The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 15

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – *sniffle*

Chapter 15: Late Night Conversations

When the elf and his companions left the palace it was already late into the night.

“Cain, do you think the duke might still be Elvira?”

In order not to let the young siren hear this, the elf came up next to the knight, asking in a whisper.

“The possibility is low. There’s the arrest warrant, and he is heavily injured, he wouldn’t dare appear for a while, only finding some remote area to hide.” The knight seemed to have thought of something, shuddering unconsciously, and replied as if talking to himself, “But I wouldn’t risk you in this… this city isn’t a safe house.”

“Even if he appeared, the one in danger is Shelly.” The elf continued, “So, before –“

“I know,” the knight shook his head, “The correct thing to do would have been to hand you over to the captain, and take Shelly back as soon as possible. I was impulsive.”

“I never said that what you did was wrong,” the elf frowned a little troubled, “I just hope that in the future if something similar happens…”

“Ellen.” The knight turned his head, looking at his master, “I understand, in the future there might be more people joining your company. If it was on a battlefield, I will know whose situation is more dangerous, who needs my strength more.”

“But, there is no need for that kind of decision at this moment,” he looked straight into the elf’s eyes, “I will make protecting you my first priority. Don’t forget, I am your knight. I chose to be here, because this is where you are.”(1)

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have doubted you.” The elf avoided his gaze a little distressed, “…Perhaps I need some time before I’m used to this.”

“Yah, it’s only been three days,” the knight replied with a sigh, “but it feels like a long time.”

“True,” the elf nodded, “maybe because a lot has happened.”

“But clearly you are more productive,” the knight suddenly grinned, “you only received the bouquet at noon, by night time you have a daughter. – When did you get married?”

“Don’t be so confident, perhaps next time Shelly re say he’s your daughter.” The elf replied helplessly.

“He won’t,” the knight said laughing, “A 25 year old human can’t have a 15 year old daughter. Age is a double edged sword, admit defeat, Ellen.”

“Is that revenge? – For this?” The elf made a flicking gesture at his nose, turning back to look at the siren – he seemed satisfied with the new appearance, still not changing back even now.

“I don’t think he has any concept of that, unless…” the elf looked at the ‘girl’s’ deep blue eyes and human like round years coming to a realization.

“Shelly,” he asked, “do you know that the child of someone with light hair and someone with dark hair, will be dark haired?”

“Eh, like this?” The boy thought for a moment, changing his hair to black. That way even the knight could see it.

“Then, whose daughter is ‘Shirley’?” The elf asked holding back a laugh.

“Ellen’s and Cain’s of course.” The siren replied immediately, “Ellen is the dad, Cain is the mom.”


“No reason, that’s just the ‘setting’.”

“I mean why is he the dad?(2)”

“I hear that a human fathers speak less, the mother is always scolding not to do this or not to do that.”

“Who told you that?!”



“Two against one you have no chance at victory, Cain.” The elf effectively ended the battle, “Admit defeat.”

“Ahem.” The knight changed the topic at the opening, “So, what did the Queen say.”

“Said if we defeated a few more vampires, it will solve the economic crisis.”

“Looking at her quarters, I do feel a little sorry for her… you really shouldn’t have destroyed those tapestries in the duke’s room.”

“Also, she knows a mage.”

“A mage? In Elvira?”

“No at the Magic Academy.” The elf said with a little nostalgia, “I never thought I would have the chance to go there again.”

“Oh, the mysterious castle where the sun sets at high grounds, the last remains of the Legendary Era.” The knight suddenly recited some strange lines while posturing, “With hundreds of years of history, beautiful scenery, complete facilities, excellent teachers, financed by the ‘royal house’, free food and board – but when you become a mage, who the hell cares about these things?”

“What is that?”

“From the Grand Master of I don’t know which generation, Yang Wolfin, it was the recruitment add for the Magic Academy for 100 or more years.”

“…That sounds pretty attractive.”

“Yep, unfortunately I hear that the students now don’t even reach a 10th of the numbers in the Legendary Era.”

“What caused the change?”

“Like how magical creatures disappeared, the number of people born with magical talents become less and less.” The knight replied with regret, “Plus the church also takes some, as paladins or priests.”

“So, you could have been a mage?”

“I have thought about it,” the knight grinned, “but in comparison, I still like the occupation of knight more.”

“…It’s true I can’t imagine you dressed in robes slowly waving your staff around.” The elf tilted his head, measuring the knight. His gait was steady and agile, movements clearly belaying the charm of a well-trained fighter.

“How about directly complimenting that I have a good figure?” the knight replied narrowing his eyes.

“A very good figure.” The elf expressed his agreement without thought, “I remember when you wore heavy armor, and still be able to maintain a good speed, that’s not something a normal paladin could do. But medium armor should be more suitable to you?”

“Ahem…yes.” For some reason, the knight felt a little depressed.(3)

“From here to the Magic Academy, even on horseback it would take 6, 7 days. That iron bucket would waste too much energy, it should really be exchanged.” The elf muttered, “Also all sorts of necessities for travel… I hope it’s not too much as to cause trouble for the Minister of Finance.”

“It wouldn’t come to that…” the knight replied, “With the precedence of such a great reward, he would surely be more willing to invest.”

They passed by the market, to find that ‘Hello Robin’ and several other stalls were surprisingly still open.

“Can we go have a midnight snack?” The siren walked forward a few steps, using the pleading tone and expression of a ‘girl’, “Please, sir knight?”

“I think the problem of food should be what the Minister of Finance should be most worried about in the future.” The knight replied sighing, “Shelly, the spell of ‘A knight cannot refuse a lady in need’, can only be used once per knight, anymore and it wouldn’t be effective.”

The siren nodded not fully understanding, “Take me to get a midnight snack, daddy~.”

“Only at times like these do you call – No, don’t call me daddy, I’m not married yet alright?”

“Married or not has nothing to do with you, you can have kids once you copulate.”

“I’ve never done that either! Didn’t I say not to talk about…”

“Oh,” the siren finally revealed an expression of understanding, “Cain is a virgin, and can’t possibly have a child.”

“So what if I’m a virgin, is it wrong to obey the religious discipline? Marriage is very sacred, what is wrong with saving the first time for true love –“

“Cain.” The elf pressed a hand against his shoulder.


“You’re speaking too loudly.”

The few patrons sitting at the side and the owner of ‘Hello Robin’ were currently looking over with expressions of part pity and part amusement.

The knight covered his face and knelt down.

“I think we’ll forget about the midnight snack.” The elf patted the siren on his head, “Be good, don’t bully Cain anymore, he’s very sensitive about this type of topic.”

“You should have said something earlier.” The knight replied through the fingers covering his face, “Oh God, when are we leaving for the Magic Academy? I never want to appear on the streets of Elvira again in my life… what medium armor, just let me wear the iron bucket… no no, simply find a mage there to erase this memory… or erase the memory of these people?”

“I can’t erase memories,” the siren said suddenly, “but I can try to give you another one? I hear that an exciting scene can –“

“… Ellen, save me.”

Translator’s Notes

1.Confession anyone?

2.That’s what you’re concerned about Cain? Hehehe, seems like you don’t mind the idea of being Ellen’s wife XD

3.Fight Cain, fight! Hang in there!

Poor poor Cain, lol. It’s ok, we still love you.

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