The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 7

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – Still looking for one, contact me if interested!

Chapter 7: A Study of the Ceremony of Allegiance

“Even though this outfit is a little inappropriate, but having a sword should be enough.”

“What?” Ellen received the sword Cain passed to him in confusion.

“I’m very poor, with nothing I can give, so I hope you can accept this.” The knight said, smiling softly.

“I, Cain · Frank, hereby swear my loyalty to Ellen as master, I am thy sword, thy shield, to always be by thee, until death should take me*.”

The elf looked at the knight kneeling in front of him, his face saying that he was at a loss, “Cain, you saved my life, I’m just repaying that dept. You don’t owe me anything.”

“You cleared my name**, to me, honor is something more important than my life.”

“No, this… is too valuable. Please don’t decide so easily – you should save your oath for someone more worthy.” The elf shook his head, replying, “Besides, I don’t really need protection…”

The knight probably did not expect to be rejected in such a way, he revealed a hurt expression, and as if he just thought of something, smiled slyly at the elf.

“Well said, Lord Viscount of 400 gold.”

The elf was rendered speechless by that comeback, after a while, he picked up the sword smiling wryly, lightly tapping the knight’s shoulders.

“Then I shall gratefully accept.”

The young siren observed everything curiously and silently, then came to a conclusion.

“You sold yourself.”

“It’s not sold, it’s an oath of loyalty, a type of ceremony.” The knight stood up, rebutting seriously.

“What’s a ceremony?”

“When humans form a contract, they show their sincerity through this method.”

“Sincerity, contracts… that means ‘Delivery upon Payment, non-refundable’.” The youth came to a second conclusion, “You sold yourself, and won’t let Ellen return the goods, — that’s so sneaky.”

“… Even though the knight’s creed says that we ‘must never bully those who are weaker’,” the knight replied, gritting his teeth, “but if my master orders it then there’s no problem. So, Ellen, please let me beat him up… Ellen?”

The elf was standing to one side already out of breath from laughing, so the knight would have to decide on his own actions.

When he was about to viciously start building a bun tower*** on the siren’s head, his opponent speedily transformed into a petit girl in an elegant dress.

“Do you think changing into the Queen will save you, you brat!”

“Stand down, knight. Don’t be impertinent.” Aemelian · Grecia said, as she wagged her eyebrows, she raised her skirt.

“Stop! Stop I said!” Cain turned his head away painfully, “You are ruining a noble lady’s reputation! The Queen would never…”

“Please be gentle with Aemelian, it’s my first time.”

“Don’t say such strange lines in the middle of the street! – And don’t pick your nose while saying it! Ahhhh —“

Naturally, this psychological battle concluded in the knight’s complete defeat.

While Ellen was busy arranging a resting place for the Siren in the Mercenary’s Home, the knight was being forced to sign two or three unfair treaties. In summary, the contents were: never to use violence against under-aged endangered magical creatures, which include but are not limited to shouting, threatening and raising a head as if to attack, and so on. In exchange, the young siren promised ‘to the best of his abilities’ not to act in a way that goes against human social norms while in public.

Finally, as the victor, the youth demanded that the knight relinquish his ‘territory’, and upon confirming the success of his capture, he wrapped himself in the blankets and curled up in satisfaction to sleep in the bed. So Cain could only pack up his things, and move into the room originally prepared for the Siren.

Walking into the room, the knight suddenly thought of something, turning to the elf just outside the door, he asked, “I say, can’t we just send the kid do some magical creature protection organization or something…”

“Cain, we’re the ‘Unicorn Legion’, right now in the whole country, or probably the whole continent’s only magical creature protection organization. Plus he might be the only link to finding the duke, I want to keep him near in all possibility.”

“… I should have known, in this day and age how can there still be an organization with the first class recruitment rights.” The knight let put a pained sound.

“That was just an excuse to deal with the pope,” the elf replied patiently, “if you want to quit you can…”

“If you think that…” Cain turned to look at him, his expression complicated.

Ellen immediately knew he said the wrong thing.

A knight’s fealty was not something simple. If this person has already chosen to do this, any suggestions to rescind was equal to an insult.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.” The elf lowered his head.

“You have no need to lower your head to your servant,” the knight smiled forcefully, “My Lord.”

That title seemed to immediately create a boundary between them.

“Please return to your rest. I shall be awaiting your orders.” The knight bowed slightly. The strange thing was, even armour-less, to Ellen, it seemed he was even more distant than when they first met.



“I accept Cain · Frank as my knight.” The elf took a deep breath, and continued onwards, “thou shall fight by my side, to be my weapon, my protector. I swear, in the name of God, never to allow thy honor and loyalty to be tarnished, unwavering, till the end of this life.****”

Then he stepped on top of the threshold, holding on to the knight’s shoulders, he placed a light kiss on his forehead.

“That should complete it.” The elf smiled a little embarrassedly, “as I don’t know the modern customs, so I followed the traditions of the Legendary Age. If I’m missing any steps, please tell me.”

“No, it’s enough,” the knight replied after a while, his face a little pale, “My Lord.”

“Call me Ellen.”

“Is that the first order?”

“Use your own judgement,” the elf smiled, turning to leave, “sweet dreams, Cain.”

The knight closed the door, leaning his back against it, he reached a hand to touch his forehead.

It wasn’t that the elf didn’t do enough, he did too much.

Something like “the Kiss of Oath”, was common in the Legendary Age. But now, it was only used when accepting the knight as a lover.

–But something like that, as long as he didn’t accept the allegiance of another knight, there was no need it tell him this.

On the other hand, the elf didn’t think too much.

Under the combined effects of the Siren’s Tears and the remaining alcohol, he didn’t even have time to change upon returning to his room, he simply fell unconscious once his head hit the pillow.

Translator’s Notes

*時刻不離,至死方休 – (I hate translating idioms lol) it means: Never to leave one’s side and un-resting till death, or something similar. I might come back to change the text at a later date, since I’m not really satisfied with the translation.

**Technically he didn’t, he just saved you from being executed, but ok.

***在海妖少年的頭上狠狠敲個爆栗 – I don’t really know how else to translate this. XD “Beat him up” doesn’t sound accurate either, so just imagine anime style bun towers.

****終此一生,矢志不渝 – I seriously wanted to write “till death do us part”. Seriously.

Thanks for being patient with me, I am alive and have just returned from my vacation! Hopefully I’ll be back to a more frequent release schedule. Hope you enjoyed this chapter ^^. Poor Cain, he should realize that he will probably never win against in a psychological contest with a siren using illusion magic.

On another note: Here’s an illustration of the Kiss of Oath by Tina! *Squee*

Kiss of Oath

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