The Unicorn Legion: The Golden Capital – Chapter 12

Author: Demon Lord D (D魔王)

Translator: Lylis

Editor: None – Yep, still waiting.

Chapter 12: Until Death Do Us Part

“Sir Knight, would you accept a credit note?” After the ceremony, the woman asked carefully in apology.

“Credit? Ah… In the light of this being the first time I’ve ever officiated a wedding ceremony, consider this a free opening special. – Don’t come back a second time!”

“Then, you must accept this,” the man gave the knight a slip sincerely.

“This is a seal coupon* for the ‘Campbell’ blacksmiths. Originally we wanted to save enough money to make a pair of rings, who would have thought they changed to only making weapons and protective gear.”

“Then I shall gratefully accept.” The knight smiled, accepting the slip.

The elf carefully walked in front, leading the two out of the graveyard disguised as a church.

At least after the illusion disappeared, they would not feel anything strange.

“Thank you very much to you as well, and please pass my thanks to the little gentleman.” When they reached the door, the couple turned to bid farewell.

The bride suddenly came forward, hugging the elf tightly, then grabbed her husband’s hand, stepping onto the street.

The wedding clothes they were wearing started to turn translucent, returning to their original form, but the happiness on their faces didn’t fade.

The elf watched them go with a little surprise, then turned to return to the graveyard.

The little siren focused to maintain the illusion, saying nothing.

The knight standing to one side, glanced at the elf, then suddenly revealed a mischievous smile.

“I was thinking who might marry you.”

“Hum?” The elf looked at him confused.

The knight didn’t say anything else, pointing to the thing the bride had placed in the elf’s hands, then the elf was struck with realization, followed an embarrassed expression, his lips twitching pulling his face to one side.

“…So what is this?”

The elf lifted the ‘bouquet’ helplessly to the knight’s face.

The knight grabbed his wrist, tilted his head and bit into one of the roses.

“Fish kabob from under the angel statue. Although it’s a little cold, it still tastes good. – Oi, Shelly, it’s almost time, if you don’t come your fish will be all gone.”

This time, the youth who would normally run over impatiently as soon as ‘food’ was mentioned, was unexpectedly calm.

“Just a moment longer.

He released the illusion, the graveyard returned to the original depressed bareness.

Then, the siren sat down, resting his head on the sailor’s gravestone, speaking quietly.

“That church… I had wanted to show you after it was a bit more polished, but it seems… I couldn’t make it.”

“It’s cold here, but it would probably warm up soon. I think no matter where it is, as long as youre there, it would become very warm.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t join you yet. Because I still haven’t fulfilled the promise yet.”

“You wanted me to live well, even though I’m not sure if I can do it alone without you, but I’ll try.”

“You said you wanted to take me to travel the country, then let’s do it this way. I will see everything you wanted to see in your place, and commit everything to memory. – Then, the one telling the stories will be me.”

“One day, we will meet again. When that time comes, I will show you everything in the world**, that you didn’t have the chance to see.”

“Goodbye Raymond · Raphael. Thank you for being by my side.”

“And –“

“I love you.”

The rose in front of the monument left by the lovers, swayed gently in the early spring breeze.

“…Until death do us part.” The knight murmured, “That was the last phrase in the wedding oath, it seems I forgot.”

“But, it’s fine even without it. Because death should not be an ending. Or else…”

He didn’t continue, but the elf knew what he wanted to say.

–If death was an end, then what of the longing of those left behind?

Maybe because he used too much of his illusions, when the returned to the Mercenary’s Home, the siren quickly fell asleep in exhaustion.

“Cain, are there psychological magic that when cast on someone, can maintain it’s control at a distance?”

“Why do you ask?”

“This morning when Shelly lost control, he said he ‘heard the duke’s voice’.”

The knight’s face became grave, “As far as I know, there shouldn’t be such a thing. Even if there was, it’s not something Duke Elmond could control. – Otherwise, we would not have left the manor alive.”

The elf nodded, “In that case, what else can ave this sort of effect?”

“First, assuming that the duke was nearby. As a severely injured vampire, the possibility of him being in the market during the day, can be eliminated.”

“Agreed. Then second?”

“Shelly’s hallucination. Due to being imprisoned for so long his mental state is unstable. If that’s the case, then the cure is easier.”

“I have a feeling it’s not that simple.”

“Not just a feeling, Ellen.” The knight raised an eyebrow, “Something Shelly said to us, there was one thing that concerns me, that was when the duke told him that ‘he could regain his freedom after making 5000 gold.’ ”

“In that cause… time wise, it would be about four years.” The elf thought, “If the length or amount was too high, Shelly might think it was impossible and refuse to help.”

“What happens after four year? I don’t think Duke Elmond would be such an honorable person as to uphold his end of the bargain.”

“Right, the duke would never let go of such a ready source of money.” The elf replied with certainty, “But if he breaks his promise, Shelly wouldn’t continue to obey him.”

“That proves that he has ample confidence, that within four years’ time Shelly would become his puppet.” The knight said darkly, “That can’t be done just by persuasion though.”


“Or something worse.” The knight revealed his conclusion, with obvious disgust, “Demon contract. Summon a demon to possess Shelly, eroding his soul, then have the demon control his body to continue activity. – I fear that is what that blood magic circle is for.”

“Even though I don’t understand this area very well, but I hear that a demon will have a lot of difficulty possessing an unwilling host, and even if it forcibly remained in the body it would not last long.”

“Yes, it’s very difficult, unless the host received a serious mental blow.” The knight said.

Like the betrayal of a lover.

“And the reason a demon can’t remain in possession, is because a normal human can’t provide adequate food supply – to a demon, that would be negative emotions. But Shelly isn’t a normal host, his psyche is too strong.”

The elf glanced at the sleeping siren worriedly.

“So the duke deepened his hatred for humans, in order to feed the demon inside. Then now?”

“A year, it’s been too long. Although the demon was not successful in completely controlling Shelly, once their spirits started to meld, it’s very easy to remain in the host.” The knight sighed, “Plus, it has already learned the duke’s tactics, starting to purposefully invoke negative emotions in the child for nourishment.”

“Is there… a way to exorcise it?”

“I’m sorry, Ellen, that’s not something within my power.” The knight shook his head apologetically, “We need a true magician.”

“Before we find one, the demon will continue to grow?”

“There’s no danger in the short term. At least when we are here, the demon won’t have a chance to attack.”

“But –“

“No buts, don’t worry.” Seeing the elf’s troubled expression, he reached his hand out to pat his head impulsively.

“…Cain,” the elf said helplessly, “did you mistake me for Shelly?”

The knight laughed unapologetically, “You don’t look much older than him. Hem, I know you can’t determine an elf’s age by appearance, but… how to say this… most of the time it’s just so habitually that I just accidentally –“

The elf looked at him, raising an eyebrow, “In some situations I’m just lacking in common sense?”

“Don’t be overly harsh on yourself,” the knight replied holding back a laugh, “At most it’s naivety, I think it’s very cute.”

“Cute.” The elf repeated emotionlessly.

“You’re not angry right? If you don’t mind me asking… how old are you really?”

“Are you asking about 300 years ago or now?”


“There was something you were right about, I am from the Legendary Age.” The elf nodded remaining expressionless, “Due to a certain reason I slept for about 300 years. –But before that I was 123 years old.”

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll excuse myself, I still have to write a report to the Queen.”

Seeing the dazed look on the knight’s face, the elf raised his hand smiling, and flicked him on the nose.

Translator’s notes

*紋章券 – I think it’s just a coupon to place the shield/coat of arms of a family onto something rather than a coupon for an item since they were still saving money for a ring.

**I seriously almost wrote “I will show you the world”, then I’d end up singing, so I resisted.

Gah, more feels. I just recover and you hit me with another one!

Hehehe, can you imagine what’s going on in Cain’s mind right now? Probably something like: “Kabooom” XD

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