The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 1

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo

Book 2: Mage Academy

Chapter 1: A Day in Gnome Village

When the villagers of Gnome Village woke from their dreams, other than facing a day of cloudy rain, there were also all sorts of unexpected realizations.

For example the fact that the chief they had all respected had been replaced by a fake, or that the real chief’s body had been buried in the poisoned field for a week, or that the gnomes were really innocent, and the universal knowledge that the magical creatures – Gnomes, Dwarves and Goblins were completely different species.

Understanding these took a long time, but under the careful explanation of master dwarf, the villagers were soon relieved.

Of course, what sped up the reconciliation between the humans and the gnomes, was this type of truth: a single glowing black stones that the ‘chief’ had all reclaimed, was worth a whole bag of potatoes. Learning this the villagers sent a representative, full of apology and a large cart of potatoes to visit the gnome burrow, and received the master gnomes’ generous forgiveness.

Some texts were found under the chief’s bed, each book carries the seal of the Mage Academy. Their rarity was unknown, even Julian, the one who understands magic the most, had no idea. In the end the books were placed in a box, to be taken along back to the Mage Academy.

Although taking care of these chores pushed their departure back day, there was nothing worth complaining about. For the sake of master dwarf and master gnome, the ‘Unicorn Legion’ received unprecedented welcome. Meat even appeared at lunch, as well as fresh milk. The siren was even able to witness the process of farming, then he suggested buying a cow to replace the horse for the road – it was naturally denied.(i)

After lunch, the rain still had not stopped. The elf sat in front of his desk, contemplating the last paragraph for his report to the queen, until he heard knocking from outside.

The knight pushed open the door to enter, placing a steaming mug of tea next to him.

The elf lifted his head to say thanks, bringing the cup to his lips for a drink.

“Black tea… where did you find it?”

The elf’s voice was a little hoarse, the knight caught on to the anomaly, frowning, he reached a hand to rest on the elf’s forehead.

“The gnomes sent it. You seem to be having a fever… I thought you said you don’t get colds because of your racial trait?”

“That’s a lie,” the elf smiled, holding the cup with both hands, “werewolves are the ones that don’t get colds.”

“… I’ve been tricked,” the knight shook his head in consternation, “Next time remind me, humans are not the only ones that lie.”

“Originally I really wouldn’t,” the elf lowered his head seeming a little apologetic, “sorry, I didn’t know that the side effects would include a decrease in my immune system.”

“Side effects of what?”

“…Of oversleeping,” the elf put down his cup, swiftly finishing the last paragraph, and signing his name at the end, “Cain, pass me the wax and seal please.”

The knight passed the things over to the elf, watching as he poured the melted wax onto the fold of the envelope, pressing the seal on top.

“Why a wolf’s head?” the knight asked.

“What?…. Ah.” The elf looked at the shape of the seal, shaking his head, “I’m not sure, this was given to me directly from the Registry. It’s probably from the Archduke’s former underling, the seal of the noble that watched over the Soloris Valley.”

“I know the Crane Family’s emblem are wolf claws,” the knight muttered, “but why is his underling from a small noble family caring for a remote land, would dare to use a wolf’s head?”

“That could be the Queen’s idea,” the elf took the letter, standing up, “Soloris Valley is still in the hands of the rebel army.”

“Not thinking of taking it back? Earl of Soloris Valley?”

“What for?” the elf smiled walking to the door.

“As a headquarters,” the knight replied seriously, “I heard that the ruins of the elven tribes are near-by, the northernmost part of the continent, right?”

“Umm… Cain,” the elf stopped, turning back to look at him, “although before the elves left the Ulia Continent, there was a elven settlement in the north yes, but that’s not my tribe.”


“Northern elves have dark hair,” the elf pointed to himself, “Light colored hair are southern elves. – Southern elves aren’t all that impervious to the cold, or else I wouldn’t have caught a cold.”

“Is that so…” the knight’s face was a little red, he lowered his head, “Sorry, I was being conceited.”

Looking at him, the elf smiled very gently.

“Cain, the idea of getting a headquarters is not bad. If we have time, we’ll go try it. also –“

“ – I like the tea you make.”

The elf left the room.

The knight turned around, moving towards the desk to sit down, picking up the cup of tea, he looked at it, draining the remaining tea in one gulp.

“… Isn’t it… a little too sweet.”

When evening arrived, the rain had finally stopped.

In the fields around the village, several small figures popped out to look around.

Then, more gnomes came out, placing ores in front of each home, and knocking on the door. When facing the homeowners who opened the door, they took off their hats and bowed and what welcomed them were not hoes, but the villagers’ smiles and greetings.

“The Gnome Village now, finally lives up to its name.”

Standing on the balcony of the second floor of the Gnome Inn, the elf spoke to himself.

“You’re not worried that there might be problems? Since two different species are living together.”

“I trust the gnomes. – And I trust in humanity’s good-will.”

“But you still wrote a letter to the Queen, asking her to keep an eye out on the situation here?” the knight grinned.

“Trust does not equal naivety.” The elf replied, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst, that was also learned from humans.”

“ ‘Also’?”

“Along with lying.”

“If this continues, I’ll really start to lose faith in my own race.” The knight sighed, “…To be the same race as a bastard that would kill a whole foreign race for a few black crystals.”

“That’s only the dregs of human society, not even worth being called a human. If it helps comfort you for me to say this, Cain… I do like humans.”

“Along with lying?”

“Yes. Along with hard working, passionate, never giving up hope. – These are the true racial trait of humans.”

“I’m going to blush …should I write this in the journal like Julian?”

“… Forget it, pretend I never said anything. Unconsciously going into lecture mode is a fatal flaw.”

“But I think it’s very cool.”

“…Please spare me, really. It’s so embarrassing.”

Translator’s Notes:

Wow… no notes from me this chapter XD. But we did get another cute Cain/Ellen moment. Who knew Ellen can be so harsh when he wants to be lol, but now I’M feeling proud to be human X3 Ellen, you need to go into your lecture modes more often! I agree with Cain, it’s cool.


(i) Oh…how I love your thinking process Shelly… I can almost see the Cow giving a sigh of relief when his suggestion was denied xD *Moooo*

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10 thoughts on “The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Chapter 1

    1. Tyler

      I think as long as you also have the volume number in your title, it should be fine. That’s how other groups has it.

      “The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Volume 2 Chapter 1”
      “The Unicorn Legion: Mage Academy – Book 2 Chapter 1”


      1. okuryta

        sadly and beautifully that’s the way it is. they move around each other like it’s perfectly natural, but to outsiders, if they pay attention, it looks a little bit more than normal xD like, if julian hadn’t been ‘warned’ by shelly, he wouldn’t have thought anythibg of it…. okay, the tickles on the horse were very gay indeed, maybe he would have thought something. i sure did enjoy it!!


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