let you go.”

“In your dreams …Unn… Haa… let go, I’ll suffocate!”

Watching the knight and elf who were messing around on the horse, the siren sighed like an old man.

“Ah, to be young.”

“God…” the dwarf reached out a hand, desperately trying to cover his face, “I can’t watch anymore, my heart can’t take it.”

“You’ll get used to it.” The siren said comfortingly.

They arrived at Gnome Village a little after noon. Looking around, the surroundings were mostly made up of farms. It should almost be spring planting time, but for some reason there was no one around.

“By the way, Gnome, means earth spirits right.” The dwarf said hesitantly, “the elemental faeries that are good at farming?”

“Yes,” the elf grinned, “originally many Gnomes and humans live together here, that’s why this was called Gnome Village.”

“Too bad you can’t see them anymore,” the dwarf sighed, “I really want to go back to the Legendary Age.”

Before he even finished speaking, they could see in a distance, a group of farmers with hoes walking by.

“Ah, someone’s coming!” the siren called happily, “Oi—Hello –”

Hearing the greeting, the farmers turned around, and a few even waved back happily, they stopped, waiting for the group to get closer.

“Seems like this really is a very peaceful village.” The knight grinned.

“Yes…” the siren nodded, “can we not eat dried rations for lunch?”

But when the group came closer, close enough to be able to see each other clearly, the farmers smiles suddenly disappeared. One of them, jerkily raised a hand, pointing at the dwarf, and shouted.

“Oh God – Gnome! A giant Gnome!”

Then they all raised their hoes, rushing over in anger.

“Gnome king! Get out of this village!”

“Haa?” The dwarf started, “Gn, Gnome King? Me?”

The elf frowned, reaching out a hand to grab the bow hanging from the horse, but he was stopped by the knight.

“Wait, he can handle this.” “Julian,” the knight took off his helmet, throwing it to the dwarf along with the shield, “battle training starts now.”

“Un, Understood!” The dwarf put on the helmet, hopping off the horse, then rushed to the middle of the road holding the shield.

“Come, humans! Let me see how strong you are!”(3)

“…Is that…taunting?” The elf’s eyes widened looking at the knight, “Did you teach him that?”

“Not me,” the knight shook his head honestly, “If I did teach him that, would it be so gentle?”

“Hmm… true,” the elf turned his head, watching a bit worriedly as the dwarf rushed in among the farmers, “Will Julian… be alright?”

“Don’t worry,” the knight grinned, “If he really can’t hold it, I’ll show you a real taunt.”

“Julian, go!” The siren watched with concentration, shaking his fist in the air.

Translator’s Notes.

  1. I think he meant he wouldn’t be kicked by Cain’s horse ‘accidentally’ for what he did yesterday lol.
  2. OMG 200 years of puberty… you have my condolences.
  3. XD Julian sounds a little villainous

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 25

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – have I mentioned how awesome they are yet?

Chapter 25: Someday

The elf dreamt of a distant past.

But it didn’t feel that distant, because in his memory, it was only a few months ago.

“You are the hero we are proud of, I have no reason to refuse your request. Even if it is such an… outrageous and foolish one.”

“Sorry, I’ve troubled you.”

“But I still wish for you to think this through, you know the price for completing this spell?”

“I understand. Forbidden spells are called forbidden, for a reason.”

“Then, for you to sacrifice this, what do you wish in return?”

“The chance for all the members of ‘Unicorn Legion’ to survive, naturally that includes myself.”

“Even if you would never see them again?”


“…You don’t have family or a lover?”

“… None.”

The priestess sighed lightly, “That’s good. Or else I would have helped you do the cruelest thing in the world.”

“There is nothing more cruel than death itself, lady priestess.” The young elf lifted his head, replying calmly.

“… That’s because you’re still young, child.”


“Don’t agree so easily, child. You imagine yourself to be too strong – someday, you may regret this decision.”

“That’s ‘someday’, let the me in the future face it.”

She looked at him, with pity and sadness in her eyes.

It felt as if a century had passed, before the priestess finally stood up.

She hung the translucent stone around the elf’s neck, then lightly kissed his forehead.

“Then, farewell, Ellen Dawntracker. If that is your choice – then I can only wish for your success.”

Someone pulled open the bed curtains, and a cool breeze brushed his face

“Ellen, Ellen, Ellen~” the childish voice sang out, chasing the remaining sleepiness away, “Time to wake up!”

The elf opened his eyes, right in time to meet the siren’s clear eyes.

“Will we pass by a village today? And farms and lots of cows and sheep?”

“That’s right,” the elf smiled, “is everyone awake?”

“Cain and Julian are training, have been for a long time already.” The youth nodded, “Cain said before we reach the Mage Academy(1), he’ll turn Julian into a true fighting force.”

The elf frowned, “I’ll go take a look.”

The knight was holding a long sword, poised to attack, on the other hand the dwarf was holding a shield in front of him that was almost half his height. Even though it was early spring, beads of sweat dotted their foreheads, but the dwarf seems to be in worse shape, his body was shaking, and the sweat had started to drip onto his beard.

“Want to rest for a moment?” The knight asked.

“No, please… let me try one more time.” The dwarf struggled to stand straight, “I still haven’t succeeded even once today right?”

“Julian,” the elf sighed, “if you can learn to block Cain’s attack perfectly in a few hours, by the time we reach the Mage Academy, you can immediately challenge the Chief Mage.”

“Eh, I didn’t think…” the dwarf blushed, “I just… Since I have had instructions before, I’m somewhat experienced at this.”

“That’s true,” the knight grinned, “you’re better than what I thought yesterday. If we were see a few more fights on the road, maybe…”

“If we really do see a few more fights down the road, Julian can grow, and you would be lying face down in bed every night.” The elf looked at him with dissatisfaction, pointing to the tent, “—Get in, I’m going to check how well you’ve recovered.”

“Will Mr.Frank… be in trouble?” The dwarf watched as the knight entered the tent, and asked a little worried, “Because he trained with me while injured?”

“Don’t worry,” the siren replied without thinking, “They probably need some excuse to be alone. For this and that, ‘playing doctor’ and such.”(2)

“Tha… Something like that… the two of them are lo- lovers?” the dwarf blushed again, even his speech became stuttered.。

“They’re not?” The siren looked at the dwarf a little surprised, “I think lovers should be like that. – Ah, but, I don’t think they have slept together, because Cain is still a virgin.”

The dwarf shook his head, his face even redder, “Then- then that means, I… I have made a big mistake… no, two… or three?”

“Compared to a four person tent, maybe a two person one would be more appropriate… I’ll write this down.” The dwarf took out his book and paper, mumbling to himself.

The siren watched his movements curiously, “Julian, can you teach me to read and write?”

“I’d be happy to, Mr.Shelly!” the dwarf revealed a smile, replying, “to be able to teach a mage how to read is my honor!”

“Do mages not know how to read and write?”

“I think it’s taught at the Mage Academy,” the dwarf replied after thinking for a moment, “but they might use some sort of spell, to insert that straight into the brain”

The elf carefully removed the remaining medicine on the knight’s back.

After a night of rest, the scrapes and bruises were completely healed. Leaving behind only old scars, the long thin shapes looked like it was made with a whip.

Even though he knew the wounds were old, the elf still unconsciously avoided touching them. – Either way, it was definitely not any sort of good memory.

“What is it?” the knight asked grinning, “are you satisfied with the inspection, can I be removed from the injured list, Captain?”

“Hm… you used some type of recovery magic to speed up the healing? Otherwise there would at least be some signs left.”

“Of course,” the knight pointed to the spirit stone hanging in front of his chest, “I couldn’t resist testing this.”

“It’s good that it was useful,” the elf smiled, handing him his clothes, “then, pack up and get ready to leave”

It didn’t take long to disassemble the tent, very quickly everything was packed up.

The knight walked towards the dwarf, to retrieve his shield, the dwarf considered for a moment, before finally asking.

“Mr.Frank, the design on the shield… has been modified?”

“Ah, I went to the ‘Campbell Smith Shop’ to have it modified, removing the cross pattern on top.” The knight grinned, “I originally wanted to change it to a more unique logo, but there wasn’t enough time, and ended up only getting the horse design, it’s not bad right?”

“Um,” the dwarf said carefully, “Not… not too bad, for human standards.”

“For human standards?”

“No offence, Mr.Frank,” the dwarf touched his nose replying, “but I could have made something stronger when I was ten. – When we get to the next village, please allow me to redo that for you.”

“I understand, it’s the ‘racial trait’ again,” the knight nodded, “by the way I’m a little curious, what is the ‘racial trait’ of humans?”

The three non-humans looked at each other, then shook their heads together.

“I don’t know.” The dwarf said, “It was never written in the books…”

“There’s so many of them that you can’t kill them all like cockroaches,” the siren nodded, “the vampire duke said that.”

“Shelly, don’t get brainwashed by the duke. Have your own opinions!”

“Humans have a high nutritional value.” The siren thought for a moment, then replied seriously.

“Don’t stare at me while saying that! Didn’t you just eat breakfast?! – And I thought male sirens don’t eat humans?! (i)

“Ahem… after receiving a shock, they have strong adaptability and recovery powers?”

“… Even if you say that to comfort me, I won’t feel happy, Ellen.” The knight replied with a sour face.

Translator’s Notes

  1.       Yahhhh… for some reason I’ve been reading the Mage Academy as Magic Academy for the past twenty something chapter lol. Sorry, but from now on it’s the Mage Academy. XD I’ll eventually go back and change the other chapters. Really really sorry about that *Whistles innocently*
  2.       Lol Shelly, way to go and give people the wrong…. Or is it the right?…impression? XD Don’t we all wish that was the case!?

So now we have some idea of what happened to Ellen. Hopefully we will learn the whole story at some point.

I feel like almost every other chapter is a pick on Cain chapter lol.

Editor’s Note

(i) I can already see this with Shelly looking at Cain whilst drooling…LOL

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 24

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – have I mentioned how awesome they are yet?

Chapter 24: Time of Adventurers

“True,” once the knight’s initial shock passed, he suddenly revealed a very curious expression, “so just the shower costs…”

“Un, four hundred gold coins.” The dwarf nodded.

The elf’s ears twitched violently, seeing this scene, the knight suddenly buried his face into the pillow, and started to laugh silently, his body shaking.

“God… it seems… Duke Elmond… is… really a… cheapskate… four hundred gold… hahaha… shower room…”

The dwarf looked at the knight a little confused, “is that a joke? I’m sorry Mr.Frank, I don’t really understand human culture. Would it be impolite if I didn’t laugh along?”

The knight’s shaking got worse.

“C…a…i…n!!” The elf practically shouted the knight’s name with gritted teeth.

“Sorry Ellen… I didn’t mean to…but… ow that hurts…”

“If you laugh again, I’m going back to find the Joseph brothers, and invite them into the team. Then appoint Titan to sleep in the same bed as you.”

“Captain you can’t… that’s bullying an injured teammate.”

“If you still remember you’re injured then quickly lie back down and be quiet.”

The knight immediately laid back down obediently. The elf glared at him for a moment, sighing, “I’ll go take the night watch, you should all sleep first.”

“Call me in two hours.” The knight’s whose face was still buried in the pillow, said in a muffled voice.

The elf ignored his words, turning to the dwarf to say, “Julian, I’ll be counting on you for the latter half of the night.”

“Yes, Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf’s eyes brightened, “keeping the night watch… it really feels like an adventurer!”

“It’s not ‘feels like an adventurer’,” the elf smiled weakly, “you are an adventurer now.”

“Yes, Mr Ellen!” the dwarf stood straighter, “I’ll try to get used to it quickly! Do you have any other orders?”

“… Please get rid of that Mr.”

“Yes sir! … Ah no, I mean, yes, Ellen!”

It was late into the night.

Other than the occasional crackling of firewood, everything was quiet.

Borrowing the light from the fire, the elf looked through the map, but rather than say he was making plans, it should be said that he was simply enjoying the feeling.

— The feeling of being an Adventurer.

Some people are domestic, others wander aimlessly, who can say which is better or worse, but if it was about himself, he would absolutely be a helplessly addicted wanderer(1). Just sitting in front of the fire, knowing that his companions are sleeping soundly in the tent, gives a feeling of warm security in his heart.

This was the environment that the elf was most familiar with, or perhaps, this was his only familiar living style.

If it weren’t for the ‘Death Dragon’, perhaps he would be in the ‘Unicorn Legion’, watching the team grow and members change, until finally one day, dying in some battlefield without a care due to some serious accident.

Footsteps interrupted the elf’s thoughts.

The knight exited the tent, grinning when he saw the elf turn around, “Came out to answer a call of nature – by the way, isn’t it almost time to change shifts?”

“It’s nothing, I’ll stand watch for a bit longer,” the elf shook his head, “I’m just feeling a little… sleepless.”

“Don’t force yourself.”

“I’ve slept for three hundred years,” the elf smiled, “one or two hours less isn’t a big deal.”

The knight shook his head disapprovingly, coming over to sit next to the elf.

“… Every time it was Todd’s turn to stand watch, he would always write in that journal.” The elf lifted his head, gazing at the shadow of the mountains in the distance, “although we always thought that he was just balancing the books. If… we knew he was thinking like that, perhaps we wouldn’t have asked him to stay in Elvira.”

The knight didn’t reply.

“Julian doesn’t look much like him, and he didn’t speak a lot, but they are probably quite similar on the inside.”

“Julian is a good fellow,” the knight finally said, looking a little pensive, “but haven’t you been reminding him the whole day


The knight seemed to have realized something, he turned his head away a little embarrassed, “Nothing, forget what I said.”

The elf looked at his profile, suddenly smiling gently with a bit of understanding, “Still thinking about the difference in treatment, huh?”(2)

“I don’t care about that, I mean,” the knight coughed, “being nice to a new person is normal.”

The elf thought for a moment, reaching behind to remove something. Then he pulled the knight’s hand over, placing it solemnly into his hand.

“Will this be acceptable?”

The knight’s eyes widened.

“Spirit Stone of the Moon” the elf said briskly, “it is said that wearing it would increase your magical powers by a little, once it’s used up it can be recharged with moonlight. But since I don’t have magic powers I always forget about it – since you don’t have your cross anymore, I’m not sure if this is a suitable replacement.”

“Ellen… I really was just joking,” looking at the clear stone in his palm, the knight smiled weakly, “this…is very precious right?”

“No, how would you call this… it’s defective? Anyways, the sentimental values are higher than its actual practicality.” The elf smiled a little apologetically, “Sorry, I’m very poor, with nothing to give. …You’ve chosen a pretty unreliable master.”

“Ellen, if God banished me from his team,” the knight closed his fingers, holding the crystal in his palm, “it was so that I could meet you – I think He’s generous enough, really. …I really want to show this off everywhere.”(4)

“Show off… don’t tell Shelly, if he comes asking for equal treatment, I can only give him this.” The elf pointed to the earring on his left ear, saying helplessly, “even though it’s from three hundred years ago, but just to give him one side, would be too stingy.”

“I didn’t know elves have the tradition to wear earrings.”

“There really isn’t,” the elf nodded, “this…how to say it, could be considered a mistake of youth.”

“A mistake of youth,” the knight revealed a secretive smile, “that sounds very romantic. A love story?”

“No, a stupid story.” The elf grinned, replying, “When I was fifteen or sixteen, a group a human merchants passed through the forest. That group specializes in body art, like tattoos, or piercings. – As a result all the children in the tribe couldn’t resist running to see. It’s something we’ve never seen before, so it was especially attractive.”

“Understood, it would be pretty attractive even to human children.” The knight thought for a moment before replying, “If it weren’t for my discipline, I would probably get a tattoo as well.”

“Yes, a few of the braver ones, really came back with tattoos, and mostly on the face and forehead. – In the end they could only spread the rumor to the outside that it was a tribal tradition.”

“Are you one of the braver ones?”

“Me? I was one of the more cowardly ones. Only sneaking out to get my ears pierced, hoping my parents won’t find out.”


“Of course I was found out,” the elf spread his hands, “I was grounded for a month and not allowed to go hunting. – Then I became more honest, only the piercings I couldn’t resist leaving as a memento.”

“It was only one side from the start?”

“No, it was originally a pair, but only one side was left when I woke up.”

The elf reached a hand out, touching the empty right ear a little regretfully, “I don’t know when I lost it, three hundred years, it’s impossible to find now. Then again it’s already grown back, even if I find it I can’t wear it again.”

“Actually, it’s very beautiful,” the knight grinned, “can’t really be considered a mistake.”

“Truthfully, it hurts quite a bit. I wouldn’t advise for you to try it. – By the way, what happened to the nature’s call?”

“It was just an excuse, I actually came out for some sweets,” the knight gripped the crystal in his hand again, “I’m going back to sleep. Want me to wake Julian?”

“Sure.” The elf took a last look at the sky, standing up.

“Tomorrow… will be a good day.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. 无药可救的流浪成瘾者 – he means that he’s addicted to wandering, not that he was an addict. To the point of being incurable.
  2. In these situations I always want to write something like “Still thinking about the difference in treatment, eh?” but then I’m scared I’d end up being teased for being a Canadian T^T . Granted, I have the urge to add “eh” in a lot of the sentences lol… yaaahhhhh 😛
  3. 月之魂石 – I’m kinda dissatisfied with this translation… but I have no idea how else to translate this other than ‘Spirit Stone of the Moon’ even though it’s way too long lol and ‘Moonstone’ doesn’t seem to cut it XD
  4. 4. I don’t know if I should gush or blush lol. Cain, only you can say something so sickeningly sweet and not die of embarrassment O///O

I should probably mention that I added a Character Intro page, and you can find it under Unicorn Legion in the menu bar (if you have not found it already).

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 23

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – my savior! I’d offer my first born child but that would probably scare them away.

Chapter 23: Moving Castle

“Indeed it’s not serious, rest for the night and you should be completely healed by tomorrow morning.” The elf examined the knight’s condition, coming to this conclusion, “Alright, put your clothes back on, be careful not to wipe off the medication.”

“Herbology and first aid… is there something you don’t know?” the knight stared at him curiously, “Last time I seem to have seen you pick a lock with your dagger.”

“I can’t spend a hundred or so years just on fighting skills.” The elf replied nonchalantly, “but it’s all just superficial knowledge, don’t hope for too much.”

“Then Wind magic, is that also superficial knowledge?” The knight put on his jacket, “That wind that distracted the Joseph brothers, that’s not natural wind.”

“You realized? It’s hard to aim on a horse, but I was afraid they might move too quickly, so I first released a…” the elf seemed a little embarrassed, “I can’t really be considered as a wind element magician, my magical powers are too weak, and can’t really make anything damaging. –Plus it could only be used in the forest, so strictly speaking, it would be called racial trait

“It’s still a form of attack, not needing to use your hands to throw a face full of dirt at them.” The knight grinned, “Isn’t there a phrase that says, there are no low level magic, just low level magicians?”

“Right, it seems like Julian said that several times today…”

“What is it, Mr.Ellen?” the dwarf who was waiting at a distance heard his name, and immediately looked up to ask, “Did you need my help with something?”

“It’s nothing, time to go.” The elf took his own horse, then handed the reins to the knight, and said to the siren who was busy stuffing himself with the dry rations, “Shelly, we can make camp once we leave the forest, wait till then for dinner.”

The young siren wiped the food crumbs from the corner of his lips, happily agreed, standing to run towards ‘Afternoon Tea’.

“If you gave me the horse, what will you do?” The knight didn’t take the reins.

“Walk of course,” the elf nodded, then added, “I can’t let an injured member walk after all.”

“I can walk as well…” the dwarf added carefully at the side, then looked down at his short legs.

“Julian,” the elf ordered helplessly, “I appreciate your kindness, get on the horse.”

“If you don’t mind,” the dwarf didn’t back down, “Mr.Ellen can ride with me. – The weight shouldn’t be a problem.”

“…Alright, then I’ll take you up on the offer.” The elf smiled, jumping onto the dwarf’s horse, then offered his hand to pull the dwarf up as well.

“Cain? Can you get on yourself?” Seeing that the knight had yet to move, the elf asked worriedly.

“No problem.” The knight silently turned around to mount the horse, suddenly feeling that he should probably curse the trio that had caused his injury.(1)

“Just so I have a few questions I want to ask.” After traveling for a while, the elf suddenly inquired.

“Julian, about your ancestor, what Mr.Todd wrote in that journal… do you mind revealing it to me?”

“It’s not any secret, Mr.Ellen.” the dwarf replied immediately, “I remember the events in the diary very well, so feel free to ask.”

“Specifically speaking, it’s about the status of the team he was in…”

“The Unicorn Legion, Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf said smiling, “it was a group that specializes in dealing with things to do with Magical Creatures. Including the protection of endangered and harmless species, or to minimize the damage caused by the harmful ones and so on. And magical creatures, refers to…”

“I understand the meaning,” the elf gave a soft helpless smile, breaking off his speech, “the journal should mention something about the Death Dragon.”

“Um,” the dwarf thought for a moment, replying seriously, “the last entry on the journal was about the ‘Death Dragon’. Though I also want to know what happened, but the journal didn’t record the details. It was just written that as a non-combatant member, he didn’t participate, and stayed in their headquarters in Elvira.”

“What I want to know is,” the elf took a deep breath, “after that mission, did the Unicorn Legion return to find him.”

“Unfortunately,” the dwarf said softly, “no, not a single one. It was as if they had disappeared from the earth.”

“…Disappeared… is it?”

“The reason Mr.Todd didn’t join the other dwarves when they returned to their homeland underground, was because of this. There was a section in the journal that said this – ‘I believed they succeeded, I also believe that they would return alive. So, I will continue to stay here, until they come back safely.”(2)

“I see…” the elf was silent for a while, replying softly, “thank you, I have no more questions.”

“About that, Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf added excitedly, “at that time in the ‘Unicorn Legion’, there was also an elf called…”

“Julian,” the elf shook his head, “Sorry, I’m a little tired. Can we not talk about this for now?”

By the time they exited the forest, it was already dark.

Luckily there was a large empty field next to the forest. With a water source nearby, and there were signs of campfire on the ground, it was obvious that many people had camped at this spot in the past.

The group started a fire easily, solving the problem of dinner. Then, under the directions of the creator, the tent was quickly erected.

The inside of the tent did indeed look larger than the outside, the hammocks hung in various levels, using rope ladders and curtains, to cleverly give each individual some personal space. Once it was complete, the siren cheered loudly, climbing on top of one of the beds then refused to come down anymore.

“I hope this is satisfactory to everyone?” the dwarf bowed, his expression showing both a little shy and a little pride. “The quality of the Mageless’s Workshop’s product.”

“Satisfied? Are you joking?” the knight sat down, patting the pillow that accompanied the hammock, in shock, “This is practically a moving palace! – Compared to this, the rooms in the Mercenary’s Home are like horse sta… no, pig sties!”

“Thank you for your compliment.” The dwarf grinned blindingly, pointing to a stand next to the bed, “Weapon and shield could be hung here, it wouldn’t fall. And you can put your armor in this corner.”

“Julian, you are a genius.” The knight placed the shield on the stand, took off his armor, and fell back onto the bed. Then immediately sat back up with an ‘ow’, “Damn, my back… looks like I’d have to sleep facing down tonight.”

“I’ll change your medicine again in a moment,” the elf sighed, “looks like when we reach the next village, the first thing we have to do is get medical supplies.”

“I’m fine.” The knight looked at the young siren that had fallen asleep after filling his stomach, “In comparison, replenishing our food supplies are more important.— We’ve originally prepared five days of dry rations, but we’ve had to throw some away in order to reduce weight, from the looks of it now it would be a good thing if it could last for two days.”(3)

“No problem, I eat very little.” The dwarf grinned, “I’ve already made an accord with Mr.Shelly, the extra dried fish that I brought along all belong to him.”

“Julian,” the knight patted his shoulder, “you are a perfect team mate, I really don’t know why those groups in the past reject you.”

“They’re probably afraid that I’ll snore,” the dwarf said in a small voice, “they said dwarves lift the tent with our snoring.”

“Eh?! You snore?!”

“No, Mr.Frank,” the dwarf replied in protest, “but just in case of any unforeseen circumstances, please don’t kick me from the team.”(4)

“Don’t worry it won’t happen,” the knight smiled, “this tent can’t be lifted anyways…by the way how much does this thing actually cost?”

“Um, originally there were no plans to sell it, so we randomly priced it at two thousand gold,” the dwarf considered for a moment before replying, “there’s no shower room this time, but the price is still calculated from the set price, in the end I paid one thousand six hundred – I never really bothered about saving money in the past, good thing I had enough put aside.”

“One thousand six…” the elf shook his head, “well, now I know while old Mr.Mageless was so enthusiastic. In his eyes I must be the pie that fell from the sky, extra-large, elven brand.”。

Translator’s Notes

  1. Poor Cain, foiled once again! XD
  2. Poor Ellen! Damnit, again with the feels! Gah! 😥
  3. 现在看起来能撑两天就不错了 – he means something along the lines of “as long as it can last at least two days it would be something to be thankful for.” Lol Shelly and food has kinda become a running joke hasn’t it? Granted, it’s all true!
  4. Wait, what unforeseen circumstances? Can you snore accidentally? Or does he mean if he blows the tent away accidentally? I don’t understand

I personally think that Shelly cheated Julian with the food thing lol, Julian is too nice and Shelly’s totally gonna walk all over him XD

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The Unicorn Legion – The Golden Capital: Chapter 22

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – my savior! I’d offer my first born child but that would probably scare them away.

Chapter 22: The Joseph Brothers

A rush of wind carrying dirt and leaves, rushing towards the man’s face, the man reflexively raised his right hand to cover his eyes. Quickly following that, he felt a sharp pain in the left hand holding the sword, the longsword fell from his grip onto the floor.

He stared disbelievingly at his weakened arm, the arrow had pierced the gap between the armor, passing between the bones in his arm, through to the backside.

His companion had already drew his dagger, planning to toss him the sword he took from the knight. The man was about to raise the hand that was still mobile to receive the sword, but a voice stopped him.

“Put down your weapon, back up. Or else the next arrow pierces your throat.”

Matching that comment, the bushes surrounding the two men started shaking, as if to threaten.

The man sighed, nodding to his companion. The two man started to slowly back up.

Waiting until the two had backed up a ways, before the elf emerged from the trees. His arrow was still notched on the bow string, his gaze following the two closely, preparing for any suspicious movement.

But the man’s companion, who was silent before, suddenly shouted.

“My God, Ellen! What are you doing here?”

“I don’t care who you are, reveal yourself.” The elf frowned.

The two reached out their hands to pull down the mask covering their faces. The man had a full beard, with a dignified aged look, his companion looked younger, his lively smiling face was covered in light freckles, both of them had a head of smart red hair.

They were a pair of mercenary brothers by the last name of Joseph, a warrior and a bandit, they were always together, often appearing with them was an archer, called White.

“…Thomas and Titan?” the elf was a little shocked, though he still didn’t plan to lower his weapon, “Why are you here?”

“I want to ask the same,” the older one named Thomas sighed again, “Why are you with this ra… with this person?”

“We’ve become the regular employee of the Marquis Arnold,” at that time Titan interrupted, “He said there was a Holy Knight involved with his daughter’s death, and that person would pass through here today, told us to wait, and after we get the information from him, we can just kill him

“Titan,” Thomas stopped him unhappily, “Shut up!”

“We’ve lost anyways,” Titan said with indifference, “Anyways I don’t think he would do that to the Marquis’ daughter. – Look at that body, and that face! …If I was the Marquis’ daughter, if he just smiled at me, I would have happily taken my clothes off for him to do as he pleased. Whatever the position, for however long!”

“Titan! Don’t insult the dead!” the older brother’s face was a little green.

Titan Joseph shrugged, “I wasn’t talking about her, I’m just saying what I think…”

The elf didn’t spare any time to listen to their conversation, he swiftly cut the rope around the knight, helping him up.

“Are you injured?”

“It’s no problem,” the knight shook his head, turning towards Titan, “What did you say about the Marquis’ daughter… what’s that about?”

“Then, you really don’t know?” Thomas shook his head, “According to the whispers in the Marquis’ residence, when they examined the lady’s body, they found out that she… erm, isn’t pure, and might have committed suicide.”

“That old man was sure strange,” Titan spread his hands out, interrupting, “Saying that by dying in order to protect her purity she could go to heaven, and can give her fiancé some amends, if however, she had an affair with someone and lost her virginity then she deserves to go to hell. Why do I feel that when I’m listening to him, it seems like he would rather his daughter was raped.”

“The Marquis’ daughter was more noble and pure than her father ever was,” the knight’s voice was shaking a little, “the Marquis Arnold couldn’t hold a single candle to her. – But, if that would give her a suitable funeral, then this blame, I wouldn’t mind bearing it.”

The elf reached out, gripping the knight’s hand tightly.

“Go back and tell him, that the paladin he was looking for is dead.”

The Joseph brothers seemed to relax a little.

“That’s best … by the way where is White?”

“Injured, but not fatal.” The elf nodded, “Sorry, I had to make sure he lost mobility for a bit.”

“Oh my God,” Titan suddenly let out a strange shout, “you didn’t shoot the junior right? – That guy is completely useless(1), except for the little guy, if you cripple him, I’d have to find another one.”

“No, it seemed like he was just turning around to run at that time,” the elf replied with a little embarrassment, “anyways, I had some knowledge of first aid and herbs, so let me treat that.”

He pointed to Thomas’s arm.(2)

The group returned to the place where they separated. The dwarf and siren were obediently waiting at the original spot, upon seeing them appear, they released a big sigh of relief.

“The man over there, seems to be crying the whole time…” the dwarf pointed gingerly in White’s direction.

“I threw a bag of travel rations over, but it seems like he didn’t want to eat.” The young siren added grumbling a little.(i)

The injury on White’s leg was not severe(3), but seemed to have received some deep emotional trauma, he curled up to one side after the elf had removed the arrow and applied some salve, gripping Titan’s shirt sleeve and crying.

In comparison, Thomas’s injury was much more sever, but since it was his left hand,(ii) he claimed that it didn’t affect his fighting abilities much.

The knight’s horse, having stepped into the trap, broke its front leg. After securing it with boards, it should make a full recovery, but won’t be able to travel in the short term, so it was entrusted to the Joseph brothers to take care of.(4)

After dealing with these things, the elf lifted his head, saying to the knight sitting to the side.

“Cain, let me look at your back.”

Next to him Titan made a ‘gulping’ sound swallowing his saliva, lifting his head, staring intently at the knight.

“It’s bruised at most,” the knight saw the wolf-like gaze on him, and waved helplessly,  “let’s talk about it after they’ve left.”

“You won’t lose anything by letting us look,” Titan shook his head with regret, “you’re too shy, little knight. Can I call you Cain as well? … Wait, Cain? That Cain? Iron Bucket Cain?!”

“… You’ve got the wrong person.” The knight turned away.

Titan jumped up, “No no no, it’s that voice, I should have remember this sooner. – Oh God, if I knew this was underneath the bucket…”

“Titan, we should go.”  Thomas finally couldn’t take it, coming over to pull his brother away.

“Right, that…” he thought for a moment, turning back to ask, “is there anything, you can leave with us? Anything to identify you. – It makes it easier to convince the Marquis.”

“Right, a lock of hair or something,” Titan grinned, “along with a kiss would be even more…”

The knight sighed, reaching into his shirt, to untie a string with a small cross attached.

“This is my proof of oath when I became a paladin, my name is carved on it, will it do?”

“Good, that should be enough.” Thomas nodded, taking the cross, “You won’t be back in Elvira anytime soon right? Best to wait a few months, so this won’t be discovered.”

“We won’t,” the elf replied, “thank you very much, we owe you one.”

“Well said, well said,” Titan licked his lips, “Next time you come back to the capital, let me have a go with that little knight, then we’ll be even.”

“Titan!” Thomas practically screamed in anger, “Behave yourself!”

To one side White’s cries seemed to become louder.

Translator’s Notes

1. 怂包 – literally a flaky/lose bread I think. When used to describe someone it means they’re unmotivated, useless, cowardly, weak and all sorts of bad things XD. …wait… OMG lol is he talking about what I think he’s talking about? XD Titan makes me laugh, he’s so flamboyantly gay that it makes translating him kinda fun.

2. You know, I just realized, Ellen basically shot through a gap in the armor AND between the two bones on the arm. Talk about a good shot!

3. Oh, it was only the leg? Lol I thought it was his…er…backside XD. But I guess he didn’t turn fully around when the arrow reached him and he got shot in the side instead. Again, Ellen, what good aim XD I remember that you didn’t even see him when you released that arrow!

4. Generally speaking, most of time horses with broken legs (lame) are put down. Because it’s so hard to heal a leg injury on a horse, since they mostly stay standing and the injury won’t be able to rest and that means no healing. Granted, there are some cases where they are able to recover but rarely. (I was a bio-med student once upon a time lol before I switched completely to classical studies).

Editor’s Note:

(i). Food is the apparent cure for injuries and depression xD

(ii). Wasn’t it his right hand that hurt at the beginning and hence his right arm was hit?!? I corrected it, the right hand was covering the face and the left hand was pierced, apparently I can’t tell the difference between left and right T^T (Translator’s reply)

(iii) Wonder if Titan has anything to do with the size of his package, hence the namesake ( -_-)… poor Cain   ( T_T)

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 21

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – I give up,  you can all just deal with my typos and bad grammar XD

Chapter 21: Farewell Golden Capital

The saddle and reins on the Mageless Workshop’s horse were specially made, just right to seat a dwarf. So the folding table and similar additions were abandoned, the luggage separated to the four other horses, emptying the area for Julian to ride. The siren was highly envious of that, but listened to the knight, and didn’t ask for an exchange.

Having such an unpredictable event as ‘gaining an extra person’ caused the preparation time to be extended, when the members of the ‘Unicorn Legion’ left Elvira, it was already midafternoon.

In order to match the horse’s pace, the travel speed was already slower than normal(1). According to this speed, it would take at almost a day’s walk to reach the closest village, no matter what they would need to camp outdoors tonight.(2) Even so, as long as they can find a suitable flat ground then the problem is solved. Thus the group traveled even more leisurely.

For a while at the start, they would often pass by merchants heading towards the capital. But following the directions on the map, turning onto a narrower path, there were less and less travelers about. After some time, even the path created by travelers repeatedly walking through had become fuzzy, finally what appeared in front of them, was only nature.

The wilderness of early spring, green grass were just starting to sprout. The scenery could not be called beautiful, and even carried a few hints of winter, but no one cared about that. The discussion about magic continued, but the main lecturer became Julian, the topic had naturally become about the creation of magic tools. When the discussion became more passionate, the dwarf swiftly brought out pen and paper, drawing the internal designs for all sorts of tools.

The knight listened to their discussion, occasionally adding his own opinion, and the elf was silent almost the whole way, only when his companions asked him directly, did he answer, unknowingly walking to the front of the team. When the knight noticed this, he said nothing, only lightly tapping the whip to speed up, moving forward to walk beside the elf.

The trees around them started to become thicker, after passing a stream, the team entered a forest. Ancient trees reaching into the sky grew tall and lush, almost covering the sun that was already in the west.。

“There used to be a village here.”

When they passed a large boulder, the elf took the initiative to break the silence for the first time.

“It was called Luta. This rock was where the entrance of the village was. – Of course, that should be three hundred years ago.”

“Ellen.” The knight stared at him worriedly. The elf’s voice didn’t have the normal calm and warm feeling, becoming somewhat lost.

“It’s nothing,” the elf smiled, “I just feels… strange. At that time the war was very taxing, at least in terms of appearance Elvira was the same as before, the mercenaries were a different group of people, but what they do was the same as in the past. So I would always have some sort of misconception, which I’ve only left for a few months, or a few years at most.”]

“Just when I see something like this on occasion, that I would suddenly realize,” the elf lowered his head, as if asking the knight, or talking to himself, “it’s already been this long…”

“I don’t have that sort of experience,” the knight was silent for some time, “so I don’t know what to say to make you feel a little better. – In truth, nothing I say would be useful.”

“So, at this time,” the knight half turned, indicating for the elf to come closer, then said quietly into his ears, “I’ll just pretend you’re Shelly.”

Then he quickly reached out his hand, messing up the elf’s hair, “Don’t think about it, be good.”

Before the elf could react, the knight was pulling his reins to run away. Realizing the elf didn’t follow, he turned and looked back at him with regret.

“…” the elf sighed again, silently pulling his hood up. The knight saw his movement, and couldn’t resist laughing.

“I wasn’t looking at the ears, really.”

The sharp sound of wind suddenly came from behind the team, the knight’s horse cried out, starting to dash forward. The knight reacted quickly to secure himself on the back of the horse, and didn’t fall down. He pulled hard on the reins, but the horse that was hit in the flank by the arrow was still in the grips of its instincts, bringing him deeper into the forest in its mad run.

The elf quickly reached out a hand to grip the bow, taking an arrow from the quiver, shooting in the direction of the sound. A cry followed from that direction. He waited for a moment, his opponent did not continue to attack, and there were no other sounds of movement, only then did he turn to say to the dwarf and siren.

“Wait here, protect yourselves.”

Then he flicked the whip hard, rushing in the direction that the knight had disappeared towards.

The knight on horseback frowned irritated. If the opponent’s goal is to separate the team to attack, waiting for the horse to stop by itself, would probably be too late. Even though it’s a little dangerous, but getting of the horse as quickly as possible would be the best choice.

He looked in front, originally planning to wait for the horse to slow down a little, but realized that the road in front on him, was very uneven and covered in twigs and branches.

No time –。

The knight gritted his teeth, released the reins, pushing hard against the horse’s back, and jumped down. The forward momentum caused him to roll several times on the ground, his back hitting a tree hard. At the same time, the horse stepped into a trap, and fell down screaming.

The knight struggled to sit up, reaching a hand to draw his sword. But there were already two shadows in his field of vision, the cold blade of the sword neared his throat.

“Take off his weapon, and tie him up tighter.” The man holding the sword said. His face was masked, only revealing his eyes.

His companion, also masked, bent down carefully, removing the knight’s sword. Then brought out bundle of rope, circling around the knight’s wrists and ankles many times, and tying a knot.

“You’re Felix Paladin?”

“Who are you?” the knight asked.

The man laughed coldly, increasing the pressure at the tip of the sword, “Someone with the right to ask questions.”

— So they came for me.

The knight released a breath softly, replying calmly, “Yes.”

“The incident in November last year, tells us everything.”

“I’ve already told the magistrate, how many more times do you want me to say it?”

“Once, if what you say is the truth, I can give you a quick death.” The man pulled his sword back a little, but still pointing it towards the knight.

“At the request of the Marquis’ daughter, I escorted her from the lower city church to the Marquis’ residence.” The knight said his face blank, “When we were almost at the manor, she told me that there was no more problems, she could walk the rest of the way herself, so we went our separate ways.”

“What did you do afterwards?”

“Returned directly to my rooms in the church.”

“Humph…” the man laughed coldly again, “then the next day the body of the Marquis’ daughter was found, what coincidence.”

“I’ve been interrogated(3) before,” the knight replied coldly, “there is only one answer(4), I did not kill her.”

“And before that? After you left the church, you did not return directly to the marquis’ manor. Where did you go? Who did you see?”

“I cannot divulge that.(5)” the knight said calmly.

“Oh~ so it’s that again,” the man said mockingly, “ ‘I made an oath so I can’t say’? You still think you’re a knight, a dog of the church.”

“That is the truth.” The knight frowned, “In addition she has already passed away, do you want me to break an oath to the dead?”

The man rested his sword against the knight’s throat again, glaring at him. The knight looked back without fear, with no indication of wanting to escape in his gaze.

“Even if what you say is the truth,” the man backed up a step half believing, “But… I still have to answer to my employer.”

He gripped the hilt of the sword with both hands, raising the blade, aiming for the knight’s throat.

“Any last words?”

Translator’s Notes

  1. Shouldn’t you be faster on horses? But then again, I guess the horses aren’t in the best shape and since they’re also carrying luggage it would slow them down.
  2. Remember, they started out at noon, and since it takes a full day’s walk they won’t be able to reach the closest village before dark. (It took me a moment to realize that lol so I decided to explain just in case someone is like me and completely forgetful about what was said a paragraph ago XD)
  3. 拷问 – google translate actually says ‘interrogation with torture’ , I decided just to use interrogation (I’m not sure if, in this context, you can read the implied torture in there, but I didn’t want to write ‘interrogation with torture’ or even just ‘torture’, it just doesn’t seem to fit…could be just me)
  4. Detective Conan! “There is only one truth!” OMG someone stop my brain from making all these weird and completely useless connections!
  5. 无可奉告 – Basically means he’s not going to speak, but also has the meaning of ‘I swore I would not say anything’ or ‘there’s no need for you to know’. (Top secret!)

Uh-oh, CLIFFHANGER!! Ellen! Where are you!???  Hurry!!

And that part when Cain whispers in Ellen’s ear!! Kyaaa!! (Lol yes, I had a total a fangirl moment).

On a completely random note, boy am I glad Cain is now Cain and no longer Felix, I knew a Felix, I had bad memories… lol plus Cain is a much cooler name.

I won’t leave you hanging for long, have faith in my ability to translate! Mwahahah *sneakily marks calendar to delay the update*  No, seriously, I’ll be good and try to get the next one up asap XD

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 20

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – I give up,  you can all just deal with my typos and bad grammar XD

Chapter 20: Difference in Treatment

“That’s right sir,” the dwarf’s eyes widened in surprise, looking at the elf who had interrupted him, “That’s right! How did you know this?” “I…I’ve heard of him before,”the elf replied with a little difficulty, “but…why the Magic Academy?”

The dwarf wavered for a moment, before nodding, “I wish to become an adventurer. More accurately speaking, I want to become a mage.”

“But…” the knight shook his head.

“Sir knight, no need to tell me that dwarves can’t become mages,” the dwarf smiled a little self-deprecatingly, “I’ve been hearing this phrase for the last eighteen years.”

“Even if you want to follow us to the Magic Academy, you could have talked to us directly, and not need to sneak around like this.” The knight frowned

“My apologies Sir Knight, if I have offended you all.” The dwarf bowed, “But I have tried. Whenever a team of adventurers come to my shop for gear, I would beg them to take me there. But they have all refused without exception, no matter how high a price I offer to pay. They all seem to believe, that taking a dwarf to the Magic Academy, would anger the mages, bringing misfortune.”

“But I know that’s not the case,” the dwarf lifted his chest with pride, “Because among my ancestors, someone had been there before. – so, so…”

He looked between the elf and the knight a little timidly, “I bought the tent using my savings, it can hold 4 people.”

“Cain.” The elf called the knight’s name, waving him closer, then said quietly, “You think it’s possible to bring him along?”

“You are the captain,” the knight grinned, “you decide, no matter what I will obey.”

“I know… but if we bring him along, then we must protect him. In the situation where there are two noncombatants in the team, it would become more difficult. Your burden would be much greater.”

“I don’t mind,” the knight replied lightly, “more importantly, he’s something like the son of an old friend right?”

“…Sorry Cain,” the elf lowered his eyes, “I’ve caused more trouble for you.”

“If you don’t cause some trouble, I’d be worried,” the knight shook his head, saying softly.

The dwarf waited politely, not interrupting their conversation. – Until the elf turned to talk to him a little embarrassed.

“Um, Mr. Mageless? – What I need to remind you is that, this journey could be dangerous.”

“I know,” the dwarf stood up tall once again, “I am prepared. I hope you don’t treat me like a defenseless merchant… ahem, even though I didn’t bring any weapons, but I at least have the ability to protect myself.”

“Very well,” the elf released a breath, “If you don’t mind, please use this.”

He gave a dagger to the dwarf.

“An elven made weapon?” The dwarf looked at it as he took it, and immediately asked anxiously, “Is this alright? To give me something so precious–”

The knight suddenly drew his sword, thrusting towards the dwarf. The dwarf tumbled to the ground in fright, dodging the edge of the blade. The knight didn’t show any signs of stopping, the long sword switched directions, coming for a second attack. At the sound of metal hitting metal, the knight’s sword stopped, blocking the sword was the dagger in the dwarf’s hands, even if he was laying on the ground at this time, in an extremely awkward position.

“You get a pass for reaction speed and strength,” the knight sheathed his sword, helping the dwarf up, “still missing some experience in a real fight, but all in all, not too bad. – I’m Cain Frank. Welcome to the team, Mr. Mageless.”

“Thank you, Mr.Frank.” The dwarf replied his face pale, “But, I hope when you said there will be dangers it wouldn’t be receiving this kind of surprise test every day.”

“At least this way you will have all the reason to be hanging onto that,” the knight grinned, “the enemy won’t stop attacking just because you’re weaponless.”

“Alright, I will use it well.” The dwarf bowed to the elf, “Thank you for your generosity.”

“Yes, treasure it well,” the knight suddenly drew out his words, saying in a slightly melancholy tone, “As the first member to join, I still haven’t gotten anything, what is this difference in treatment captain? Am I being excluded because I’m human?”

“Cain, don’t act spoiled(1),” the elf glanced at him smiling, “go change your armor, I’ll wake Shelly up.”

“As you command,” the knight bowed exaggeratedly, “Captain.”

The dwarf watched the knight leave a little scared, “Did I create some sort of division in the team… if that’s the case, please take this back, Mr. Captain”

“Don’t worry, he’s just joking around.” The elf replied smiling, “Also, there’s no need to call me captain, my name is Ellen(2).”

“Alright Mr. Ell… eh?” the dwarf blinked quizzically, “Can I ask your last name?”

“No last name,” the elf nodded, “So ‘Mr.’ is also unnecessary.”

“Then please just call me Julian as well, Adventurer Julian.” The dwarf replied, thinking seriously for a moment, “ ‘Mr.Mageless’, makes me feel like I’m still that fake workshop owner.”

“Very well, then please help look after these things here for a moment, Adventurer Julian. –Welcome to the team, I think Shelly will be very happy.”

“Ah,” the dwarf revealed an apologetic wry smile, “the child that asked me a lot of questions yesterday? I was troubling over the marriage and was very rude… luckily there’s still a chance for me to salvage that, from now on I can answer his questions in detail.”

But when the elf brought the siren clad in mage robes, the dwarf seemed to have forgotten his promise, and starting throwing questions after questions at him. The questions included all sorts of specialized names, from some basic information even non-professionals know like “can the basic element magic fire ball be considered as the one with highest cost”(3) to “could it be that in the modern world the power of word magic has decreased has to do with the deviation to the original pronunciation” and “although magical items are magical items how related are they to actual magic” and so on.

The siren was completely confused by the strange questions, but when he heard the repeat of words like “element”, “magic” and such, he nodded as if he understood and asked, “do you want me to give you a performance?”

“Performance? What performance?” The dwarf’s eyes sparkled,(4) “magic?”

“Shelly.” The elf called to the youth, “remember what I told you before.”

“Un,” the siren nodded seriously, “I won’t use ‘that’. This is easier, it’s what you would call… ‘Racial trait’?”

He pointed to the well in the courtyard, speaking lightly in a foreign language, then water vapor slowly started to rise from the well, soon after a white mist drifted around the courtyard.

“Fog magic! That’s fog magic right?” The dwarf’s eyes seemed as if it was also filled with water vapor as well(5), “It’s real! Magic! I knew it, Mr. Shelly is really a mage! I’m actually traveling in a team with a magician!”

“Oi, who the hell is shouting in the courtyard?” A mercenary poked his head out from the second floor shouting, “And why’s there so much smoke? Someone burning the garbage?!”

When the knight finished suiting up, coming down from the stairs, his companions were packing while shaking with laughter.

“What did I miss?” The knight asked curiously.

“Communication between non humans.” The elf replied.

“I protest,” the knight once again said in a melancholy voice while elongating his words, “this is racial discrimination.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. 撒娇 – This one is kinda hard to explain, it’s sort of like: acting like a spoiled child or pretending to be cute or cozying up to someone .
  2. Seriously, even I almost forgot your name with how little the author uses it!! I should probably make like a character intro page at some point lol considering how the author never seems to like using the character names!!
  3. I guess he’s talking about MP (mana) cost?
  4. I sort of have an image of Luffy from One Piece when he saw the giant robot Captain Franky lol ( ✧Д✧)
  5. Does he mean the dwarf was teary? Lol I would imagine having water vapor in the eyes would kinda hurt.

Sorry about the delay, I have a holiday today so I put updating off until today >.< I’ll make up for it by releasing the next chapter soon-ish. (Also, I went on a baking spree the last few days lol).

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 19

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – I give up,  you can all just deal with my typos and bad grammar XD

Chapter 19: Extra Luggage

The Morning of the second day, Mr.Mageless leading three of his workers, appeared at the door of the ‘Mercenary’s Home’ just as promised.

“Thank you for your patronage, we wish you a safe journey, viscount! It is an honor to have a client such as you, please you must come back again.”

When he saw the elf, he spoke a string of well wishes, before jumping aboard the carriage, starting to instruct his workers to unload the goods, securing them on the back of the horse.(1) A moment later, of the three grown horses, the back of one already had a small mountain of items piled on top, but there were still several more items being taken from the carriage. Even without the three packaging boxes, the remaining things would definitely exceed the weight this horse could carry.

The knight frowned, just when he was about to start questioning, Mr.Mageless was already speaking, “Since this tent is a little large, I took the initiative to bring a horse. This is the shop’s horse, you are free to use it. Just bring it back when you return.”

“Mr.Mageless, this…”

“Please don’t worry, there is absolutely no added rental charges. Since the Legendary Era this shop, has operated under the philosophy of trust.”

As he was speaking, the three workers had already finished loading the goods, and Mr.Mageless bowed deeply, thrusting the reins into the knight’s hands, “Not to mention it’s such a generous and forthright client as the viscount, how can I fuss over such a small thing, hahaha.”

Without waiting for a reply, Mr.Mageless had already jumped onto the carriage, before sticking his head back out again, saying to the elf, “Viscount, your order list is inside the box of gear, I have already personally checked, nothing is missing. – Of course, if there are anything else you need, please visit our store at any time!”

“Forthright? Generous?” The elf watched as the carriage went further and further away, “I clearly remember I didn’t pay a single coin. – Military stipend should only pay the base cost of the items, why does Mr.Mageless speak as if I had spent a thousand gold at the shop?”

“The Mr.Mageless today seems a little different than the one yesterday.” The knight said, “Doesn’t he have more wrinkles on his face? Although I’m not an expert in differentiating the features of dwarves, at least the three workers looked the same to me.”

“That’s not my expertise either,” the elf shook his head, “but one thing I can be certain of, is that ‘this’ Mr.Mageless, did not mention a single word about ‘magic’.”

“There has to be some secret hidden in these things,” the knight grinned, resting his hand on his sword, “time to open some presents.”

There was nothing wrong with the horse, it was in good shape, even a little stronger than the three horses they had chosen.

The box of gear was carefully opened, in case some sort of catch was triggered, but there was nothing to be discovered. As for the gear itself, the knight used all the appraisal magic in his arsenal, and still did not find anything irregular.

The travel rations followed, a little bit was taken out of every pack and appraised by the sparrows and crows at the door of the ‘Mercenary’s Home’(2), there was no poison. The elf even borrowed someone’s silver broach to test it, the results were still the same. And just from looking, the items were definitely not normal military grade munition.

All that remained was the tent. Taking a whole horse to carry, it seemed to be the same size as a normal tent. The order list said, ‘magic tent with super large space setting, attachment: four hammocks, one set of folding desk and chair, one set of self-erecting frame(3), pegs with guy ropes(4),damp-proofed flooring (including special heavy weights)’.

“There aren’t any fire crystal showers,” the knight shook his head, “I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.”

The elf took everything down one by one.

When he opened the double layered canvas, the hammocks and folding table were at the very top, below that was a box with frame pokes and pegs, and below that the floorboards were tied tightly together along with a bucket the size of a wine barrel.

The knight knocked the outside of the bucket, a deep sound came out. Other than three holes, the outside was smooth, without any seams, it seems to be solid.

“So that’s probably… the heavy weight…right?” the elf came back to compare the items on the order list, “We could have found a few stones of the same size outdoors. What type of tent needs ‘special’ weights.”

The knight casted ‘Holy Eye’, carefully inserting the tip of his sword into one of the holes. An opening silently appeared at the barrel. The knight took one look inside, and smiled somewhat helplessly.

He reached his hand in, taking out what was inside, placing it in front of the elf.

“—The type that has a dwarf attachment.”

The dwarf wore the uniform of Mageless’s Workshop, and seemed to be sleeping soundly before this. Currently he was sitting on the floor, looking around, although it seemed he was not completely awake yet.

“Magic Academy… are we there yet?”

The elf also smiled, bending down, he said to the dwarf, “Not yet.”

“If you still want to go there, best give us an explanation.” The knight added from the side.

The dwarf looked at the sword that was still unsheathed in the knight’s hands, the blade reflected the sunlight, giving off a dangerous feeling. Then he lifted his head seeing the walls of the ‘Mercenary’s Home’, then released a sign of despair.。

“Oh Lord, am I going to be locked up?”

“That depends on how reasonable your explanation is,” the knight said, “you might just be tied to the back of your horse and returned to the shop.”

“If I had to choose one, please just lock me up,” the dwarf replied in depression, “my life will be over, if you send me back.”

“Cain, stop teasing him.” The elf grinned, nodding to the dwarf, “Let’s introduce ourselves first, ‘Mr.Mageless’?”

The knight sheathed his sword, the dwarf looked back at the knight and elf, finally decided to start speaking.

“I’m Julian · Mageless Jr, the son of the current Workshop owner Julian · Mageless.” He removed the white powder in his beard, lifting his sleeve to wipe his face, revealing a face that was clearly much younger, “Of course, when I’m in the store, I pretend to be my father, this helps gain client trust more easily.”

“My father gave me his name, in the hopes that I could be the next him. Honestly, I respect my father a lot. I’ve never done anything rebellious growing up. But this time, I can’t stand it, he… wants me to get married and take over the family business!”

“Let me guess,” the knight grinned, “She has a long beard, and a temper like a mother bear?”

“No, Sir Knight, you are mistaken,” the dwarf pressed the bridge of his nose, “she is a lady from an impoverished noble family, beautiful, gentle. My father wants me to marry her, this way we can officially merge into human society, and no longer find marriage partners within the clan.”

“That’s pretty creative thinking, but you don’t want it?”

“That’s what I’m afraid of…” the dwarf shuddered, “I’m afraid that I will want it.”

“I’m a normal dwarf, I like money, treasures, food, good wine, a soft bed – but that’s all secondary. I know what I really want, ever since I read that diary I had known. It was a diary left by my ancestor, he wrote about his adventures there. In the past he traveled with a group that deals specially with cases to do with magical creatures, and traveled throughout this continent.”

The elf noiselessly drew in a breath.

“Since reading that diary when I was ten, till now that I am twenty eight, almost reaching the age of thirty. I invented all sorts of magical tools, helped the workshop continue to thrive. My father thinks I have the potential to surpass him, the clan respects me, human merchants envy me. In these eighteen years, I have spent them well, if someone were to say I was unhappy, I will definitely say ‘nonsense’.”

“But it’s not the same,” the dwarf shook his head, “I like this sort of life, but it’s not enough. In the eyes of the people who struggle just to eat, I am probably a greedy person.”

“But, his blood runs in my veins, I want to become …an adventurer.” The dwarf lifted his head, saying in a shaky voice.

“I’m weak, cowardly, without self-control, even having dreamed for eighteen years, I still haven’t really been striving for it. I cling to the current peaceful life. That’s because I know I’m useless, so I run away. But I’m scared that if this continues, I will really become Julian Mageless the owner of the Workshop, and not…”

“The descendant of the Merchant adventurer Todd · Mageless.(5)”

Translator’s Notes

  1. So they really only have just the horse lol, no carriage. Poor horse!
  2. Poor birds!! They’re used as poison testers! I’d haunt them if I was a bird and died from poison! Lol
  3. 可自立支架一套 – I’m not too familiar with camping stuff, but I think it was talking about the poles that your normally have to assemble and pull up to support the fabric of the tent? (Magical self-erecting ones lol – 可自立 = can stand by itself. So I assumed that to be the case, plus magic is always better XD).
  4. 地钉风绳若干 – according to wiki (wiki banzai!) large tents are usually secured with pegs attached to ropes (called guy ropes, why is it guy? Not gal?). Again, I guess this was what the author is talking about.
  5. 多德 · 梅吉利斯 – Seriously, I am no good with translating names T^T.

What’s with the animal abuse this chapter? lol

So we are introduced to Julian XD, I wonder how he’ll fit into this mismatched group? Next chapter, they finally depart for the Magic Academy… I think? *Glances at next chapter*, kinda.

Edit: Wow, lots of miss types, sorry about that T^T. Hopefully I’ve corrected most of them! (I should probably go back to my previous chapters and do the same lol…*crickets chirping*….yah).

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 18

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – *sniffle*

Chapter 18: Subtle Victory

‘Nightmare’ was a pure black stallion, temperamental, hard to control, but his strength in comparison to the ‘Dawn Mist’ that the earl’s son was riding, was basically equal. The earl’s son had chosen hurdles, naturally he was planning to take advantage of ‘Dawn Mist’s’ tameness, and win with equestrian skills. Plus hurdles were more dangerous than racing on flat grounds, a single mistake, may cause great injury or death, and being in full armor becomes a safety measure. From this, it seems that this ‘rich kid’ was pretty canny.

The earl’s son was in exceptionally good condition today, in the first lap within 4 miles, ‘Dawn Mist’s’ pace was quick and agile when jumping over the first hurdle, and her master’s focus was in front, not having the time to spare to check his opponent’s performance. But once the ear’s son was certain of his advantage, he planned to look back, that was when he realized ‘Nightmare’ was only half a horse length behind, and in the moment that he lost his concentration, it seemed like his opponent was about to gain speed.

The earl’s son increased his own speed a little nervously, regarding how his opponent was sticking so close to him like a burr, it seemed that he would be passed by if he was even the slightest bit distracted. In the fifth lap, both horses were starting to sweat heavily, their nostrils flaring with heavy breathing.

‘Dawn Mist’s’ endurance was not as great as ‘Nightmares’, plus her rider’s armor was causing her to tire faster, her speed was starting to decrease. A moment later, ‘Nightmare’ took the lead.

Luckily the goal was right in front, the earl’s son lost his patience, fiercely kicking his horse’s flank, ‘Dawn Mist’ reared in shock from the pain, but when she landed she didn’t want to continue, rather she tossed her body, throwing the earl’s son to the ground heavily. At that moment ‘Nightmare’ had already passed the past hurdle.

“ ‘Dawn Mist’ is a very sensitive lady, you have to be more gentle, or she’ll rebel.” The knight jumped off his horse, coming over the calm the enraged white horse. Then looking at the earl’s son covered in mud(1), he offered his hand, “I hope you are not injured. Honestly, if you didn’t have that armor, you would have had a chance to win.”

Although the knight spoke with respect, but to the earl’s son, he still sounded very sarcastic. His face paled even more, the knight thought he might faint on the spot or start crying, but he struggled up by himself, climbed back on the horse without a word, and started towards the audience stands.

The knight grinned, saying as he stroked ‘Nightmare’s’ mane, “Let’s go, to get our prize.”

“As promised, the horse is yours, viscount.” The earl’s son nodded to the elf, “An excellent victory.”

The siren cheered running towards the clearing.

The knight returned ‘Nightmare’s’ reins to its owner, he returned to the elf’s side.

The earl’s son took the reins walked a few paces away, then he turned his horse around suddenly, saying to the elf.

“Viscount, your knight… are you willing to transfer him over? Treatment and such will naturally not be a problem, any other additional clauses can be discussed as well.”

“Sorry, he wasn’t hired,” the elf’s ears stood up clearly, he was silent for a while before replying, “not for sale.”

The knight exaggeratedly bowed taking the elf’s hand, pulling it to his lips where he placed a light kiss.

The earl’s son frown deepened when he saw this.

“A sworn knight, that’s rare these days,” his tone was full of dissatisfaction, “but I still want to give you an advice, don’t be too indulgent on your servants. To allow a peasant to imitate a nobleman’s mannerism. That’s too –”

The elf interrupted his tirade simply, “According to the kiss of oath, he has full rights to do so.”

“Ki…” the earl’s son’s eyes widened again.

“Very sorry, I take back what I said.” For some reason, after that short moment of shock, his hostility was visibly reduced by a large amount.

“Good afternoon, viscount. – For my rudeness, please accept my apologies again.”

“Did he… suddenly turn polite?” The elf watched the retreating back of the earl’s son quizzically.

“Because… you created a very deep misunderstanding.” The knight seemed to be trying very hard to hold back his laughter, “from now on it’s better if you didn’t tell people about the kiss of oath.”


“I want to ask just to make sure, the kiss of oath in the Legendary Era, what does it generally mean?”

“Even though it’s a master and servant relationship, it’s one of equality,” the elf reply was unhesitant, “so the knight has no need to obey the master and servant formality, nor will he be punished for not doing so.”

“I thought that was the case.”


“Actually in this time, it’s enough just to make an equal response to the oath, that would have the same meaning.” The knight chose his words with a little amusement, “As for the kiss of oath, ahem, it is more common with female masters, it means that they will allow for a more… intimate relationship.”

“…Ah,” the elf froze for a moment before reacting, his face clearing flushing a deep red colour, “sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”(2)

“I know,” looking at the elf’s expression, the knight finally couldn’t resist laughing, “Now you know why he was so respectful. Just he words about transferring, you could request a duel with him.”

“Cain,” the elf raised a hand to press against his forehead, “if something like that ever happens again, please at least… warn me first.”

“Sorry, because I didn’t know how to break it to you, so I didn’t say anything.” The knight shrugged, “But you don’t have to worry too much, there are as many stars in the sky as there are back alley rumors in Elvira, even if it were to be spread around no one will think it’s real.”

“That sure is pleasing to hear.” The elf said helplessly.

“If you really feel troubled,” the knight drew his sword halfway out of the sheath, and then returned it with a smacking sound, “then allow me to protect your honor with my sword, my lord.”

“I think that’s called murder(3), not protecting my honor.”

“It’s almost the same thing,” the knight replied with a straight face, “I feel that I can solve the problem in the market the same way.”

“… Let’s just go take a look at the uninjured grown horses.” The elf sighed.

“About that,” the knight suddenly thought of something, and said with a bit of regret, “When I was still a paladin, I would come here every weekend to do some part time jobs. I actually watched both ‘Dawn Mist’ and ‘Nightmare’ grow up. – If only the bet included them both.”

“Even if it did include them, you can’t really use Shelly to bet.” The elf sighed a second time.

“Have a little faith in your knight,” the knight grinned, reaching his hand out to the elf, “let’s go, if Shelly learns fast enough, maybe we can have a race on flat grounds before sunset.”

“A race? You? And him?”

“I will lose to him without any evidence.”(4) The knight lifted an eyebrow, “nothing can encourage a new rider like victory.”

“Even though not leaving any evidence is a little suspicious in itself, but that seems to be an accurate theory.”

“As for the likes of Neely, he needs to be thoroughly shocked, let him see the difference in skill clearly, before he could improve.” The knight revealed a devilish smile.

“How much do you actually hate those in the royal knights…”

“I’m helping Hazlett Duncan ‘teach’ his subordinates, he should thank me.”

Shelly’s riding skills seemed to improve in leaps and bounds, very soon he was dissatisfied with the slow pace, and started directing his horse to run around the field. The knight tried to stop him several times, but realized that he wasn’t about to fall off, and decided not to interfere anymore.

“Don’t run too fast, if you stay on top for too long, you’ll feel it tomorrow.”

“No way,” the siren smirked, “climbing the mast every day, I’ve gotten used to it early on. Anyways Afternoon Tea’s run is very smooth.”

“Afternoon Tea?”

“ ‘Dawn Mist’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Afternoon Tea’.” The siren nodded, “It sounds very fitting, right Afternoon Tea?”

The small hazel horse tossed its head and neighed happily.

Translator’s Notes

  1. Again with the mud! XD This time I would actually sit on the sidelines and point at him while laughing if he actually landed in a pile of ****.
  2. Poor Ellen, Cain finally told him lol. It’s ok, sooner or later your kiss of oath will have the same meaning as it does in this current age. *smirks lecherously* Ahem… my inner fujoushi is showing…. Excuse me 😛
  3. 殺人滅囗 – silence someone by killing them. For some strange reason, my mind translated this phrase in every language that I knew (Japanese, a little Greek, a little Latin and one or two phrases in Korean…in which this one happens to be one of them…) ….except for English…. (It took me a full 5 min to decide on ‘murder’).
  4. He meant without any evidence of him losing on purpose I think? The author just wrote without any evidence, which isn’t very clear lol but I guess we all just assume? Maybe it’s cause I’m translating that I’m thinking twice about it XD. Ignore my rambling.

I’m not sure if I should facepalm or just shake my head at the typical Shelly naming style (food seems to be first, second and last thing on his mind).

Cain, I don’t think mass murder is the solution to your problem. XD

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The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 17

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – *sniffle*

Chapter 17: Pie that Fell from the Sky

Mr.Mageless came back with a box, his pace brisk, as if he was about to skip.

“Allow me to introduce you to Mageless’s Workshop’s excusive products, the magic student’s series. Hard Mahogany staff, detailed silver circlet! Suitable for anyone from 4 foot 3 inches to 6 inches in height, white flax robe with excellent breathability.

“Exclusive?” the elf asked smiling apologetically, “Mr.Mageless, other than items on the list, I’m afraid we won’t be able to afford it.”

“Oh! Not a proble,” the dwarf replied without a hint of care, “the shop is currently having a promotion, we’ll charge the same price as a similar item on the list. What do you need other than these? Knight and archer sets? Though the materials are lacking, I’ll think of something. If you are not in a hurry to depart, it’ll be completed within the month!”

The knight raised an eyebrow suspiciously, “Sorry, we’re in a hurry, just give us what is available.”

“Nnn,” Mr.Mageless’s shoulders dropped in disappointment, but he cheered up quickly, “What about travelling accessories? Magic tents that are larger on the inside, portable showers that can heat up rain water with fire crystals? Our store provides free delivery –“

“A normal tent, everything else should also be within the parameters of the list as well, all the items together, should be transportable by one horse(1). Tomorrow at 8, to be delivered to the ‘Mercenary’s Home’.” The knight said with a forceful tone, “Thank you very much.”

“Not a problem, sir knight! Not a problem!” The dwarf took the list, bowed and escorted them out of the workshop, “It will be delivered before the church bell.”

“This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a pie fall from the sky, extra large, dwarf brand.” The knight looked at the grand store front of Mageless’s Workshop, muttering, “If Mr.Mageless does business like this normally, it’s a miracle this shop is still around.”

“Don’t be so suspicious,” the elf grinned, “Mr.Mageless is probably just a magic item mania – everyone is allowed to have one or two strange hobbies.”

“You are too trusting,” the knight sighed, “He wants us to stay for a month, there has to be some sort of purpose.”

“We are leaving tomorrow, he can’t stop that.”

“I bet you a dozen Elmond, he will try to interfere with us.”(2)

“I don’t think it would come to that, anyways when did Duke Elmond become a common currency unity in Sistare?”

“Then what do you want to bet?” the knight blinked, “Whoever loses has to tell a joke?”

“Listen, if you want to tell one you can do it now.” The elf turned around calling to the siren still lingering longingly in front of the workshop, “Let’s go Shelly, we still need to choose a horse.”

The Griffin stables were situated in the countryside north of Elvira.

As the rebels amassed in the south, this part was not affected by the fighting. Even so, the influence of the war was visible. A third of the stalls were empty, of the remaining two thirds other than horses owned by individual nobles, most were injured or immature.

“I now understand why the Minister of Finance has such faith in us,” the knight smiled wryly, “Even if we planned to use the special permission to siphon some military goods from here, it can’t be sold for much. – Hey, get over here!”

The last line was directed towards the young siren, at some point he had already moved to the paddock fence, and was planning to climb onto the back of a large horse. The horse stamped his back leg impatiently, and the siren tumbled off from the top. Luckily he was unhurt, and even lifted his mud covered face to laugh.(3)

The knight held the youth by his collar, pulling him out form inside the fence, “Hurry up to study your horsemanship, or else we’ll leave you behind tomorrow.”

“Not on a big one?”

“Only if you can control it.” The knight patted his head, pulling him next to the training field, “When your skills are up to par, it would have grown. Choose your own horse – other than the ones with ribbons tied to their tail, those belong to the nobles.”

“How do I chose?” Shelly climbed on top of the fence looking around in excitement.

“Um, whistle to see which one raises its head to look at you.”

“I don’t know how to whistle, but as long as I attract their attention it’s fine?” the siren straightened taking a deep breath, then started to sing softly, a strange yet beautiful melody. – A siren’s song, even without the illusion still has a frightening allure.

Having only sung two phrases, the horses were already reacting, then it seemed all the horses stood and started coming towards him, lowering their head tamely. One of the horses were even brave enough to stretch out its head, and gently rub against the hand resting on the rail.

Shelly smiled, “Alright, it’s you. Do you want to come with me?”

The knight shook his head, “That’s…”

“Oh, is that not the viscount of Soloris Valley. Well met, well met.” A voice with an enigmatic tone(4) interrupted their conversation.

The elf turned around, to see a pure white horse, the rider wore a shiny silver armor, it glittered in the sunlight. Upon taking a closer look you could see detailed lilies engraved all over, the chestplate had a rose design, behind the helmet were two wing like decorations.

The knight started snickering.

Remembering his evaluation of the ‘Angel’ armor, the elf also had great difficulty retaining his calm expression, bowing he said, “you would be?”

“Effie · von · Neely, the third seat of the Royal Knights, my father is Earl Boswell · von · Neely.” He nodded a little conceitedly, “Please accept my apologies for now bowing as I am in armor.”

He placed ‘the third seat in the Royal Knights’ in front of his lineage, obviously he was very proud of that.

“I didn’t think the viscount would be interested in racing, I would like to have a match with you, can I have this honor?” the words of the earl’s son were respectful, he was not lacking in etiquette, but he held his head high when he spoke, not even glancing at the elf.

“My skills are unworthy.”(5) The elf said dismissively.

Perhaps not expecting the other to refuse directly, the earl’s son was stunned for a moment. Then thinking this was because the other was timid, he said with increasing airs, “How about just a game then? If you come within 2 horse lengths, we will consider this your win?”

“o can also add a bit more incentive,” the ear’s son pointed to the horse beside the siren, “just so that horse  was reserved by me, if you win, you can have it.”

“Flat grounds or hurdles?” The knight said suddenly.

Not expecting someone to interrupt, the ear’s son glanced at the night, frowning, “Viscount, you are too lenient with your servants. To interrupt so casually when he is attending to his master.”

“This is my knight,” the elf smiled briefly, “Please forgive him, if there was any discourtesy.”

“A knight,” the earl’s son nodded with understanding, “if you were just eager to display your skills, then you are forgiven. – Will you compete for your master?”

The knight smiled challengingly, “Sure, if you come within two horse lengths, we can consider this your win.”

“Then let neither of us be handicapped, let’s compete equally.” The earl’s son fell to the provocation just as expected. Then he glanced around, pointing to Shelly casually, “If I am so ‘lucky’ as to win, then give me this servant. I quite like his singing.”

The elf frowned, preparing to refuse, when the siren spoke up suddenly.

“Alright, we’ll bet with you.”


The siren directed a smile towards the elf, “Cain will win anyways.”

“Good, very good.” Being so obviously underestimated, the noble’s face paled, almost shaking in rage, “Any horse owned by the Neely family, you can pick for the competition, I wouldn’t want anyone to say I won unfairly.”

“If that is the case, I will be happy to oblige.” The knight nodded, “You are riding “Dawn Mist”, then I’ll take “Nightmare’.”

“Are you sure?” the earl’s son widened his eyes, “That’s not a horse anyone can control.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” The looked at the noble’s get up, “Will you, not be removing your armor? I would not want to take advantage of the difference in weight.”

“No… no need,” the noble seemed to be shaken by the knight’s confidence, “Hurdles then.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. I think he means, a horse and a carriage? I worry for the horse if it has to carry all the provisions (tent included) for 3 people O_O.
  2. That confused me for a moment until I read the next line lol.
  3. Thank god it’s just mud, you never know what might be lying innocently on the ground, especially in a horse paddock. *cough*
  4. 陰陽怪氣 – enigmatic, mystifying….plane strange? This one confuses me too
  5. 不敢獻醜 – literal translation is: not wanting to show how bad they are, basically is a humble way to refuse a competition or performance etc. Something like: I wouldn’t dare to show my bad skills? (even if they were really good at that something).

This chapter was surprisingly difficult for some reason… probably because of the polite form of speech between Ellen and the earl’s son. Next up, Cain shows off his horsemanship skills XD. I’m kinda looking forward to that.

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