Welcome to my site, where I post my translation projects! (There’s currently only one though!)

The books I am translating are by Taiwanese authors and are mostly in the BL (boy’s love) genre (again, there is only one ongoing project at the moment lol).

Before we start, I should declare that I did NOT write any of the stories posted in this site, nor am I making any money from these stories I am translating. I am translating as a hobby and because I would like to share the works with a larger audience and feel that it would be a shame for something like language barrier to prevent these stories from being read. Please go support the authors by buying their books!

Link to the projects below:

The Unicorn Legion

12 thoughts on “Home

  1. kanarii

    I am a new reader, I want to say Hello and praise you little bit .. because today upward i will be your stalker…
    I only skimmed the translation and I already liked it…so I will pray for the continuation..
    Finally thank you for bringing us this delicious novel..


  2. @Anna Tong soon, I finally managed to get a new job… do that means I can stop worrying about my finances and get back to the important things (like translating lol). Give me another week or two to situate myself and I’ll get something out.


  3. Hi. I have done a bit of fan art on the Unicorn Legion, and I thought of showing it to you. (It’s not based on the real character design, it’s my visualisation​ of the characters from reading the story)
    May I?


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