The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 26

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – have I mentioned how awesome they are yet?

Chapter 26: Gnome Village

“Alright gentlemen, let’s end the ‘teasing the human’ session, it’ll be noon if we don’t leave now.”

The elf jumped onto the horse’s back, planning to reach out to help the dwarf up. But, different than yesterday, the dwarf didn’t touch his hand, rather he backed up a few steps, his face red.

The elf looked at him a little confusedly, “Julian?”

“Pl…Please let me walk.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s just half a day anyways, what I mean is…” the dwarf turned to look at the knight, lowering his head again to continue mumbling, “that… I can’t… I shouldn’t…”

“Ah… you’re not used to riding with someone?” the elf nodded, “Sorry, I didn’t think about that.”

He hopped off the horse, and returned the reins to the dwarf smiling, “Don’t worry, this was yours originally. Anyways, I walk faster.”


The elf turned his head, the knight had already positioned his horse next to him, he patted the front half of the saddle, “Get on.”

“You’re sure…?” The elf eyed his full armor, “It won’t cause some sort of tragedy where the elf crushes the horse right?”

“There’s not a lot of rations left, and most of the things are on the other horses.” The knight grinned, reaching a hand out towards him, “Anyways, it’s not like I haven’t carried you before, you’re not that heavy. Get on.”

“That’s not my fault,” the elf complained quietly, gripping his hand, and vaulting onto the horse, “three hundred years living on the energy of the moon, I’ve lost more than half my strength.”

“Then be a bit more cautious,” the knight reached past his waist, holding onto the reins, “If you want to sleep you can sleep a bit more.”

The siren winked at the dwarf, with an expression that said ‘see, what did I say.’

The dwarf’s face was red again, he silently muttered, “this way, I shouldn’t be kicked by the horse.”(1)

“Julian? What is it?”

“Nothing at all, Mr.Frank,” the dwarf nodded heartily, “I was just talking to myself.”

Their destination was the village indicated on the map, by the name of Gnome. Although it’s small, it had existed since before the Legendary Era.

Almost all the groups traveling from the Capital to the Mage Academy, would pass by here to replenish their supplies. Since there would be no more villages in the road after, only mountain ranges and forests.

The elf still remembered how grand the villages was in those years, if it is as the knight said, that the Mage Academy had lost its former glory, he feared this village would not be as it was in the past.

“Ellen,” the knight’s voice said next to his ears, “the quiver and bow are blocking my vision.” “Ah, sorry,” the elf removed the weapon from his back a little embarrassed, “I can’t believe I forgot about that.”

“I never knew maps were so fascinating,” the knight grinned, “don’t tell me there’s a hidden treasure from three hundred years ago?”

“I’ve been to Gnome village in the past,” the elf said, “I wonder what it looks like now.”

“Ahh…” the knight’s grin subdued.

“Don’t misunderstand,” the elf heard the worry in his voice, and immediately turned back to look at him, “I’m not feeling bad, just a little… nervous. Like meeting a friend that I haven’t seen in many years. I can’t help but think, how much has changed, will I be able to recognize them… and such.”

“Something familiar is bound to remain.”

“Even if it’s changed it wouldn’t be a bad thing,” the elf grinned, “it’s just that elderlies prefer the nostalgia.”


“No, should I say elderly elves?”

“As a race that lives for a thousand or so years,” the knight grinned, “four hundred is certainly old. – Proportionally, you might be able to catch the end of puberty.”

“No,” the elf said mock seriously, “the puberty of the elven tribe starts at around two hundred until four hundred. After four hundred is considered to be an adult.”(2)

“That means, you completely slept through that. – How does it feel to wake up as an adult, elven child?”

“Not bad,” the elf turned around smiling, reaching out to pat the knight on his helmet, “human child.”

“Heh… you dare to do that to me when you’re on my horse,” the knight pulled hard on the elf’s cape, covering his whole head and face, and pulled the elf into his arms to tickle him, “you think you have a chance to win? Hmmm?”

“Hey stop fooling around, what happens if there’s an ambush — Nnnn …”

“Admit defeat, if you do I’ll let you go.”

“In your dreams …Unn… Haa… let go, I’ll suffocate!”

Watching the knight and elf who were messing around on the horse, the siren sighed like an old man.

“Ah, to be young.”

“God…” the dwarf reached out a hand, desperately trying to cover his face, “I can’t watch anymore, my heart can’t take it.”

“You’ll get used to it.” The siren said comfortingly.

They arrived at Gnome Village a little after noon. Looking around, the surroundings were mostly made up of farms. It should almost be spring planting time, but for some reason there was no one around.

“By the way, Gnome, means earth spirits right.” The dwarf said hesitantly, “the elemental faeries that are good at farming?”

“Yes,” the elf grinned, “originally many Gnomes and humans live together here, that’s why this was called Gnome Village.”

“Too bad you can’t see them anymore,” the dwarf sighed, “I really want to go back to the Legendary Age.”

Before he even finished speaking, they could see in a distance, a group of farmers with hoes walking by.

“Ah, someone’s coming!” the siren called happily, “Oi—Hello –”

Hearing the greeting, the farmers turned around, and a few even waved back happily, they stopped, waiting for the group to get closer.

“Seems like this really is a very peaceful village.” The knight grinned.

“Yes…” the siren nodded, “can we not eat dried rations for lunch?”

But when the group came closer, close enough to be able to see each other clearly, the farmers smiles suddenly disappeared. One of them, jerkily raised a hand, pointing at the dwarf, and shouted.

“Oh God – Gnome! A giant Gnome!”

Then they all raised their hoes, rushing over in anger.

“Gnome king! Get out of this village!”

“Haa?” The dwarf started, “Gn, Gnome King? Me?”

The elf frowned, reaching out a hand to grab the bow hanging from the horse, but he was stopped by the knight.

“Wait, he can handle this.” “Julian,” the knight took off his helmet, throwing it to the dwarf along with the shield, “battle training starts now.”

“Un, Understood!” The dwarf put on the helmet, hopping off the horse, then rushed to the middle of the road holding the shield.

“Come, humans! Let me see how strong you are!”(3)

“…Is that…taunting?” The elf’s eyes widened looking at the knight, “Did you teach him that?”

“Not me,” the knight shook his head honestly, “If I did teach him that, would it be so gentle?”

“Hmm… true,” the elf turned his head, watching a bit worriedly as the dwarf rushed in among the farmers, “Will Julian… be alright?”

“Don’t worry,” the knight grinned, “If he really can’t hold it, I’ll show you a real taunt.”

“Julian, go!” The siren watched with concentration, shaking his fist in the air.

Translator’s Notes.

  1. I think he meant he wouldn’t be kicked by Cain’s horse ‘accidentally’ for what he did yesterday lol.
  2. OMG 200 years of puberty… you have my condolences.
  3. XD Julian sounds a little villainous

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4 thoughts on “The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 26

  1. Yeehhhhsss! : D a chapterrr!
    reading really is like drugs: the more you get , the more you want
    Thankyou for the chapter I have seen that kind of fighting from my friends who are in a relationship and it sure is much cuter to read than to see an hear


  2. Hi Lylis, I’m not sure if you know this or not. There is a japanese saying (japanese cultures originated from chinese so I’m thinking this is the same) – You’ll get kicked by a horse if you interfere between lovers’ affairs (something like karma). So the dwarf was saying thank god he realized soon enough and pulled out from receiving such fate.


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