The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 14

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – *sniffle*

Chapter 14: Someone Else’s Lady

There was only one room on the second floor, smaller than the waiting room by half, the remaining area was separated into an aisle.

Though there were soldiers on guard, for some reason they were standing by the stairwell, and not in front of the room’s door.

Hazlett glanced at them, but didn’t say anything, walking to the door to tear down the paper that was stuck on it.

The elf glanced at it, written in a girls round handwriting were the words, “Meeting of National importance, do not eavesdrop.”

The captain used a particular rhythm to know on the door. Then, the sound of footsteps came from within.

Surprisingly, the one to appear was the Queen. She took one look at the elf and beckoned him in smiling.

The elf silently bowed, stepping into the room.

The floor was covered in all sorts of notes, and on the large table thick stacks of folders were piled up.

The queen returned to the desk to sit down, indicating for the elf to sit on the sofa to one side.

“I saw your report, viscount.” She said, “Very good work. Too bad there’s only one Duke Elmond – do you think there are more vampires in the nobility? If there were a few more, then our economic crisis would be solved easily.”

The elf looked at her not knowing how to reply.

“Just kidding.” The Queen shrugged, “Speak, you should be rewarded. What do you want? Though I can’t award you with the title of duke – raising in the ranks too quickly will make the old geezers jealous but there are still other areas we can be more generous to you, just say it.”

“Actually there is one thing,” the elf replied after thinking for a moment, “the duke casted a curse on one of my companions, so we need the aid of a magician. I’m not too clear on the situation of the magic research in the country…”

“Magician?” For some reason the Queen seemed to be a little proud, straightening she replied, “Just so I know one.”

“In Elvira?”

“Of course not,” the young lady’s face showed a matter of fact expression saying, “Other than the Magic Academy, where else? – Just a moment.”

She opened the drawer, taking out letter and envelope, and started to bend her head down to write.

The Queen did not wear a gown today, instead wearing a plain one piece dress, with a jacket casually thrown over top, making her seem even smaller than before.

At the award ceremony, she was regal and cold, rarely speaking, undoubtedly full of kingly dignity.

But sitting here now, it was as if she was a normal girl writing a letter home. Occasionally nibbling on the end of the pen, trying to remember a difficult word. Revealing all sorts of facial expressions.

Could this be considered a human trait, being able to reveal a different personality according to different clothing.

The elf thought about the first meeting with Cain, always behind the armor, aloof, so somber as to be comparable to Hazlett, in comparison to now it was difficult to connect the knight then.

Queen Grecia finished writing one letter and raised her head, just in time to see the viscount looking in her direction, smiling very gently.

In that moment the Queen’s heart skipped a beat, she hurriedly lowered her head again, on one hand she pretended not to notice, on the other had she continued to write, but her mind was no longer on the letter.

She spent longer than normal to finish writing the second letter. Peeking at the elf, to find that he was no longer looking in her direction.

The girl released a breath of relief, at the same time feeling a little disappointed.

“One letter for the current Grand Master, the other for his disciple.” She gave the sealed missive to the elf.

“Thank you very much, your highness.”

“One more thing –“ The Queen asked after thinking for a moment, “the report, the tone and handwriting were completely different. I guess the latter is yours, what about the one before?”

The elf smiled softly again, “That was my knight.”

“Knight?” The Queen’s eyes brightened, “You have a knight, how lucky… I want one as well.”

“Your highness, you have a whole knight order.” The elf said laughing.

“That belongs to the ‘Royal family’.” Was the Queen’s muffled reply, “The older ones were sworn to my father, not I. – Even if his successor was a donkey(1), they would still be respectful to it.”

“As for the new ones.” The girl’s thing eyebrows screwed up, “Every one of them dress up with powdered faces and slicked hear to drift around in front of me, thinking they’re attractive. If they have time why not go practice swordsmanship. Unbelievable, those people can’t even beat me!”

“Ahem, Highness…”

“Just talking about it gives me a headache, let’s end that here.” The girl shook her head, “I’ll have Haz show you out. If you need anything just go find Duke Lesting – that would be the Minister of Finance, I’ll give him a heads up. Viscount, safe journey.”

After escorting the elf away, Hazlett once again returned to the Queen’s residence.

At this time the girl had already returned to her sea, continuing to work – most of the time staying until late night.

“I found out you chased away your maid again.”

“I’ve said it before,” the Queen replied not looking up, “I don’t like to be stared at by someone standing next to me when I’m working.”

“That was for your safety, Highness.” The stoic captain replied, “Especially something like receiving your subjects at night, it be best if it didn’t happen again.”

“That’s because the whole thing needs to be kept secret. I can’t very well praise his bravery at defeating a vampire in public can I?”

“That’s exactly because of that that I said ‘if it didn’t happen again’. If someone finds out that a nobleman frequently visits the palace, it would cause… unkind rumors. Especially someone like the viscount who is… exceptional in looks.”

“If there are really such rumors I would be thankful,” the Queen put down the documents in her hands, “at least those bizarre suitors would go home and take a look in the mirror, realize the strength of their competition, then retreat willingly.”

“… I think the viscount is very outstanding. But no matter how excellent, an elf is not a suitable partner. You should know this better than me.”

“Haz,” the Queen sighed, “I’m not my father, nor will I repeat his mistakes. But occasionally I just want to look at a beauty, seeing your cloudy face every day, I would turn to stone – why don’t, you smile a little?”

“…” The knight completely ignored her request.

“Ah… nevermind, you can leave. I’ll go to sleep after looking through these.”

“There’s one more thing.” The knight captain turned around, before closing the door, “If the one on the throne was a donkey, I would have quit long ago, highness.”

“…I said no eavesdropping!” The girl’s face was red with embarrassment.

“That’s just because you shouted really loudly,” in just that moment, the corner of the captain’s lips pulled upwards, “for a lady.”
“Arggg, don’t use that ‘someone else’s lady’(2) tone again.” The girl covered her ears.

“Talking about a lady, it seems the viscount is already married with an heir.”

“—Get out!”

“Goodnight, highness.” The captain silently closed the door.

Translator’s Notes

1….哪怕繼任者是頭驢子… – I’m not sure if she means idiots or an actual donkey lol. But I think she means an actual donkey since she continues by referring to the donkey as “it”

2.別人家的淑女 – I more or less means something like ‘look at that girl from the other family, in comparison to you.’ Sort of deal, kinda like ‘look at mrs. So and so’s son, why can’t you be more like that?’

Although this is a BL novel, I kinda like the idea of pairing Grecia and Hazlett together lol. They’re cute.

Illustration below: Hazlett and Grecia in the study. By Tina

Hazlett and Grecia

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7 thoughts on “The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 14

  1. The queen rocks! Lol
    I too would like to gaze upon a pair of beautiful and manly men~ hahaha

    Thanks for the chapter~

    I want to help you in editing but sadly, I am not grammatically correct most of the time..


  2. I was like..totally shipping the queen and her knight but I still had some doubts about their age gap since the captain was from her father’s era. Then I saw the illustration…and I was like…
    Ok…I’m pretty sure he would look striking…err…and handsome as long as he smiled…(?)
    Seriously, the queen have to grow up for a decade before they can start their romance.


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