The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 17

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – *sniffle*

Chapter 17: Pie that Fell from the Sky

Mr.Mageless came back with a box, his pace brisk, as if he was about to skip.

“Allow me to introduce you to Mageless’s Workshop’s excusive products, the magic student’s series. Hard Mahogany staff, detailed silver circlet! Suitable for anyone from 4 foot 3 inches to 6 inches in height, white flax robe with excellent breathability.

“Exclusive?” the elf asked smiling apologetically, “Mr.Mageless, other than items on the list, I’m afraid we won’t be able to afford it.”

“Oh! Not a proble,” the dwarf replied without a hint of care, “the shop is currently having a promotion, we’ll charge the same price as a similar item on the list. What do you need other than these? Knight and archer sets? Though the materials are lacking, I’ll think of something. If you are not in a hurry to depart, it’ll be completed within the month!”

The knight raised an eyebrow suspiciously, “Sorry, we’re in a hurry, just give us what is available.”

“Nnn,” Mr.Mageless’s shoulders dropped in disappointment, but he cheered up quickly, “What about travelling accessories? Magic tents that are larger on the inside, portable showers that can heat up rain water with fire crystals? Our store provides free delivery –“

“A normal tent, everything else should also be within the parameters of the list as well, all the items together, should be transportable by one horse(1). Tomorrow at 8, to be delivered to the ‘Mercenary’s Home’.” The knight said with a forceful tone, “Thank you very much.”

“Not a problem, sir knight! Not a problem!” The dwarf took the list, bowed and escorted them out of the workshop, “It will be delivered before the church bell.”

“This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a pie fall from the sky, extra large, dwarf brand.” The knight looked at the grand store front of Mageless’s Workshop, muttering, “If Mr.Mageless does business like this normally, it’s a miracle this shop is still around.”

“Don’t be so suspicious,” the elf grinned, “Mr.Mageless is probably just a magic item mania – everyone is allowed to have one or two strange hobbies.”

“You are too trusting,” the knight sighed, “He wants us to stay for a month, there has to be some sort of purpose.”

“We are leaving tomorrow, he can’t stop that.”

“I bet you a dozen Elmond, he will try to interfere with us.”(2)

“I don’t think it would come to that, anyways when did Duke Elmond become a common currency unity in Sistare?”

“Then what do you want to bet?” the knight blinked, “Whoever loses has to tell a joke?”

“Listen, if you want to tell one you can do it now.” The elf turned around calling to the siren still lingering longingly in front of the workshop, “Let’s go Shelly, we still need to choose a horse.”

The Griffin stables were situated in the countryside north of Elvira.

As the rebels amassed in the south, this part was not affected by the fighting. Even so, the influence of the war was visible. A third of the stalls were empty, of the remaining two thirds other than horses owned by individual nobles, most were injured or immature.

“I now understand why the Minister of Finance has such faith in us,” the knight smiled wryly, “Even if we planned to use the special permission to siphon some military goods from here, it can’t be sold for much. – Hey, get over here!”

The last line was directed towards the young siren, at some point he had already moved to the paddock fence, and was planning to climb onto the back of a large horse. The horse stamped his back leg impatiently, and the siren tumbled off from the top. Luckily he was unhurt, and even lifted his mud covered face to laugh.(3)

The knight held the youth by his collar, pulling him out form inside the fence, “Hurry up to study your horsemanship, or else we’ll leave you behind tomorrow.”

“Not on a big one?”

“Only if you can control it.” The knight patted his head, pulling him next to the training field, “When your skills are up to par, it would have grown. Choose your own horse – other than the ones with ribbons tied to their tail, those belong to the nobles.”

“How do I chose?” Shelly climbed on top of the fence looking around in excitement.

“Um, whistle to see which one raises its head to look at you.”

“I don’t know how to whistle, but as long as I attract their attention it’s fine?” the siren straightened taking a deep breath, then started to sing softly, a strange yet beautiful melody. – A siren’s song, even without the illusion still has a frightening allure.

Having only sung two phrases, the horses were already reacting, then it seemed all the horses stood and started coming towards him, lowering their head tamely. One of the horses were even brave enough to stretch out its head, and gently rub against the hand resting on the rail.

Shelly smiled, “Alright, it’s you. Do you want to come with me?”

The knight shook his head, “That’s…”

“Oh, is that not the viscount of Soloris Valley. Well met, well met.” A voice with an enigmatic tone(4) interrupted their conversation.

The elf turned around, to see a pure white horse, the rider wore a shiny silver armor, it glittered in the sunlight. Upon taking a closer look you could see detailed lilies engraved all over, the chestplate had a rose design, behind the helmet were two wing like decorations.

The knight started snickering.

Remembering his evaluation of the ‘Angel’ armor, the elf also had great difficulty retaining his calm expression, bowing he said, “you would be?”

“Effie · von · Neely, the third seat of the Royal Knights, my father is Earl Boswell · von · Neely.” He nodded a little conceitedly, “Please accept my apologies for now bowing as I am in armor.”

He placed ‘the third seat in the Royal Knights’ in front of his lineage, obviously he was very proud of that.

“I didn’t think the viscount would be interested in racing, I would like to have a match with you, can I have this honor?” the words of the earl’s son were respectful, he was not lacking in etiquette, but he held his head high when he spoke, not even glancing at the elf.

“My skills are unworthy.”(5) The elf said dismissively.

Perhaps not expecting the other to refuse directly, the earl’s son was stunned for a moment. Then thinking this was because the other was timid, he said with increasing airs, “How about just a game then? If you come within 2 horse lengths, we will consider this your win?”

“o can also add a bit more incentive,” the ear’s son pointed to the horse beside the siren, “just so that horse  was reserved by me, if you win, you can have it.”

“Flat grounds or hurdles?” The knight said suddenly.

Not expecting someone to interrupt, the ear’s son glanced at the night, frowning, “Viscount, you are too lenient with your servants. To interrupt so casually when he is attending to his master.”

“This is my knight,” the elf smiled briefly, “Please forgive him, if there was any discourtesy.”

“A knight,” the earl’s son nodded with understanding, “if you were just eager to display your skills, then you are forgiven. – Will you compete for your master?”

The knight smiled challengingly, “Sure, if you come within two horse lengths, we can consider this your win.”

“Then let neither of us be handicapped, let’s compete equally.” The earl’s son fell to the provocation just as expected. Then he glanced around, pointing to Shelly casually, “If I am so ‘lucky’ as to win, then give me this servant. I quite like his singing.”

The elf frowned, preparing to refuse, when the siren spoke up suddenly.

“Alright, we’ll bet with you.”


The siren directed a smile towards the elf, “Cain will win anyways.”

“Good, very good.” Being so obviously underestimated, the noble’s face paled, almost shaking in rage, “Any horse owned by the Neely family, you can pick for the competition, I wouldn’t want anyone to say I won unfairly.”

“If that is the case, I will be happy to oblige.” The knight nodded, “You are riding “Dawn Mist”, then I’ll take “Nightmare’.”

“Are you sure?” the earl’s son widened his eyes, “That’s not a horse anyone can control.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” The looked at the noble’s get up, “Will you, not be removing your armor? I would not want to take advantage of the difference in weight.”

“No… no need,” the noble seemed to be shaken by the knight’s confidence, “Hurdles then.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. I think he means, a horse and a carriage? I worry for the horse if it has to carry all the provisions (tent included) for 3 people O_O.
  2. That confused me for a moment until I read the next line lol.
  3. Thank god it’s just mud, you never know what might be lying innocently on the ground, especially in a horse paddock. *cough*
  4. 陰陽怪氣 – enigmatic, mystifying….plane strange? This one confuses me too
  5. 不敢獻醜 – literal translation is: not wanting to show how bad they are, basically is a humble way to refuse a competition or performance etc. Something like: I wouldn’t dare to show my bad skills? (even if they were really good at that something).

This chapter was surprisingly difficult for some reason… probably because of the polite form of speech between Ellen and the earl’s son. Next up, Cain shows off his horsemanship skills XD. I’m kinda looking forward to that.

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