The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 25

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – have I mentioned how awesome they are yet?

Chapter 25: Someday

The elf dreamt of a distant past.

But it didn’t feel that distant, because in his memory, it was only a few months ago.

“You are the hero we are proud of, I have no reason to refuse your request. Even if it is such an… outrageous and foolish one.”

“Sorry, I’ve troubled you.”

“But I still wish for you to think this through, you know the price for completing this spell?”

“I understand. Forbidden spells are called forbidden, for a reason.”

“Then, for you to sacrifice this, what do you wish in return?”

“The chance for all the members of ‘Unicorn Legion’ to survive, naturally that includes myself.”

“Even if you would never see them again?”


“…You don’t have family or a lover?”

“… None.”

The priestess sighed lightly, “That’s good. Or else I would have helped you do the cruelest thing in the world.”

“There is nothing more cruel than death itself, lady priestess.” The young elf lifted his head, replying calmly.

“… That’s because you’re still young, child.”


“Don’t agree so easily, child. You imagine yourself to be too strong – someday, you may regret this decision.”

“That’s ‘someday’, let the me in the future face it.”

She looked at him, with pity and sadness in her eyes.

It felt as if a century had passed, before the priestess finally stood up.

She hung the translucent stone around the elf’s neck, then lightly kissed his forehead.

“Then, farewell, Ellen Dawntracker. If that is your choice – then I can only wish for your success.”

Someone pulled open the bed curtains, and a cool breeze brushed his face

“Ellen, Ellen, Ellen~” the childish voice sang out, chasing the remaining sleepiness away, “Time to wake up!”

The elf opened his eyes, right in time to meet the siren’s clear eyes.

“Will we pass by a village today? And farms and lots of cows and sheep?”

“That’s right,” the elf smiled, “is everyone awake?”

“Cain and Julian are training, have been for a long time already.” The youth nodded, “Cain said before we reach the Mage Academy(1), he’ll turn Julian into a true fighting force.”

The elf frowned, “I’ll go take a look.”

The knight was holding a long sword, poised to attack, on the other hand the dwarf was holding a shield in front of him that was almost half his height. Even though it was early spring, beads of sweat dotted their foreheads, but the dwarf seems to be in worse shape, his body was shaking, and the sweat had started to drip onto his beard.

“Want to rest for a moment?” The knight asked.

“No, please… let me try one more time.” The dwarf struggled to stand straight, “I still haven’t succeeded even once today right?”

“Julian,” the elf sighed, “if you can learn to block Cain’s attack perfectly in a few hours, by the time we reach the Mage Academy, you can immediately challenge the Chief Mage.”

“Eh, I didn’t think…” the dwarf blushed, “I just… Since I have had instructions before, I’m somewhat experienced at this.”

“That’s true,” the knight grinned, “you’re better than what I thought yesterday. If we were see a few more fights on the road, maybe…”

“If we really do see a few more fights down the road, Julian can grow, and you would be lying face down in bed every night.” The elf looked at him with dissatisfaction, pointing to the tent, “—Get in, I’m going to check how well you’ve recovered.”

“Will Mr.Frank… be in trouble?” The dwarf watched as the knight entered the tent, and asked a little worried, “Because he trained with me while injured?”

“Don’t worry,” the siren replied without thinking, “They probably need some excuse to be alone. For this and that, ‘playing doctor’ and such.”(2)

“Tha… Something like that… the two of them are lo- lovers?” the dwarf blushed again, even his speech became stuttered.。

“They’re not?” The siren looked at the dwarf a little surprised, “I think lovers should be like that. – Ah, but, I don’t think they have slept together, because Cain is still a virgin.”

The dwarf shook his head, his face even redder, “Then- then that means, I… I have made a big mistake… no, two… or three?”

“Compared to a four person tent, maybe a two person one would be more appropriate… I’ll write this down.” The dwarf took out his book and paper, mumbling to himself.

The siren watched his movements curiously, “Julian, can you teach me to read and write?”

“I’d be happy to, Mr.Shelly!” the dwarf revealed a smile, replying, “to be able to teach a mage how to read is my honor!”

“Do mages not know how to read and write?”

“I think it’s taught at the Mage Academy,” the dwarf replied after thinking for a moment, “but they might use some sort of spell, to insert that straight into the brain”

The elf carefully removed the remaining medicine on the knight’s back.

After a night of rest, the scrapes and bruises were completely healed. Leaving behind only old scars, the long thin shapes looked like it was made with a whip.

Even though he knew the wounds were old, the elf still unconsciously avoided touching them. – Either way, it was definitely not any sort of good memory.

“What is it?” the knight asked grinning, “are you satisfied with the inspection, can I be removed from the injured list, Captain?”

“Hm… you used some type of recovery magic to speed up the healing? Otherwise there would at least be some signs left.”

“Of course,” the knight pointed to the spirit stone hanging in front of his chest, “I couldn’t resist testing this.”

“It’s good that it was useful,” the elf smiled, handing him his clothes, “then, pack up and get ready to leave”

It didn’t take long to disassemble the tent, very quickly everything was packed up.

The knight walked towards the dwarf, to retrieve his shield, the dwarf considered for a moment, before finally asking.

“Mr.Frank, the design on the shield… has been modified?”

“Ah, I went to the ‘Campbell Smith Shop’ to have it modified, removing the cross pattern on top.” The knight grinned, “I originally wanted to change it to a more unique logo, but there wasn’t enough time, and ended up only getting the horse design, it’s not bad right?”

“Um,” the dwarf said carefully, “Not… not too bad, for human standards.”

“For human standards?”

“No offence, Mr.Frank,” the dwarf touched his nose replying, “but I could have made something stronger when I was ten. – When we get to the next village, please allow me to redo that for you.”

“I understand, it’s the ‘racial trait’ again,” the knight nodded, “by the way I’m a little curious, what is the ‘racial trait’ of humans?”

The three non-humans looked at each other, then shook their heads together.

“I don’t know.” The dwarf said, “It was never written in the books…”

“There’s so many of them that you can’t kill them all like cockroaches,” the siren nodded, “the vampire duke said that.”

“Shelly, don’t get brainwashed by the duke. Have your own opinions!”

“Humans have a high nutritional value.” The siren thought for a moment, then replied seriously.

“Don’t stare at me while saying that! Didn’t you just eat breakfast?! – And I thought male sirens don’t eat humans?! (i)

“Ahem… after receiving a shock, they have strong adaptability and recovery powers?”

“… Even if you say that to comfort me, I won’t feel happy, Ellen.” The knight replied with a sour face.

Translator’s Notes

  1.       Yahhhh… for some reason I’ve been reading the Mage Academy as Magic Academy for the past twenty something chapter lol. Sorry, but from now on it’s the Mage Academy. XD I’ll eventually go back and change the other chapters. Really really sorry about that *Whistles innocently*
  2.       Lol Shelly, way to go and give people the wrong…. Or is it the right?…impression? XD Don’t we all wish that was the case!?

So now we have some idea of what happened to Ellen. Hopefully we will learn the whole story at some point.

I feel like almost every other chapter is a pick on Cain chapter lol.

Editor’s Note

(i) I can already see this with Shelly looking at Cain whilst drooling…LOL

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  1. “For this and that, ‘playing doctor’ and such.” kuhahahaha how naughty~~
    and I can’t even say “poor Cain” cause I’m having too much fun at his expense~ lol
    Thank you very much for the chapter!! XD


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