The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 24

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – have I mentioned how awesome they are yet?

Chapter 24: Time of Adventurers

“True,” once the knight’s initial shock passed, he suddenly revealed a very curious expression, “so just the shower costs…”

“Un, four hundred gold coins.” The dwarf nodded.

The elf’s ears twitched violently, seeing this scene, the knight suddenly buried his face into the pillow, and started to laugh silently, his body shaking.

“God… it seems… Duke Elmond… is… really a… cheapskate… four hundred gold… hahaha… shower room…”

The dwarf looked at the knight a little confused, “is that a joke? I’m sorry Mr.Frank, I don’t really understand human culture. Would it be impolite if I didn’t laugh along?”

The knight’s shaking got worse.

“C…a…i…n!!” The elf practically shouted the knight’s name with gritted teeth.

“Sorry Ellen… I didn’t mean to…but… ow that hurts…”

“If you laugh again, I’m going back to find the Joseph brothers, and invite them into the team. Then appoint Titan to sleep in the same bed as you.”

“Captain you can’t… that’s bullying an injured teammate.”

“If you still remember you’re injured then quickly lie back down and be quiet.”

The knight immediately laid back down obediently. The elf glared at him for a moment, sighing, “I’ll go take the night watch, you should all sleep first.”

“Call me in two hours.” The knight’s whose face was still buried in the pillow, said in a muffled voice.

The elf ignored his words, turning to the dwarf to say, “Julian, I’ll be counting on you for the latter half of the night.”

“Yes, Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf’s eyes brightened, “keeping the night watch… it really feels like an adventurer!”

“It’s not ‘feels like an adventurer’,” the elf smiled weakly, “you are an adventurer now.”

“Yes, Mr Ellen!” the dwarf stood straighter, “I’ll try to get used to it quickly! Do you have any other orders?”

“… Please get rid of that Mr.”

“Yes sir! … Ah no, I mean, yes, Ellen!”

It was late into the night.

Other than the occasional crackling of firewood, everything was quiet.

Borrowing the light from the fire, the elf looked through the map, but rather than say he was making plans, it should be said that he was simply enjoying the feeling.

— The feeling of being an Adventurer.

Some people are domestic, others wander aimlessly, who can say which is better or worse, but if it was about himself, he would absolutely be a helplessly addicted wanderer(1). Just sitting in front of the fire, knowing that his companions are sleeping soundly in the tent, gives a feeling of warm security in his heart.

This was the environment that the elf was most familiar with, or perhaps, this was his only familiar living style.

If it weren’t for the ‘Death Dragon’, perhaps he would be in the ‘Unicorn Legion’, watching the team grow and members change, until finally one day, dying in some battlefield without a care due to some serious accident.

Footsteps interrupted the elf’s thoughts.

The knight exited the tent, grinning when he saw the elf turn around, “Came out to answer a call of nature – by the way, isn’t it almost time to change shifts?”

“It’s nothing, I’ll stand watch for a bit longer,” the elf shook his head, “I’m just feeling a little… sleepless.”

“Don’t force yourself.”

“I’ve slept for three hundred years,” the elf smiled, “one or two hours less isn’t a big deal.”

The knight shook his head disapprovingly, coming over to sit next to the elf.

“… Every time it was Todd’s turn to stand watch, he would always write in that journal.” The elf lifted his head, gazing at the shadow of the mountains in the distance, “although we always thought that he was just balancing the books. If… we knew he was thinking like that, perhaps we wouldn’t have asked him to stay in Elvira.”

The knight didn’t reply.

“Julian doesn’t look much like him, and he didn’t speak a lot, but they are probably quite similar on the inside.”

“Julian is a good fellow,” the knight finally said, looking a little pensive, “but haven’t you been reminding him the whole day


The knight seemed to have realized something, he turned his head away a little embarrassed, “Nothing, forget what I said.”

The elf looked at his profile, suddenly smiling gently with a bit of understanding, “Still thinking about the difference in treatment, huh?”(2)

“I don’t care about that, I mean,” the knight coughed, “being nice to a new person is normal.”

The elf thought for a moment, reaching behind to remove something. Then he pulled the knight’s hand over, placing it solemnly into his hand.

“Will this be acceptable?”

The knight’s eyes widened.

“Spirit Stone of the Moon” the elf said briskly, “it is said that wearing it would increase your magical powers by a little, once it’s used up it can be recharged with moonlight. But since I don’t have magic powers I always forget about it – since you don’t have your cross anymore, I’m not sure if this is a suitable replacement.”

“Ellen… I really was just joking,” looking at the clear stone in his palm, the knight smiled weakly, “this…is very precious right?”

“No, how would you call this… it’s defective? Anyways, the sentimental values are higher than its actual practicality.” The elf smiled a little apologetically, “Sorry, I’m very poor, with nothing to give. …You’ve chosen a pretty unreliable master.”

“Ellen, if God banished me from his team,” the knight closed his fingers, holding the crystal in his palm, “it was so that I could meet you – I think He’s generous enough, really. …I really want to show this off everywhere.”(4)

“Show off… don’t tell Shelly, if he comes asking for equal treatment, I can only give him this.” The elf pointed to the earring on his left ear, saying helplessly, “even though it’s from three hundred years ago, but just to give him one side, would be too stingy.”

“I didn’t know elves have the tradition to wear earrings.”

“There really isn’t,” the elf nodded, “this…how to say it, could be considered a mistake of youth.”

“A mistake of youth,” the knight revealed a secretive smile, “that sounds very romantic. A love story?”

“No, a stupid story.” The elf grinned, replying, “When I was fifteen or sixteen, a group a human merchants passed through the forest. That group specializes in body art, like tattoos, or piercings. – As a result all the children in the tribe couldn’t resist running to see. It’s something we’ve never seen before, so it was especially attractive.”

“Understood, it would be pretty attractive even to human children.” The knight thought for a moment before replying, “If it weren’t for my discipline, I would probably get a tattoo as well.”

“Yes, a few of the braver ones, really came back with tattoos, and mostly on the face and forehead. – In the end they could only spread the rumor to the outside that it was a tribal tradition.”

“Are you one of the braver ones?”

“Me? I was one of the more cowardly ones. Only sneaking out to get my ears pierced, hoping my parents won’t find out.”


“Of course I was found out,” the elf spread his hands, “I was grounded for a month and not allowed to go hunting. – Then I became more honest, only the piercings I couldn’t resist leaving as a memento.”

“It was only one side from the start?”

“No, it was originally a pair, but only one side was left when I woke up.”

The elf reached a hand out, touching the empty right ear a little regretfully, “I don’t know when I lost it, three hundred years, it’s impossible to find now. Then again it’s already grown back, even if I find it I can’t wear it again.”

“Actually, it’s very beautiful,” the knight grinned, “can’t really be considered a mistake.”

“Truthfully, it hurts quite a bit. I wouldn’t advise for you to try it. – By the way, what happened to the nature’s call?”

“It was just an excuse, I actually came out for some sweets,” the knight gripped the crystal in his hand again, “I’m going back to sleep. Want me to wake Julian?”

“Sure.” The elf took a last look at the sky, standing up.

“Tomorrow… will be a good day.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. 无药可救的流浪成瘾者 – he means that he’s addicted to wandering, not that he was an addict. To the point of being incurable.
  2. In these situations I always want to write something like “Still thinking about the difference in treatment, eh?” but then I’m scared I’d end up being teased for being a Canadian T^T . Granted, I have the urge to add “eh” in a lot of the sentences lol… yaaahhhhh 😛
  3. 月之魂石 – I’m kinda dissatisfied with this translation… but I have no idea how else to translate this other than ‘Spirit Stone of the Moon’ even though it’s way too long lol and ‘Moonstone’ doesn’t seem to cut it XD
  4. 4. I don’t know if I should gush or blush lol. Cain, only you can say something so sickeningly sweet and not die of embarrassment O///O

I should probably mention that I added a Character Intro page, and you can find it under Unicorn Legion in the menu bar (if you have not found it already).

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      1. Lol it’s ok, I totally understand XD I stared at the line for so long trying to keep from dying of embarrassment just typing it out. I swear, only Cain can say something like that and only Ellen can not react to it when he hears it -_-;; i don’t know if Ellen is clueless or what hahaha

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  1. The ‘Eh?’ would have suited the dialogue though. Most of the Chinese stories I’ve read have them, and other expressions like ‘en’, ‘ba’ etc… I don’t know, but I like them. I think they add a bit of extra colour to the dialogues.


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