The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 23

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – my savior! I’d offer my first born child but that would probably scare them away.

Chapter 23: Moving Castle

“Indeed it’s not serious, rest for the night and you should be completely healed by tomorrow morning.” The elf examined the knight’s condition, coming to this conclusion, “Alright, put your clothes back on, be careful not to wipe off the medication.”

“Herbology and first aid… is there something you don’t know?” the knight stared at him curiously, “Last time I seem to have seen you pick a lock with your dagger.”

“I can’t spend a hundred or so years just on fighting skills.” The elf replied nonchalantly, “but it’s all just superficial knowledge, don’t hope for too much.”

“Then Wind magic, is that also superficial knowledge?” The knight put on his jacket, “That wind that distracted the Joseph brothers, that’s not natural wind.”

“You realized? It’s hard to aim on a horse, but I was afraid they might move too quickly, so I first released a…” the elf seemed a little embarrassed, “I can’t really be considered as a wind element magician, my magical powers are too weak, and can’t really make anything damaging. –Plus it could only be used in the forest, so strictly speaking, it would be called racial trait

“It’s still a form of attack, not needing to use your hands to throw a face full of dirt at them.” The knight grinned, “Isn’t there a phrase that says, there are no low level magic, just low level magicians?”

“Right, it seems like Julian said that several times today…”

“What is it, Mr.Ellen?” the dwarf who was waiting at a distance heard his name, and immediately looked up to ask, “Did you need my help with something?”

“It’s nothing, time to go.” The elf took his own horse, then handed the reins to the knight, and said to the siren who was busy stuffing himself with the dry rations, “Shelly, we can make camp once we leave the forest, wait till then for dinner.”

The young siren wiped the food crumbs from the corner of his lips, happily agreed, standing to run towards ‘Afternoon Tea’.

“If you gave me the horse, what will you do?” The knight didn’t take the reins.

“Walk of course,” the elf nodded, then added, “I can’t let an injured member walk after all.”

“I can walk as well…” the dwarf added carefully at the side, then looked down at his short legs.

“Julian,” the elf ordered helplessly, “I appreciate your kindness, get on the horse.”

“If you don’t mind,” the dwarf didn’t back down, “Mr.Ellen can ride with me. – The weight shouldn’t be a problem.”

“…Alright, then I’ll take you up on the offer.” The elf smiled, jumping onto the dwarf’s horse, then offered his hand to pull the dwarf up as well.

“Cain? Can you get on yourself?” Seeing that the knight had yet to move, the elf asked worriedly.

“No problem.” The knight silently turned around to mount the horse, suddenly feeling that he should probably curse the trio that had caused his injury.(1)

“Just so I have a few questions I want to ask.” After traveling for a while, the elf suddenly inquired.

“Julian, about your ancestor, what Mr.Todd wrote in that journal… do you mind revealing it to me?”

“It’s not any secret, Mr.Ellen.” the dwarf replied immediately, “I remember the events in the diary very well, so feel free to ask.”

“Specifically speaking, it’s about the status of the team he was in…”

“The Unicorn Legion, Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf said smiling, “it was a group that specializes in dealing with things to do with Magical Creatures. Including the protection of endangered and harmless species, or to minimize the damage caused by the harmful ones and so on. And magical creatures, refers to…”

“I understand the meaning,” the elf gave a soft helpless smile, breaking off his speech, “the journal should mention something about the Death Dragon.”

“Um,” the dwarf thought for a moment, replying seriously, “the last entry on the journal was about the ‘Death Dragon’. Though I also want to know what happened, but the journal didn’t record the details. It was just written that as a non-combatant member, he didn’t participate, and stayed in their headquarters in Elvira.”

“What I want to know is,” the elf took a deep breath, “after that mission, did the Unicorn Legion return to find him.”

“Unfortunately,” the dwarf said softly, “no, not a single one. It was as if they had disappeared from the earth.”

“…Disappeared… is it?”

“The reason Mr.Todd didn’t join the other dwarves when they returned to their homeland underground, was because of this. There was a section in the journal that said this – ‘I believed they succeeded, I also believe that they would return alive. So, I will continue to stay here, until they come back safely.”(2)

“I see…” the elf was silent for a while, replying softly, “thank you, I have no more questions.”

“About that, Mr.Ellen,” the dwarf added excitedly, “at that time in the ‘Unicorn Legion’, there was also an elf called…”

“Julian,” the elf shook his head, “Sorry, I’m a little tired. Can we not talk about this for now?”

By the time they exited the forest, it was already dark.

Luckily there was a large empty field next to the forest. With a water source nearby, and there were signs of campfire on the ground, it was obvious that many people had camped at this spot in the past.

The group started a fire easily, solving the problem of dinner. Then, under the directions of the creator, the tent was quickly erected.

The inside of the tent did indeed look larger than the outside, the hammocks hung in various levels, using rope ladders and curtains, to cleverly give each individual some personal space. Once it was complete, the siren cheered loudly, climbing on top of one of the beds then refused to come down anymore.

“I hope this is satisfactory to everyone?” the dwarf bowed, his expression showing both a little shy and a little pride. “The quality of the Mageless’s Workshop’s product.”

“Satisfied? Are you joking?” the knight sat down, patting the pillow that accompanied the hammock, in shock, “This is practically a moving palace! – Compared to this, the rooms in the Mercenary’s Home are like horse sta… no, pig sties!”

“Thank you for your compliment.” The dwarf grinned blindingly, pointing to a stand next to the bed, “Weapon and shield could be hung here, it wouldn’t fall. And you can put your armor in this corner.”

“Julian, you are a genius.” The knight placed the shield on the stand, took off his armor, and fell back onto the bed. Then immediately sat back up with an ‘ow’, “Damn, my back… looks like I’d have to sleep facing down tonight.”

“I’ll change your medicine again in a moment,” the elf sighed, “looks like when we reach the next village, the first thing we have to do is get medical supplies.”

“I’m fine.” The knight looked at the young siren that had fallen asleep after filling his stomach, “In comparison, replenishing our food supplies are more important.— We’ve originally prepared five days of dry rations, but we’ve had to throw some away in order to reduce weight, from the looks of it now it would be a good thing if it could last for two days.”(3)

“No problem, I eat very little.” The dwarf grinned, “I’ve already made an accord with Mr.Shelly, the extra dried fish that I brought along all belong to him.”

“Julian,” the knight patted his shoulder, “you are a perfect team mate, I really don’t know why those groups in the past reject you.”

“They’re probably afraid that I’ll snore,” the dwarf said in a small voice, “they said dwarves lift the tent with our snoring.”

“Eh?! You snore?!”

“No, Mr.Frank,” the dwarf replied in protest, “but just in case of any unforeseen circumstances, please don’t kick me from the team.”(4)

“Don’t worry it won’t happen,” the knight smiled, “this tent can’t be lifted anyways…by the way how much does this thing actually cost?”

“Um, originally there were no plans to sell it, so we randomly priced it at two thousand gold,” the dwarf considered for a moment before replying, “there’s no shower room this time, but the price is still calculated from the set price, in the end I paid one thousand six hundred – I never really bothered about saving money in the past, good thing I had enough put aside.”

“One thousand six…” the elf shook his head, “well, now I know while old Mr.Mageless was so enthusiastic. In his eyes I must be the pie that fell from the sky, extra-large, elven brand.”。

Translator’s Notes

  1. Poor Cain, foiled once again! XD
  2. Poor Ellen! Damnit, again with the feels! Gah! 😥
  3. 现在看起来能撑两天就不错了 – he means something along the lines of “as long as it can last at least two days it would be something to be thankful for.” Lol Shelly and food has kinda become a running joke hasn’t it? Granted, it’s all true!
  4. Wait, what unforeseen circumstances? Can you snore accidentally? Or does he mean if he blows the tent away accidentally? I don’t understand

I personally think that Shelly cheated Julian with the food thing lol, Julian is too nice and Shelly’s totally gonna walk all over him XD

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