The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 31

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – you deserve a cookie for your hard work, and a gold medal for finishing these last two chapters so fast ❤

Chapter 31: The Reasonable Use of Mist Magic

“Julian.” The elf replied softly, “I can no longer use that last name, let the past be the past.”

It was as if the dwarf could not hear what he said, he just raised his hand to his face, pinching himself hard.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh – If this is a dream please don’t let me wake up!”

Seeing that he had indeed regained his energy, the knight moved over to the elf.

“Find anything?”

The elf pointed to the face of the body, the mask on the face was already starting to peel.

The man was around forty years of age, the color of his skin indicated someone that stayed indoors. The cane was obviously a staff in disguise, from the man’s pockets, they discovered some magic potions and runes, the bottles carried the insignia of the Mage Academy.


“Perhaps,” the elf nodded, “from his face and writing, we should be able to find his records in the Mage Academy.”

“Then the next step –“

“Investigate the chief’s room, explain to the villagers, and on the gnome’s side…”

“Don’t worry,” the knight patted his shoulder, “everything else can wait. It’s best to take care of the body, then go back to rest.”

“Do I look very worried?” the elf lifted his head, smiling at the knight, “Perhaps.”

As if they timed it, the conversation between the siren and the dwarf started to become loud.

“So Ellen is that famous?”

“Famous? Mr.Shelly, that word is not enough to describe it! He is the user of the magic weapon ‘Morningstar’, all archers in the Legendary Era look up to him, from the wandering minstrels –“

“Julian! Please stop!” the elf final couldn’t take it and stood up, his face carrying a hint of red, “It’s very embarrassing…”

“Eh? But…”

“No buts, that’s an order!”

The knight looked between the elf and dwarf, finally couldn’t resist laughing.

“Julian, leave it at that. If you say anymore, the captain will order us to dig another hole, to bury him as well.”

“I don’t understand…” the dwarf said stubbornly, “isn’t it something to be proud of?”

“You’ll understand one day,” the elf looked as if he wanted to hide behind the knight, “when you’re being scrutinized.”

The dwarf didn’t seem to hear that either, his gaze turning worshipful, he looked at the normal looking weapon on the elf’s back.

“Could it be… that bow is–?”

“At a discounted price from the weapons shop at Elvira Lower City, a total of three gold including the quiver and twenty four arrows.”

“Eh… then… what happened to ‘Morningstar’?”

“… I don’t know,” the elf shook his head, “anyways I don’t have the ability to control that now.”

In a delicate silence, they buried the body of the mage, returning to the rooms of the ‘Gnome Inn’.

“… Even though I’m very tired, but I don’t feel like sleeping.” The dwarf said in a small voice, “Is this called insomnia?”

“Go take a bath first,” the siren suddenly suggested happily, “human bathhouses are really fun.”

“True,” the knight looked down as his mud covered body, nodding, “seize this opportunity. In a few days, even if you want to take a bath it would only be with cold water.”

The bathing facilities of the ‘Gnome Inn’ were underground, a cauldron sat on top of a stove. There’s a well in the courtyard, wood and water bucket was placed on one side, everything was left for the clients to assist themselves.

The inside of the bathing room was simple and large, but there was still wooden boards lining out individual cubicles.

“That’s surprisingly detailed and considerate of privacy,” the knight said in surprise, “it feels much better than Elvira.”

“Could it be to prevent incidents of ‘picking up soap’ from happening?”(1) the Siren asked.

“What is ‘picking up soap’?”

“…Julian, don’t ask.” The knight seems to be choking again.

In order to prevent the siren from creating more trouble, the knight picked him up, and threw him into one of the cubicles along with the hot water.

“No more talking, bathing is more important.”

The siren agreed happily, then mist could be seen seeping out of the cubicle, quickly filling the whole room.

Then, from the mist, came the sound of water and the harsh voice of a burly man.(2)

“OH~ my beautiful and cute fat maiden~,

She has a chest as wide as the sea,

Pillowed on that thick arm every night,

Accompanying me into the happy dreams of a sailor~ da da~”

“Shelly! What are you doing!?” The knight shouted gritting his teeth.

“Getting rid of people,” the siren replied, his voice returned to normal, “because I like to transform back to my original form when singing so Raymond asks me to be careful not to let anyone see. Every time I do this, every one runs away.”

“It’s the middle of the night! No one but us are going to come!”

“Ah~” the siren replied, “then I don’t have to use that voice.”

“… And stop playing in the water!”

Answering him, the siren’s beautiful voice started to sing again.

“OH~ her thick black eyebrows~

Are like the seaweed floating~ in the sea…”

“Shelly–! Can’t you change to another song?!”

“Isn’t hot water supposed to remove your tiredness?” half an hour later, the knight staggered into the room, “But why do I feel even more tired?”

“Isn’t that good…” the elf mumbled, falling onto the mattress.

“Hey hey, you’re not going to dry your hair before falling asleep? You’ll get a cold.” The knight frowned.

“Don’t worry… elves don’t get colds… fu… racial trait. – Goodnight, Cain.”

The knight sighed, reaching his hand out, brushing the elf’s long hair aside, “Goodnight, Ellen.”

The dwarf’s face reddened again.

The siren hid in his blankets, smiling secretively.

It was now the darkest hour before dawn.

The room was silent and warm, the best atmosphere for sleeping.

But the dwarf was still wide awake, staring at the indistinguishable ceiling.

There was a time, when he thought about giving up, even consoling himself, that perhaps Todd’s journal was just an adventure novel he thought up himself.

But now he was experiencing the sequel to that novel.

It was as if the battle just a few hours ago was burned into his eyes, even with his eyes closed, the scene would circle his mind refusing to go away.

“The most dazzling Morningstar, the name itself Ellen · Dawntracker (Star · One who seeks the dawn), was a surprisingly suitable title. Because no matter how bright the star, next to the brilliance of the sun and moon, would become insignificant.

In the ‘Unicorn Legion’, the role that elven archer played was something like that. In comparison to those reckless members, his modest actions really made him inconspicuous. Or because, he would always hide himself whether intentionally or unintentionally in other’s spotlight.

That doesn’t mean he would purposefully distance himself from others, quite the opposite, to every teammate, including someone like me who was a non-combatant, he was very kind and gentle. He cares and trusts everyone, but that sentiment doesn’t have a clear direction. No one can claim to be his best friend, and in terms of romance, it seems he is completely uninterested. He is a very reliable teammate, but on the other hand, he would not readily rely on others.

–Is this due to the indifferent nature of elves, or caused by his own history, that I do not know.

If one sees him fight with their own eyes, then they would surely understand the meaning of ‘Dazzling’.

Only on the battlefield would he reveal that passion and bravery, I can say without exaggeration, that it truly makes you awestruck.

Perhaps that is Ellen · Dawntracker’s true nature.”

The most detailed description of the elf in Todd’s journal, was only this short page.

Thinking about that, the dwarf unconsciously gave a pleased little smile.

Mr.Todd, I don’t know what happened in these three hundred years, but the Mr.Ellen I know now, is no longer the same as the Dawntracker that you have described.

The story of the ‘Unicorn Legion’ is not finished yet, I wish to witness everything.

That journal, let me continue it.

Translator’s Notes

  1. Lol Shelly, only you would think ‘prevent voyeurism’ when you see cubicles in a bath house.
  2. Facepalm… that’s my only reaction.

Raymond, I’m starting to wonder about you…

And so this is the end of the first book, Book Two, they will finally be arriving at the Mage Academy. Who will they meet? What sort of surprises will they encounter?

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