The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 9

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo

Chapter 9: Shooting Star

The crowd cheered. (1)

Iron Gauntlet had planned to slip away in the commotion, but a large part of the people had already turn their attention to him. A few of the more inpatient young men were already shouting.

“You lost!(2) Hand over the money!”

Thus he could only spit moodily, taking two gold coins and throwing it to the floor, turning he left the celebrations that did not belong to him. Seeing the situation, the members of the Eagle Troop also dispersed.

Those who won the bet rushed forward to crowd around the elf, all speaking at once.

The elf smiled a little tiredly at them, then walked over to the only archer that didn’t come near.

“Oh God… this is terrible… I’ll be killed by Iron Gauntlet…”

The archer, seemed to be called White, hid shaking in a corner, almost in tears.(3)

The elf picked up the two gold coins, passing one to him.(4)

White’s face grew even paler, “No no, I don’t know you… the bow you used isn’t mine…”

“You didn’t help me, this is just a business transaction,” the elf said kindly, “this is rent, the two of us are cleared. – If someone comes to bother you, the people here can be witness.”

He placed the bow and gloves on White’s knees, then turned to the small rogue Fil.

“Without your support, I wouldn’t have been able to win,” the elf placed the second gold coin in his palm, “for having the courage to rebel, hero Fil.”

“For having the courage to rebel!” someone repeated this line, then more people joined in, “Hero Fil!”

The Rogue had probably never been this honored and attended in his life, he ducked his head down, his face was completely red.

“Don’t make such a ruckus in th’ courtyard, git outta ‘ere!” Old Man Jake rolled his eyes, “God, what a mess. If some’un outside hears, they’d be thinkin’ this be a rebel camp.”

The mercenaries all laughed, then started to disperse in twos or threes.

The knight also straightened away from the wake, preparing to leave quietly.

“Cain… is it?” the elf’s voice forced him to stop, “Thank you.”

“I thought you had a winning chance,” the knight didn’t even turn around to speak, replying coldly, “Doesn’t mean I’m on your side.”

“From the results it is the same thing,” the elf’s voice carried laughter, “so, thank you very much.”

It was as if the knight didn’t hear him, leaving with large strides.

“Don’ mind ‘im, e’s always been like that.” Old Man Jake said, “Now, young’un, lemme see what type a’ job suits ye.”

The elf smiled, “I’m not too picky. But, magical creatures are my field of expertise.”

Old Man Jake lifted his head, looking at him strangely, “Magical creatures? What’s that? Some’in to do with mages?”

The elf froze in shock, “That is… um, gnomes, undines, unicorns and such.”

“Young’un, ye sure like ta joke,” Old Man Jake laughed, “Don’t tell me ye specialize in killin’ dragons.”

“I can’t say I specialize in it,” the elf shook his head a little embarrassed, “but I have slayed some before, two. Of course that is not a mission that a single person can complete. Erm… there aren’t any dragons nearby are there?”

“We don’t have anythin’ from the Age of Mythology here,” Old Man Jake laughed even harder, slapping the elf’s shoulder, almost toppling the elf, “how ‘bout this, why don’t ya take the wizard contract?”


“Hm,” Old Man Jake nodded, “Sherriff’s posted the wanted poster, catch the black market merchant Daniel. Twenty gold, dead or alive.”

“That sounds good. I accept.”

“Don’t be careless, ‘twas five gold originally, a warrior and a rouge died for it ta raise that high.” Old Man Jake’s face darkened, “Some say he’s a wizard that uses black magic, now no one will accept it. But, since ye said you’ve got experience with magic, I figure an archer against cloth, that’d be an advantage?”

“Then can I use this dagger as mortgage for a few gold?” the elf suddenly thought of something, asking in concern, “that is… to buy gear.”

“Ye… for real?” Old Man Jake’s eyes were wide, “after givin’ out two gold coins so generously?”

“Sorry, I got excited and…” the elf lowered his head with embarrassment.

“Hahahaha I’ve never seen some’un like ye my while life!”

Old Man Jake laughed out loud again, reaching out to smack the elf’s back, the elf hurriedly dodged to one side.

The old merchant took out a few coins from his pocket, giving it to the elf, “Don’t need yer knife, take this fer now.”

“Thank you very much.” The elf said.

“Nothin’ ta thank me for,” Old Man Jake looked at him a little worriedly, “if ye don’t survive, ye’v still payed rent.”

“Then I will do all I can to return alive.” The elf replied, “will I find him at the black market tonight?”

“T’night?” Old Man Jake shook his head, “ye sure are impatient, at least rest fer a night, wait fer t’morrow.”

“Thank you for your advice.” The elf nodded.

The knight stood on the stairs, silently watching the scene, but he left first, before they departed.

Old Man Jake was right, that was a very interesting fellow, he may be worth approaching.

—But before that, he would have to come back alive first.

So, on the second day the elf did not arrive for breakfast.

Quite a number of people had already heard the news that he had received a mission, that had also become a popular topic in the bar and dining table of the mercenaries.

Old Man Jake was tightlipped about the whole matter, so all sorts of conjectures and guesses appeared, causing tempers to go flying.

“No matter what, he won’t survive.” Regarding this scene, Iron Gauntlet would say bitterly.

The third day passed, the elf still did not appear.

The members of the Eagle Troop acted as if they had some sort of trustworthy information, raising their moral. Many others were also in a state of half belief and half denial, starting to lean towards grim conclusions.

By the fifth day, even the most optimistic were starting to lose hope.

The topic started to die down.

It was as if Iron Gauntlet’s position had not been shaken, even speaking louder than before.

The uproar that the elven archer had caused in the ‘Mercenary’s Home’, was like the ripples thrown into a pond, disappearing.

There was still no  news of the death of the black market merchant, Daniel

The elf’s room continued to be locked, no candlelight came from inside.

In truth, other than Old Man Jake, no one knew the elf’s name, so they had no place to start investigating.

But for some reason, the knight never used the four silver coins that he had won from the bet.

On the seventh day, the knight sat by the door like always, drinking the tasteless porridge.

Until the door was pushed open, and a thin shadow came in, passing his table.

“Good morning, Cain.” A very polite voice greeted.

The knight did not lift his head, nor did he reply, but under the helmet, he smiled for the first time in two months.

Translator’s Notes

  1. … I shouldn’t… but… can’t… resist… *breaks into song* “And the crowds will cheer, when they see my face, and a voice keeps saying, this is where I’m meant to be~~”…. Hopefully now that I’ve let it out, it won’t get stuck in my mind XD (If it gets stuck in anyone’s minds, I’m not taking the blame!)
  2. 愿赌服输 – literally translates to ‘if you are willing to bet, accept your loss’.
  3. Yes, that is the White that got shot in the…backside…by Ellen
  4. Wait…I know Ellen bet 2 gold coins…but how about the other people who won? Gauntlet just threw down 2 golds lol what about the other 35 silver/coins of unknown value? …Continues translating…oh, nevermind…

I think this is the last we’ve seen of Old Man Jake…. Damn am I glad, it was interesting writing his speech patterns, but don’t think I’ll be doing that again lol, plus I’m sure I did pretty horribly and butchered any semblance of a spoken language it is supposed to be. I don’t even use shorthand when messaging friends, you can imagine how writing Jake’s speech patterns might make me insane. 😛


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