The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 13

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – Yep, still waiting.

Chapter 13: Two Knights

It was already late into the night, in comparison to its’ normal quiet the Duke Elmond’s manor was brightly lit, bursting with the sound of people.

Large numbers of armored soldiers carrying the royal coat of arms went in and out, continuously carrying a great many boxes, piling them onto the carriage at the door. Many people came to see the sight in curiosity, sharing all sorts of rumors.

Although there were many versions, the contents were very similar, to summarize in one sentence, “The duke was a very rich bad person.”

This type of news was something that everyone enjoyed hearing and seeing(1), so after watching for long enough, they all congratulated the Queen’s good decision, and left in satisfaction.

On the bulletin on the streets, Duke Elmond’s wanted poster was already posted, the reward amount wonderfully broke the continent’s wanted criminal record as the highest amount, reaching a shocking 100 gold.

At this moment the members of the Unicorn Legion was engaged in something Shelly called ‘Observe and blend into human society’ but what normal people referred to as an ‘after dinner stroll’.

‘The Mermaid’ had also been closed down, as they bassed the brothel, Cain said, “A large part of the Elviran(2) citizen’s night-life has been destroyed by us.”

“Why do you sound regretful about that?” Shelly asked.

“No way.”

“Frequent customer?”

“Never been there.”

“Ah, then it’s regret at never having been?” the siren squinted his eyes, “What I offered to you before is still available .”

Even though he didn’t drink anything, the knight still choked.

Once the coughing stopped, he lifted his head, and glared at the youth saying, “Never say that again. A child, always saying these things… either way it’s too strange.”

“Raymond says that too, but he told me not to say it until I become an adult.”

“You’re still not an adult now, right? Then again, age is not the problem!”

“So it’s a problem of human etiquette?”

“Something like that.”

“Ah.” The youth nodded his head at little at a loss, “But since I was twelve that was all they had been teaching me. — What do humans do when they are twelve?”

The knight let out a long sigh of relief to the change of topic, “Hum, lots. Commoner children should be at the age where they start their apprenticeship, that means training for their future occupations. Nobles don’t become apprentices, but they receive similar education. Human’s…”

He suddenly stopped, because at the front, as a tall person dressed in full body armor blocking their way.


“Yes.” The elf replied after a moment.

The person wasn’t a stranger.

Hazlett Duncan — Captain of the Royal Knights, one month ago he was the one to bring the request for the ambush mission.

If Cain was a newly forged long sword that gleamed sharply, the one before their eyes was like an antique dagger, whose cold killing intent could be felt even without leaving its sheath. — Definitely not a pleasing person.

“Please follow me.” There was no explanation, although he used ‘please’, the tone did not carry a single hint of courtesy, “Alone.”

“No.” Cain immediately stepped in front of the elf.

Hazlett glanced at his companion, at seeing the cross on his sword, his face turned dark.

“This has nothing to do with the church, paladin.”

“I’m not a paladin,” Cain replied coldly, “I am the viscount’s knight. I have the responsibility to assure his safety. — Even if you can produce solid proof that you were sent by the Queen, I will not let him follow you alone. Especially at night.”

The Captain’s face revealed a clearly mocking expression, “Knight, I believe your master had already been weaned off milk, and does not need you to follow behind him to change his diapers. — Or, do you doubt that my skills are above yours?”

“Against something like a vampire? Yes.”

In a moment, the black fires of anger could practically be seen surrounding the captain. But then, the corner of his mouth lifted in an almost indiscernible manner, tilting upwards.

“It’s been a long time since anyone has dared to talk to me this way, knight.”

“Considering how approachable you are normally, that’s really very shocking.”

“Bravery should always be awarded, even if it is meaningless.” The captain was silent for a moment, before finally relenting, “Knight, you may come a long.”

The tilt of his lips became even more apparent.

“Then, can I come too?” From behind them, the timid voice of a girl came out.

The siren had transformed at some point, long pale golden hair arranged neatly, dressed in a matching white one piece dress, looking exactly like a young noble lady.

‘She’ walked up to the captain, lightly lifting the hem of her skirt, gave a perfect curtsey, lifted her head, and said to him with innocent eyes, “Shirley doesn’t want to stay here by herself, it’s really dark here, sir knight.”

The captain looked at ‘her’ expressionlessly, then crouched down expressionlessly, using the same gloomy voice, said.

“You’re called Shirley?”


“I am Hazlett Duncan. Very pleased to meet you, young lady. You are the viscount’s… daughter?”

The elf stared as the situation shifted in a completely unexpected direction. Not even remembering to stop it.

“So, Mr.Duncan, can I go as well?”

“A knight cannot refuse a lady in need.”

“Thank you, Mr.Duncan.” ‘Shirley’ said, reaching out a hand, to rest on the captain’s arm.

“I don’t know if this can be considered lèse-majesté(3)... “ the elf said helplessly, watching the captain and the ‘girl’ walking in front.

“We’re not meeting the Queen directly, we’re not going to be convicted for fooling a simple captain of the Royal Chivalric Order.” Cain replied quietly, “Moreover, Shelly never replied directly, he just completely misunderstood it himself.”

“It sounds like you have a deep grudge against him…”

“No, I just hate those useless noble sons that only know how to fool around(4) in his command. They besmirch the title of knight.”

“He doesn’t look like the type that would recruit that sort of subordinate.”

“It’s not up to him. All the noble families want to send their sons into the Royal Chivalric Order. I’m afraid that in the end they’ll all be made to quit while crying home to their parents by Hazlett, that should give them some bragging rights.”

“That’s probably why he has that type of attitude towards people.”

“You seem to have a high opinion of him…” Cain suddenly said cooly.


“No, nothing.” The knight turned his face away, pointing forward, “We’re almost at the castle.”

They passed through the side door of the castle, the guards at the door silently saluted the captain and stepped aside.

“Heads down, follow me, don’t stare around.” After he said that, Hazlett release ‘Shirley’s’ hand, and walked in front.

The corridor was long and twisting, after walking for an unknown length of time, they finally reached a small building.

Hazlett opened the door, leading them inside the house.

It was a waiting room, not elaborately decorated, it looked very normal, giving out a calming feeling.

The fireplace was lit up, chasing away the night chill.

“You can wait here.” The captain said in a commanding tone, “viscount, please follow me.”

He indicated for the elf to put down his bow and dagger, leading him up the winding staircase.

Translator’s Notes

1.喜聞樂見 – I think this means people liked this type of gossip, not that everyone knew the duke was a douchebag and was happy to see him get his due. (Granted, we all know he was a douche anyways lol)

2.埃爾維拉人民 – since in Chinese the distinction between, for example: German and Germany is pretty much non existent (the literal translation would be People of Germany – 德国人 and Germany – 德国) I decided to use “Elviran” instead of “the citizens of Elviran” since it would sound awkward.

3.欺君之罪 – the crime of lying to the crown.

4.混吃等死 – Literally translates to “beg for food and wait to die”, meaning good for nothing layabouts. XD Harsh Cain, harsh.

Is that jealousy I hear from Cain?

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