The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 16

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – *sniffle*

Chapter 16: Mageless’s Workshop

Just as Cain predicted, early next morning, the Minister of Finance took the initiative to send a warm welcoming letter. The contents of the letter gave high praise to the Unicorn Legion’s success in their first mission, at the same time indicating, he would fully support their future endeavors. Along with the letter was a list of militant supplies, everything in the list, can be acquired through royal channels, and as long as it is within the indicated amount, the price can be reduced by a large amount or even be free.

“It seems Duke Elmond is richer than we imagined,” the knight scanned the list over the elf’s shoulder, whistling, “The range of things we can chose from can basically catch up to the Royal Knight. – The armor Hazlett wears is actually only the third on the list.”

“Based on rating?”

“No, on price.” The knight replied resting his chin on his hand, “the second place ‘Dragon Scales’ is too focused on all round defense, it requires three people to help put it on. As for the ‘Angel’ in the first place, the weight and protectiveness can’t even be considered a full armor, basically it can only be used as decoration – I say, who would want to wear something covered in lily patterns, and with a pair of wings on the head to battle?”

“The iron bucket?” the elf asked curiously.

The knight took the list, flipping through a few pages, pointing at the last line in the heavy armor section, “Here, universal type heavy armor, 5 gold 12 silver. Mine was second hand bought from the black market, not even half price. – Even so he still earned some. That thing was definitely stolen from some unfortunate soul that keeled over on the side of the road, when I first wore it, the smell of corpse that still lingered inside made me feel like I was a death knight.”(1)

“Before when you refused to talk to people, other than being afraid of being recognized, was also because of this reason.”

“Perhaps,” regarding this topic, it seemed the knight didn’t want to say much, “on the bright side, thanks to that armor, I’m immune to any olfactory attacks.”

“Since it needs to be exchanged sooner or later, let’s not wear it out today.” The elf watched as the knight’s face paled immediately, and added laughing, “Don’t worry, we’re not going on the path that goes past the market.”

‘Mageless’s Workshop’ is the most famous weapon and gear shop in the city, with no competition.

A mercenary can’t afford this type of expensive products, thus clients were mainly nobles from militant families. At most the fighting they come across would only be hunting and yearly competitions, as well as duels to gain some female admiration, but in terms of gear, each person’s investment could equal that of an army. On one hand it is because they never care about regular maintenance on the armor, on the other hand it is because many craftsman started to cater to their tastes, creating all sorts of gear that were beautiful and elaborate but with almost no practicality, to be sold as consumers goods.

But ‘Mageless’s Workshop’ was popular, not only because their craftsman could carve detailed patterns even on the tip of spurs, there was another determining reason – the owner of the workshop Mr.Mageless was a dwarf.

‘Dwarven creation’ suggests mystery, magic and the most advanced technology – more advanced than what human craftsmen could keep up with. Even so long after the Legendary Era had passed, this word was still full of charm.

According to the stories Mr.Mageless’s ancestor was strange even amongst dwarves. When the others of his race decided to hide deep into the earth, cutting all ties with the human society, he led his five wives, eighteen sons and various cousins and relatives and insisted on staying in the Golden Capital. He fully utilized the gift of a merchant that ran in his veins, and this ability was inherited by the current workshop master. Since he succeeded, the workshop no longer sold just armor, magic tools like jewelry boxes that were larger on the inside, delicate mechanical birds for delivering love letters and so on, all became popular commodity. Due to the limited numbers, black market merchants were able to ear quite a bit from the difference.

But Mr.Mageless’s greatest breakthrough was specific gear that was ‘uniquely’ tailored for individual nobles. From attributes to appearance (naturally it’s mostly appearance), all made to the client’s request. Boots with thicker soles for shorter statures, soft form-fitting light armor that uses special materials to emphasize the chest, reduce beer belly, or a hidden love message to some madam in the etched patterns. Each piece will help their owner stand in the limelight in certain events. – The price is naturally several or even tens of times that of utilitarian armor.

Perhaps some old time craftsman might doubt Mr.Mageless, thinking he had abandoned the pride of being a creator, changing to pursue ‘despicable’ money. But that was not the truth. The goods created by ‘Mageless’s Workshop’, even if they were common items found all over the market, were definitely the best amongst items of similar caste.

They say that Mr.Mageless is over half a century old, with a grey beard, and didn’t seem to be as welcoming as the legends say. He glanced at the elf and his companions, taking the list.

“Don’t have the materials for this, that’s out of stock, this was out of production ages ago…”

In a moment he crossed out half the list and returned it, “Don’t bother going to other places in the city to find them, they plan to get their goods from here anyways. – to avoid running into trouble, merchants transporting crafting materials all changed jobs, who knows when production’s going to start again. – Whatever’s left, you can look around.”

Regarding Mr.Mageless’s rude behavior, the elf didn’t mind, after saying thanks he starting to browse through the ‘remaining’ list. The siren was attracted by the mechanical bird on the shelf, and began to question Mr.Magelss unrelentingly, though the other only replied unenthusiastically. As for the knight standing beside the elf, perhaps because the trauma of a certain event last night has yet to fade, he remained uncharacteristically calm in public.

“Cain, this seems to be the only armor left with magical attributes, is it suitable?”

“ ‘Holy Cross’ huh, that’s what regular paladins wear, it’s not bad.” The knight replied.


The knight took a look, shaking his head, “I can’t see anything practical, the shield as well, I’ll just use my old one, you?”

“There are quite a bit that’s suitable,” the elf said with a little regret, “but for some reason none of them are a set….”

“Why care about that?” the knight spread his hands, “They don’t add magic to armor anymore, so having a set isn’t useful.”

“But for some reason they color the leather now,” the elf replied, “they probably felt that it makes it easier to hide in certain environments?”

“I see,” the knight smiled, looking at the list closely, “So…um, the effect of desert boots, and tundra belt with jungle pauldrons along with lava knee pads as well as midnight cloak…wow, that’s…”

“Even if I didn’t care about the appearance,” the elf replied raising an eyebrow, “in any environment this combination makes a moving target.”

“It’s fine even if you cared.” The knight replied slowly, scanning the elf from head to toe.

“Cain… don’t imagine strange things.” The elf replied dryly.

“Did anyone ever tell you, even though you’re pretty expressionless when you’re mad, but your ears would stand up?”

Despite being hard to spot, just for a moment, the elf’s cheeks flushed a very pale pink.

Then he said airily, “Cain… when we go back, we might still pass by the market.”

“All I’m saying is, the colors on the armor is not permanent, you can request for it to be restored,” the knight immediately withdrew, replying with a smile, “my lord.”

The elf glared at him stoically for a moment, before returning to the list.

“Although there’s no need for him to join in the fighting, Shelly also needs some protective gear. His height is similar to a dwarf’s, it’s probably not possible to find gear that small in a human workshop. – Mr.Mageless, do you have light armor for this child?”

Before the dwarf could reply, Shelly interrupted, “Why not a mage’s robe? I’ve tried light armor, it’s heavy, why is it called light armor when it’s that heavy?”

Mr.Mageless’s eyes suddenly widedned, “What did you say? Say it again?”

“If it’s that heavy it shouldn’t be called light armor.” The siren nodded.

“No no, I meant the one before? Mage what?”

“Mage’s robe?”

“Mage’s robe, mage’s robe…” Mr.Mageless muttered those words several times, for some reason revealing a very impressed expression, “are you a mage sir?”

“No,” Shelly shook his head solemnly, “But we are going to the Magic Academy. I heard they wear that there, so it’s what you would call ‘do what they do’?”(2)

“You’re going to the Magic Academy!” Mr.Mageless was already so emotional as to almost faint, “God! Why didn’t you say so earlier? I almost, I almost gave some useless metal to the sirs going to the Magic Academy!”

“Please wait a moment! I’ll go find it!” he jumped up, rushing to the inner room tripping.

“Is the Magic Academy…so famous amongst the dwarves now?” the elf asked in confusion.

“I don’t know,” the knight shook his head, “Normally other than magic tools, dwarves should be completely unrelated to magic?”

Translator’s Notes

1. Wait, so does that mean ‘Iron Bucket’ is actually what that armor is called!? Lol I keep thinking they were making fun of it by calling it that.

2. 入鄉隨俗 – “When in Rome” sort of deal, but obviously they don’t have Rome there, so I can’t use that lol.

Seriously very sorry about the delay T^T. I had a bit of an accident involving a cup of tea and my laptop. Thank god it was salvageable XD The next one should be out soon.

On another note: We are halfway through the first book!! Yay XD

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  1. Poor Lylis, still no editorz (sorry i don’t know any language other than my own and english so i can’t help). I pity you. Looking on the bright side though, your translations aren’t perfect but they’re pretty damn good. Even without an editor, you are able to provide a high quality translation. The only thing that affects this is the rate in which chapters are translated (pls do tell us if you have a specific schedule for what times you upload a chapter or at the very least the amount you will do so at a fixed time – e.g. 3 times a week or once month, etc. If you don’t i will understand anyways as im assuming that assigning a schedule for these types of things will only stress the translator or make translating feel like “working” as i’ve seen happen to many other translator groups {not hinting at KnW} ).

    Anyways, this is my first time reading a novel of the BL genre. Most likely because they’re very rare and there’s not a particular large audience in comparison to other popular novels. But hey, im one of those rare people who do have an interest in BL (although im straight, i just find it interesting…. more like im getting tired of the boring stuff that i read everyday so this genre is a refreshing change you know?). As i stated earlier, this is my first time reading a BL novel, and would like to know if there’s any other novels similar to the Unicorn Legion in terms of having action and BL at the same time. Whenever i try to search this up, i get fanfictions as a result so yea… can’t find any (Pfft, more like your lazy….. shut up stupid conscience).

    Also to end this comment, i would like to thank you for your efforts of translating this novel despite lacking the help needed and using up your free time to entertain us, the audience!

    PS: I did get most of the results as fanfictions, but amidst those results were Unicorn Legion, so i wasn’t completely lying and just used hyperbole which altered my statement 😛


    1. Thanks for taking your time to comment! Yah, still no editors lol hopefully someone will pity me soon (I can always hope right?)

      As for translating schedule, I am trying to keep 3 chapters a week minimum (though I had some problems last week and couldn’t make that T^T). Hopefully I can make up for it this week.

      As for BL novels, if you checkout drealicious123’s wordpress: in particular the “links you might enjoy” page, they have a link for BL translation groups. :3

      Thanks again for the comment. Ch.17 should be out tonight, once I finish typing it out. (I generally translate using the traditional pen and paper method then type it back out, lol it does make things more time consuming though… but I do prefer that because I can see my corrections/notes this way).


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