Character Introduction

Warning! There will be some SPOILERS here, so read at your own risk!

Main Characters

Ellen Dawntracker

Ellen Dawntracker

Race: Elf

Age: 123 years old

Class: Archer

Hair colour: Blond

A 123 year old elf, who, for some reason, fell asleep for 300 years, waking up only to find that the world around him had changed. In the 300 years since he’s been asleep, the era he had known as the Legendary Era had changed into what is now the Age of Reality. Poor Ellen’s a little out of his depths.



Cain Frank

Race: Human

Age: 25

Class: Paladin

Hair colour: Black

Former Paladin of the Church, he was accused of a crime he didn’t commit and is now on the run. Hiding his identity behind a bucket of an armor and an unapproachable attitude. But in reality, he’s a playful puppy… and a virgin.



Shelly Raphael

Race: Siren

Age: 14?

Class: Illusionist?

Hair Colour: Brown

A young siren with strong powers in illusion magic, Shelly harbors a strong hatred for humans. He was rescued by Ellen and Cain from the manor of Duke Elmond where he was kept captive and forced to entertain nobles with his powers of illusion. Food makes Shelly’s world go round, it is the solution to all problems. (Image: Shelly and Shirley… so I realized I’ve been spelling Shelly’s name wrong for a while…. I’m just gonna stick with it).



Julian Mageless

Race: Dwarf

Age: 28

Class: Blacksmith/Adventurer

Hair Color: Brown

A dwarf and the descendant of the Adventurer Merchant Todd Mageless, he is the heir of the famous smithy/workshop/forge, ‘Mageless’s Workshop’. He dreams of becoming a mage and an adventurer and travel the continent much like his ancestor and decided to run away from home to join Ellen and the Unicorn Legion to escape from an engagement.

Other Characters


Queen Aemelian Grecia 

Race: Human

Age: 16

Class: Queen

The young Queen of Sistare, when she ascended the throne upon the death of her father, King Allen Grecia, the corrupt Archduke Crane tried and failed to take her throne by inciting a civil war. Her crown still hasn’t been fitted to suit her size so it always slips off her head.


Hazlett Duncan

Race: Human

Age: ??

Class: Captain of the Royal Knights

The Captain of the Royal Knights, he’s stoic and somber. But he takes his duties to his Queen seriously, even if he’s stuck with useless nobleman as subordinates. There’s a scar across his right eye.



Zaydio Elmond

Race: ??

Age: ??

Class: ??

A duke of the realm, he owns the popular brothel known as ‘The Mermaid’, where he receives most of his income. He often hires mercenaries (one in particular by the name of Golden Toothed Shark) to do his bidding and acquire new ‘merchandise’. Ellen seems to be his latest target.


Joseph brothers

The Joseph Brothers (Plus one) – Three mercenaries that often team together, they are familiar with Ellen and Cain.

Thomas Joseph

Race: Human

Age: ??

Class: Warrior

The older brother, he has a bearded face and serious attitude (in order to keep his brother in line).

Titan Joseh

Race: Human

Age: ??

Class: Bandit

The younger brother, he is a rogue class mercenary, with a cheery deposition who speaks his mind.

Jeremy White

Race: Human

Age: ??

Class: Archer

He is often in a party with the Joseph brothers.

5 thoughts on “Character Introduction

  1. arucchi

    Thank you for translating this project.

    I have a small question about Ellen’s age… he’s 123 y.o, but was in a slumber for 300 years so… shouldn’t he be more than 300 y.o by now? Did the author make some mistake somewhere?


    1. The blurb on each character is actually done by me lol. Honestly it’s a little difficult with Ellen, technically he’s 423 but I don’t know if his sleep is actually suspended animation in which he is still 123 when he wakes up or if time still passes and he’s actiallu 423.


      1. arucchi

        I see… so maybe during 300 years, it can be seen as if time stopped for him. So even if he’s technically 423 y.o, he may still have the physiology/body of a 120 something y.o elf (though it’s still unclear).
        Thanks for the answer 🙂


  2. AzureIvy

    I think it’s safe to think that Ellen is 423 y.o. If you remember the conversation he had with Cain saying that elfs puberty is from 200 to 400 y.o. and Cain asked how does it feel like to wake up as an adult and Ellen replied that it’s not bad.
    Anyways, also wanted to say a big thank you for translating this story, so far I love it! It’s so cute 😇 Hope there’s more chapters coming soon. I just recently got into chinese novels of any kind,but I’m particulary biased to BL so this is a treasure find for me 😍😍😍


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