The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 28

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: MeeBoo – you deserve a cookie for your hard work!

Chapter 28: Magical Creatures in the Age of Reality

The siren caught five earthworms.

“Five to four, Cain lost, hehehe.”

“No one’s competing with you…” the knight stood up helplessly, “Julian?”

“No problem, Mr.Frank!” the dwarf waved the second fishing pole he had just completed, “should I make two more?”

“No need to be so diligent,” the knight turned, looking around, “the one taking a walk is still not back?”

Before he even finished speaking, the ‘one taking a walk’ appeared running out from the forest holding something in his hand, covered by the cloak.

“Shelly, are you still carrying around any rations?”

Using the cloak and bamboo poles he temporarily built a lean-to, the elf used the river water to soak the rations for a bit, before placing it next to the unconscious gnome.

Smelling the food, the gnome’s small body shuddered, opening its(1) eyes. Upon seeing the food, it took a deep breath, struggled to get up and started to take large bites of food.

But after taking a few bites, it stopped, turning to face the elf, using a sharp urgent tone, it started to speak a long chain of foreign words.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand gnome,” the elf shook his head, “Can you use the common tongue?”

The small creature stood on the elf’s palm, waving his hands around exaggeratedly, “locked up! Many days! Hungry! I’m small! Ran out! Help!”

“Um… you’ve been locked, starved for some days, you ran out to seek help? – Where were you locked up?”

The gnome pointed in the direction of the forest, “Burrow! Door! Locked up!”

“In the gnome’s burrow?”

“Yes! Help!”

With the directions of the small gnome, the burrow was located quickly.

A few wooden boards were nailed together blocking the entrance, some rocks were even placed on top, with the gnome’s strength, there was no way it could be moved.]

The group removed the rocks, lifting up the wooden boards.

Having heard the movement, a few gnomes immediately came out to investigate, but seeing the sunlight, they quickly shrunk back in.

The siren generously threw the rations he was carrying into the burrow, immediately tiny high-pitched cheers could be heard from within.

“When the sun sets, find us at the grassy area.” The elf said placing the small gnome down.

When the gnome reached the ground, it took of its hat, bowed to the group, then turned and ran back into the tunnel.

“It really does look like Julian.” The knight said grinning.

“To be locked up like that… that’s so cruel.” The dwarf muttered, “Who in the world did that…”

“That is what we have to find out,” the elf replied, “but before that, let’s go fishing.”

The knight taught the siren and the dwarf some basics about fishing, then walked to one side, only giving out some advice occasionally.

The elf spread his cloak on the grass, and laid down to look at the sky.

The sun was bright but didn’t burn his eyes, shining down on his face, even the air felt warmer. Occasionally a breeze would pass by, carrying the scent of green grass and earth. The surroundings were calm, with only the sound of the river, along with the knight’s voice could be heard lowly.

Feeling weary, the elf’s eyes closed unintentionally.

In between dream and wakefulness, the sound of footsteps came closer, without opening his eyes he knew it was the knight.

“Not going to compete, do you plan to let the newbies fend for themselves… fishing master?”

“So you were not asleep,” the knight smiled, sitting down beside him, “one has the racial talent of the water element, the other has the talent for tools, I’m just a normal human no point in making a fool of myself.”



“Other than Todd, of the non-humans in the ‘Unicorn Legion’ during the Legendary Era, there was only myself and Anna. Anna was a werewolf, but that was only after she was bitten.”


“It’s strange. At the beginning when I asked the Queen to reinstate the Legion, I never thought it really could be functional – and for it to be such a special group.”

“Then what were you thinking at first?

“Umm… strictly speaking, nothing at all,” the elf replied opening his eyes, “magical creatures were supposed to have disappeared, but I still made such a request. The Queen must have thought I was crazy.”

“At least she doesn’t think so now.”

“That’s the most interesting part,” the elf laughed lightly, “gnomes have appeared, and the other magical creatures have probably returned as well… it seems this world, still needs the ‘Unicorn Legion’.”

“As the human representative, I feel honored.”

“The one who should be honored is me. …I never thought I would be qualified to be the leader, but for you all, I will work hard.”

“Ellen, you would be an outstanding captain.”

“Hmm… even with that much flattery, you still won’t receive a wage, Cain.”

“No worries, I’m not for sale.”

“Ten to six!” from afar, the siren’s voice called out.

“See, newbies have luck on their side.” The knight said.。

The grassland at sunset was busy, the elven made short dagger and the knight’s sword became tools to scale fish.

The fire was built up, with a rack to cook the fish above it made from branches, not long after a delicious scent started flowing out.

From farther into the forest, small red dots started to appear, flocking into the area.

— The gnomes have come to join the banquet.

This is a banquet with a large number of ‘people’ but very low cost, only a total of five fishes were shared, over a hundred gnomes and already half were so full, they could not get up. The remaining half after chatting together in their language, ran back into the forest again.

Not long after, a small cart the size of Cain’s foot was pushed out. The small gnome that the elf had saved ran forward to meet them, waving its arms around enthusiastically again.

“Food! Thank you! Trade!” it pointed to the ores on the cart.

“This is enough,” the elf randomly took one of the ores, nodding, “thank you.”

The gnomes started chattering again, after a long while, they seemed to have reached an agreement. They lined up together, bowed, and then ran back into the forest hand in hand, quickly disappearing from sight.

“Julian, I’ll leave this to you.

The dwarf took the ore, carefully removing the mud from the surface, his jaw dropped, after only taking a look.

“Five fish… for a black crystal?!”

“Even the part where they like to throw money around, is like you, Julian.” Said the knight, patting his shoulder.

When they arrived back at the ‘Gnome Inn’, the village chief was already waiting inside.

The chief was an elderly man with a humped back, he spoke in slow tones, and seemed to be very polite.

“We are honored to welcome you my lords, I never thought the small problems of this village, would trouble the Queen, please accept our apology.”

“Don’t worry, her Majesty does not know of this, we were just doing our duty while passing by.”

“Then did you go ask around, this afternoon? The villagers are mostly uneducated farmers, if they have done anything to offend you, please forgive us.”

“No, we just went fishing.” The elf replied smiling gently, “About the gnomes, could you please tell us more details?”

“I understand,” the chief sighed slowly again, “this, either way is my responsibility. It was around the winter of last year, those gnomes appeared in the village, out of kindness, we gave them some of our food, and allowed them to live nearby. As trade, they offered to help us with the farming.”

“Then, were there problems?”

“Everything was normal, until lately, after planting the field, everyone suddenly realized, nothing would grow in the field wherever the gnomes helped till the soil. I started to become suspicious, and sent a few youngsters, to stand watch during the night.”

“Then a few days again, we finally found some clues.” The chief sighed again, “They had been… poisoning the fields this whole time.”

Translator’s Notes

  1. I don’t think gnomes have gender. The original used “它” = ‘it’ as a description rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’.

Julian found some distant relatives in this chapter? XD

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