Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is the place where I basically blab about anything and everything! Actually, I thought it might be a good idea if I clarified some things here rather than putting a 30 page long essay in the Home Page. Since I’m fairly sure you don’t want to read my ramblings for 30 pages to try and find whatever information you wanted about this site and-or whatever project is currently being worked on.

I should probably make Meeboo write something here too XD

SO! Without further ado:

About the translator

1.Where do you live?

I currently live in the crazy busy city of Hong Kong, actually I was born there and have lived most of my life here. But I have spent a good amount of my childhood years in Canada, thus my English (for some reason people are always curious and surprised when they realize I don’t have a ‘Chinese accent’ when speaking in English)

2.What languages do you speak/know?

I speak Chinese (my native language, but sadly I am horrible at writing it lol, but I can speak and read it). Technically speaking, I speak Cantonese, however I do know Mandarin as well, but my pronunciation is probably off by a little.

English, which I consider more my native language than Chinese surprisingly.

I also know the basics of Japanese, well enough to hold a conversation, or scream for help if necessary (“WHERE IS THE WASHROOM!!!??” or “OMG I’M LOST! SOMEONE SAVE ME!”). I also know some (not good enough to hold a conversation but I can work my way around a passage in a book with some time) Greek and Latin from studying in university, the joys of a Classics degree, and it’s Ancient Greek, not modern.

3. What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? What is this spare time you speak of? But honestly, other than translate, I am an avid reader, mostly fantasy, sometimes romance, and definitely BL. I also enjoy anime and manga. Oh and I also play MMORPG, mostly Final Fantasy XIV – though I’m currently on hiatus in the game haha.

About the Translation Project(s)

1. Did you write this story? (aka Disclaimer)

No I did not, the Unicorn Legion is written by the Taiwanese author D Demon Lord (D魔王) and I do not own nor do I make any money from this. The version that I am translating this from is the Web Novel version and free to read online and NOT the Light Novel version that is published for purchase.

2. How often do you update?

My release schedule is minimum 3 times/chapters a week, I will try to do more but that all depends on work (and if my boss is in the office that week and whether or not I can skive off some time to translate during work hours *whistles innocently*).  I’ll post a warning in the latest chapter if there is a break planned or if I can’t make the schedule for some reason that I can foresee.

Ok. So I’m more sporadic in my updates than I wanted to be. T^T I haven’t been able to keep up with the 3 per week updates lately *sigh* I apologize for this… please don’t kill me? On that note, the goal is still 3/week, and I’ll continue to try and make that happen but please forgive me if some weeks, it doesn’t pan out.

3. What is the original language of the story you’re translating?

The original language of Unicorn Legion (currently my one and only project but the other eventual ones will probably be the same), is Chinese.

4. Where can I find the original version?

I am currently translating from the Web Novel version of Unicorn Legion (獨角獸軍團), which you can find here: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=1740944

However, do support the author and purchase the novel, you can find that here: http://www.uei-shiang.com/

Or go to the novel’s website, they have links to other webstores you can purchase this series at: http://d.mega-zone.org/ul/product.html

5. Are you/will you be working on other projects?

Yes, eventually, there are some other novels I want to translate, but I’m currently focused on the Unicorn Legion.

Miscellaneous Questions

1. Will you ask for/take donations?

Nope, although I honestly don’t think people will offer in the first place haha, but I do strongly suggest you all support the author and buy their books. I translate for the fun of it, it’s mostly just to satisfy myself, and if other people get the joys of reading the finished product, then all the better ^^.

2. Can I help with the translating/join the project?

If you would like to help out on the project I would very much welcome it ^^ send me an email: clara.me@gmail.com (I should really make an email for Lylis or this site in particular lol).

I would prefer that you work through this site rather than post random chapters on a separate one. Firstly because, my style of translating is slightly different in that I try to make things flow rather than, say, other WN translators that try to stay true to the original grammar so I would like other people who are helping with this project to do the same.

Secondly because… well, honestly it’s mostly cause I’m lazy, I don’t want to track down the other websites that you’re posting on and figure out how I should link/attach that page to this site and still make it easy for people to find the next chapter without having to go back to the project main page every time.

3. Anything else?

That is all the possible questions that people might be interested in asking that I can think of for the moment (actually, it’s debatable whether people wanted to actually know about me, but I’m feeling narcissistic so I’m gonna share anyways XD).

However, if you have any other questions that I have not answered here, please feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll reply/post it on here and answer to the best of my abilities. (If you ask me for my 3 sizes I’ll find a way to cause you pain, maybe even take a page out of Ellen’s book).

I hope this is helpful and thank you all for reading The Unicorn Legion!



Lylis Asmodeus