The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 11

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo

Chapter 11: One Problem

The winner was clear.

Eight were lying on the ground, there were still ten or so standing, but they were just standing. If not for their fear and difference to Iron Gauntlet, they would have forfeited long ago.

Iron Gauntlet regained his breath, and immediately started cursing loudly. – He wasn’t afraid, since there was a large crowd watching, fighting was one thing, but killing was another matter altogether.

“Damn you to hell  Iron Bucket, who would hide behind a helmet all day unless they’re a criminal!? Take off your helmet and let me see your wanted face! Hiding behind a shell not daring to show your face, you still call yourself a man?”

The knight frowned, this is bad.

The ‘Mercenary’s Home’ was originally a grey area, even without real proof, as long as someone reports it, the sheriff would use the chance to do a search. If that happened, he would have to leave Elvira.

–But, if he were to leave, where would he go?

The elf walked up to Iron Gauntlet’s side, glaring at him coldly.

“Twenty against one, yet you still can’t admit defeat, and you would call yourself a man?”

“Spread your legs and I’ll show you if I’m – AH! AAHHHHHH — –“

The elf lifted his foot, and kicked hard at Iron Gauntlet’s lower half.(1)

“I don’t know whether you’re a man or not before, but you certainly wouldn’t be in the future.” In Iron Gauntlets agonized screams, the elf said expressionlessly, “how does it feel not to be able to cry?”

The watching mercenaries laughed, some even cheered and clapped.

Amongst the cheers and agonized screams, each member of the Eagle Troop was paler than the next, some even subconsciously covered their front, then, trembling, started to leave still in that pose.

“They won’t go report it,” the elf left the already half conscious Iron Gauntlet, walking to the knight’s side, he said quietly, “they don’t have that courage anymore.”

The knight didn’t reply, because the moment he opened his mouth, he probably wouldn’t be able to resist laughing.

Until he saw the elf topple over with no warning at all, the joy in his heart was suddenly replaced by fear.

“You—“ the knight reached out to steady him, “are injured?”

“Not from this,” the elf replied closing his eyes, “it was Daniel. I said before… I could only hold for a minute, it’s now a minute.”

The elf’s face was white, his chest rising rapidly, though he’s exhausted his strength, there was no sweat. Even if he couldn’t feel the temperatures with under his armor, from the looks of it he could guess the elf was running a high fever.

Also, the elf had been hiding his bandaged left hand all along, now the blood stain was spreading rapidly.

The knight realized that he had made a grave mistake.

It wasn’t that the elf chose not to respond to the taunts, but that he could only stay silent.

I should have known, if possible, he would never have ignored it.

He wasn’t even able to use a bow, and I brought him into this with my hot headed selfishness.

“Sorry Cain,” the elf said softly, “can you help me to my room?”

—You’re not the one who should say sorry.

As if something had lodged itself in his throat, the knight couldn’t say anything.

Finally he just nodded, as if treating a fragile object, he carefully picked the elf up, walking into through the main doors.

“Please don’t do that…” the elf was at a loss, his eyes widening.

The knight ignored his protests, silently stepping on to the second floor landing.

A door opened down the hall, a red haired young rogue came out with his arm resting against the archer White’s shoulder. From their sleepy look, not even the agonized wails woke them, they were probably completely ignorant of what just happened down stairs.

“Oh, princess carry, very romantic.” The red haired rogue said grinning.

“I told you,” waiting for them to pass, the elf said quietly, “this pose is like you’re carrying an unconscious girl.”

“Nonsense.” The knight said, “should I have carried you under my arm?”

“… I can walk on my own.”

The knight snorted behind the armor, “save your strength to get well.”

The elf’s lips lifted in a small smile, “thank you.”

“For what,” the knight replied with exasperation, “for almost getting you killed?”

“I don’t think it would be that easy.” The elf said, “Anyways… Ah, we’ve arrived. Please let me down.”

“Do you need a healer?”

“No need,” the elf replied, pushing open the door, “I can care for the wound myself. As for the other thing, I could only wait for it to heal by itself, a healer would be useless.”

“The other thing?”

“Yes,” the elf lowered his head saying, “poison taken from a werewolf’s teeth.”

“… You, won’t turn into a werewolf?”

“Not possible,” the elf smiled, “only humans can be turned.”

The knight wanted to ask more questions, but realized he had already spoken too much.

—But, since he’s asked so many already, one more shouldn’t be a problem.

“What are you called?”

“Eh, me?” the elf lifted his head, “Ellen.”

“Ellen, what?”

“Just Ellen.”

“Since you’re not going to die,” the knight nodded, “I’m leaving.”

He ignored the elf’s shocked expression, pulling the door behind him, he turned and left.

That’s not right.

I didn’t want to say that.

I wanted to apologize, to say thanks, to say “get well soon”.

Want to take off this god forsaken helmet, and answer his greetings with smiles.

—Will that day come?

The knight walked on, clenching his fists.

It was snowing the next day, so the business in the breakfast lobby of Mercenary’s Home became especially crowded.

The knight sat near the door, watching the people go in and out, slowly filling all the tables.

The elf was a little late once again, but he didn’t forget to greet him. He glanced around the room carrying his cup, finally with a hesitant expressing he came to the knight’s table.

“Sorry, do you mind if I sat here?”

“…Thank you.” The elf saw the knight’s silence as agreement, smiled, and pulled out a chair to sit down.

Can’t get closer anymore.

Don’t get closer anymore.

Don’t you care, about what Iron Gauntlet had said?

Only an escaped convict would hid his face, always sitting by the door for easy escape.

“… No.” the knight finally said in a hard voice, “…I do mind.”

“Ah.” The elf replied, his expressing a little shocked and apologetic, “Sorry, then I will leave.”

He grabbed his cup, nodded to the knight, then walked to the next table where the pair of red headed mercenary brothers sat, asking the same question.

They happily accepted pulling out a chair.

“Oh right, our team is still missing a ranged fighter,” he could vaguely hear the younger brother say, “do you want to consider settling down with a group?”

“…If you need help you can ask me,” the elf shook his head, “if it’s a permanent position. Then I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, I understand,” the younger mercenary smiled, unoffended, “Compared to our small group that’s nothing special, I bet a larger group would probably suit you better.”

The next table over was Fil and his companions. Hearing this, the small rogue quietly explained something to his captain. Then the swordsman nodded, standing he made his way to the elf’s table.

“I’ve heard,” the captain of the mercenary group Thorn thanked the elf seriously, “thank you very much for all that you did for our teammate. – If we could have the honor, would you be willing to join us?”

With thirty or more members, “Thorn” had become one of the largest mercenary groups in Elvira, with the strongest fighters on average.

“… I fear I’m not suited for staying in a group for long term,” the elf replied apologetically, “I mean no offence, that is completely my own problem, I’m very sorry.”

“No need to apologize,” the swordsman replied even more politely, disappointed, “excuse me.”

He nodded, leaving the elf’s table.

For some reason, the knight sighed in relief.

Translator’s Notes

  1. Ellen!! *Scandalized look*…. *grin*… good job XD

(Although… I think Ellen’s got some problems… first he shoots an arrow at White’s little man – even though it missed and only hit his butt – now he…cripples… Iron Gauntlet lol)

Cain, playing hot and cold with Ellen >.< and Ellen is too polite to get angry at him lol.

Urg… I caught a cold and am currently coughing my lungs out >.< On the other hand, having a fever means I don’t go to work, and I can translate more lol but it also means my translations will probably be extremely strange…. please forgive me if Ellen’s weapons becomes a swordfish or Cain’s rust bucket armor becomes a naked apron *drool* or something silly like that. lol

More Translator’s Notes (21/01/2016)

Sorry both myself and Meeboo has been busy with RL so the releases are a little slow. I will be going on a trip to Hokkaido (starting tomorrow, for a week. YAY skiing!! Not so yay bad weather lol). I will try and get a few chapters done in between being bone tired from rolling down the hill all day (I am under no illusions that I can skii well lol). But I cannot guarantee a release next week >.< Much apologies.


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